TURNER, Greenville Person, of Franklin Co VA and Putnam Co IN

Greenville[1] Person Turner was born 15 May 1797[2] in Franklin Co VA, the son of Wilson and Elizabeth (Doss) Turner.[3] He died 8 Oct 1877 in Putnam Co IN.[4]

            On 19 Oct 1815 in Franklin Co VA, he was married to Deborah Webster.[5] After her death, he married as his second wife, Rhoda Field,[6] on 1 Aug 1837 in Putnam Co IN.[7]

            Deborah Webster was born 11 Jun 1796 in Franklin Co VA, the daughter of Samuel and Susannah (Bagby) Webster. She died 22 Nov 1836 in Putnam Co IN.[8]

            Rhoda Field was born in Virginia on 20 Mar 1806, the daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Hicks) Field. She died 12 Jun 1885 in Putnam Co IN.[9]

            Greensville was the grantee of land in two deeds from his parents in Franklin Co VA in 1822 and 1828.[10] He purchased land in Putnam Co IN in 1832.[11]

He was the head of a household in US censuses in 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870, as follows:

·      1820, Franklin Co VA, p 166: Greenville Turner, 200100/10010

·      1830, Fayette Co IN, p 12: Greenville P Turner, 111001…/011011…

·      1840, Putnam Co IN, Franklin Twp, p 843: Greenville “Tucker,” 1121001…/10001…

·      1850, Putnam Co IN, Franklin Twp, p 327-327. Turner, Greenville P 53 farmer 4000 VA, Rhoda 44 VA, Mary J 16 IN, John A 11 IN attended school, Wm HW 9 IN attended school, George W 7 IN attended school, Julia A 4 IN. Next door to Larkin Turner 41 OH.

·      1860, Putnam Co IN, Franklin Twp, p 132. Greenvell Turner, 63 m Farmer $10,000 $1880 VA, Rhody, 34 f VA, Henry, 20 m Farm hand, IN, Mary Jane, 27 f Domestic IN, George, 18 m F hand IN, attended school, Julia, 14 f IN attended school.

·      1870, Putnam Co IN, Franklin Twp, p 55. Greensville Turner, 73 wm farmer $11,500 $1881 VA, Roda 64 wf keeping house VA.

Two of the sons of his second marriage were killed in the Civil War. William Henry Harrison Turner died in a hospital near Frederick City Maryland. He was a member of Company A Regiment 27 Indiana volunteers. Age 22 years 4 months 14 days. George Washington Turner did at camp. His family’s Bible says, “Died 1865 February 24. Age 22 years 3 months and 24 days.” Son Reuben Webster Turner was also a soldier, in Capt. Wesley Sanders Company, IN Volunteers, Co G, 78th IN Infantry, Civil War file No. 1085828; he enlisted in Clay Co IN 8 Apr 1862 and mustered out 3 Oct 1862.

Several of Greensville’s children have not been traced. The best clues are probably in the 1877 will and what is says about his children.[12]

            This writer received an email message from Pat Morgan on 24 Jul 2002: “We have a copy of a narrative written by John Frank Turner and sent to his nephew, Robert Griffith Turner (the one who had the Bible), in October 1959. One of the paragraphs follows: “Well–as to Grandfather, in his old age he was commonly known and referred to in the community as “Uncle Green,” but was of a rather stern, irritable with children, sort of disposition and I remember him as giving me a kind of fear all the time of offending him, rather than having the reverence and respect that I should have had for him.”

The children of Greensville Person Turner and his first wife, Deborah Webster, were:

1. Samuel S TURNER. Born on 4 Aug 1816 in Franklin Co VA. At the time his father signed his will on 30 Mar 1874, Samuel was probably dead but known to have heirs.


2. Adaline TURNER. Born on 4 Aug 1818 in Franklin Co VA. Adaline died in Boone Co IN, on 3 Apr 1900; she was buried in Underwood Cemetery, Fincastle, Putnam Co IN. On 8 Jan 1835, she married Anderson Randolph DODD in Putnam Co IN. Born on 16 Dec 1806 in Franklin Co VA. Anderson Randolph died in Putnam Co IN, on 23 Jan 1863. They had the following children:

                        i.            Mary (ca1838-)

                        ii.            Charity (1840-1860)

                        iii.            James C (ca1843-)

                        iv.            Deborah E (ca1844-)

                        v.            John Henry (1848-)

                        vi.            Sarah Z (ca1851-)

                        vii.            Elizabeth E (ca1853-)

                        viii.            Greenville P (ca1857-)


3. Wilson C TURNER. Born on 18 May 1820 in Franklin Co VA. On 30 Jul 1844, Wilson C married Phebe PEARSON in Parke Co IN. Born in 1822 in OH. She was living with her children in 1860 in Vermilion Co IL. In 1874, it was not known to his father if Wilson was alive or dead. Wilson and Phebe had the following children:

                        i.            Mary Ellen (1846-1883)

                        ii.            Arista (1848-)

                        iii.            Arilda (1850-)

                        iv.            Florella (1852-)

                        v.            Robert (1856-)


4. Elizabeth TURNER. Born on 16 May 1822 in Franklin Co VA. Elizabeth was living and married to her second husband when her father signed his will on 30 Mar 1874. On 26 Mar 1840, she first married Caleb HARDESTY. Born in 1819 in KY. Caleb died in Putnam Co IN, in 1857-1870; he was 38. They had the following children:

                        i.            Greenville Penn (1841-)

                        ii.            Susan (1843-)

                        iii.            William (1845-)

                        iv.            Joshua (1847-)

                        v.            Silas (1850-)

                        vi.            Mariah (1855-)

                        vii.            Caleb W (1857-)


Between the 1870 census and her father’s 1874 will, Elizabeth married David H RAMBO, as the second of his three wives. He was born on 14 Dec 1812 in Delaware.


5. James W TURNER. Born on 8 Jan 1825. James was living when his father signed his will on 30 Mar 1874. He has been located in 1850 where James W and Silas Turner were in Nauvoo, Hancock Co IL in 1850. James had a wife Amanda, 20 IN, a son Hiram F, 4 months old IL, and Silas stated he was born in Indiana. The J W Turner family appear in Osceola, Clarke Co IA in 1860, listed by initials only.


6. Silas G TURNER. Born on 13 Apr 1827. Silas was not living when his father signed his will on 30 Mar 1874.


7. Reuben Webster TURNER. Born on 1 Feb 1829 in Fayette Co IN. Reuben died in Foss, Washita Co OK, on 10 Nov 1905 [or 1915]. On 20 Dec 1861, he married Margaret Ellen PARKER, daughter of Greenberry PARKER & Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY, in Vigo Co IN. Born on 7 Nov 1843 in Vigo Co IN. Margaret Ellen died in Foss, Washita Co OK, on 27 Apr 1926. They were divorced on 25 Oct 1883 in Worth Co MO. They had the following children:

                        i.            Florence Jane (1862-1938)

                        ii.            Robert Harrison (1864-1879)

                        iii.            Lillian Iula (1866-1945)

                        iv.            Anna Samantha (1869-1942)

                        v.            Mable Edna (1872-)

                        vi.            Roza Dell (1874-1901)

                        vii.            Leroy Paul (1877-1944)

                        viii.            Blanche Violet (1880-1970)


8. Mary Jane TURNER. Born on 22 Aug 1833 in Indiana. Mary died in Putnam Co IN, on 29 Oct 1888. On 14 May 1861 when Mary Jane was 27, she married John T BROTHERS. They had two infants who were born and died on the same day; Mary Jane, her babies and her parents are buried in the same cemetery.


The children of Greensville Person Turner and his second wife, Rhoda Field, were:

9. John A TURNER. Born on 9 Sep 1838 in Indiana. John A died on 24 Dec 1935; he was 97. On 13 Nov 1859, he married Sarah P GOSLIN in Putnam Co IN. Born on 13 Nov 1840. Sarah P died in Putnam Co IN, on 2 Aug 1924. They had the following children:

                        i.            Carrie Lillian (1860-)

                        ii.            Clarence Wilson (1863-1863)

                        iii.            Laura Emma (1864-)

                        iv.            Leuhla Vashti (1867-)

                        v.            John Frank (1871-)

                        vi.            Orpha Pauline (1873-)

                        vii.            Fred Hayes (1877-)

                        viii.            George Edgar (1883-)


10. William Henry Harrison TURNER. Born on 26 Aug 1840 in Indiana. William Henry Harrison died in Frederick MD, on 12 Jan 1863; he was 22 and serving in the Union Army.


11. George W TURNER. Born on 31 Oct 1842 in Indiana. George W died in Indianapolis, Marion Co IN, on 24 Feb 1865; he was 22 and serving in the Union Army. He was buried in Underwood Cemetery, Fincastle, Putnam Co IN.


12. Julia America TURNER. Born on 24 Jan 1846 in Indiana. Julia died on 21 Nov 1930 and was buried in Hartman Cemetery, Putnam Co IN. On 8 Jan 1863 when Julia was 16, she married Thomas A STULTZ in Putnam Co IN. Born on 27 Jul 1842. Thomas A died in Indiana on 29 Jan 1902. They had the following daughters:

                        i.            Florence M (1865-)

                        ii.            Genora A (1868-)

                        iii.            Iva P (1873-)

                        iv.            Julia P (1875-)


© 2009, Kathy Alvis Patterson


[1] There is uncertainly over whether his name was Greenville or Greensville. Although most public records show “Greenville,” his own Bible and the cemetery where he’s buried show “Greensville.”

[2] Family data, Greensville P. Turner Bible; original owned in 1984 by Col. Robert G. Turner (400 Eastview Terrace SW, Blacksburg VA 24060).

[3] Rev. Wilson Turner, Sr., Will (1827), Franklin Co VA, probate records, pp. 129, 130, 131.

[4] Underwood Cemetery, Fincastle Putnam Co IN. Images available at http://www.findagrave.com.

[5] Marriage Bonds of Franklin Co VA, 1780-1858, by Marshall Wingfield, reprinted Baltimore, 1973, p 227. This book gives date of marriage as 19 Aug 1811; the actual record and the family Bible state 1815.

[6] She was not, as has been sometimes stated, the niece of his first wife.

[7] Putnam Co IN Marriages, p 63.

[8] Underwood Cemetery, Fincastle Putnam Co IN. Images available at http://www.findagrave.com.

[9] Underwood Cemetery, Fincastle Putnam Co IN. Images available at http://www.findagrave.com.

[10] Deed, Franklin Co VA, 6 May 1822, between Wilson and Elisabeth Turner and Greensville P. Turner. Also 18 Sep 1828.

[11] Original Land Entry: www.glorecords.blm.gov. Bought: 2 Dec 1830 Samuel Smith of Putnam Co, In, Cert# 11378 E1/2 NE 1/4 S29 T16N R4W, 80 acres. Sold: 3 Mar 1832 to Greenville P. Turner. FHL 1315553 #1, p. 335.

[12] Will of Greenville P. Turner, Putnam Co IN, Will Book 2:256. I Greenville P. Turner of Putnam County in the State of Indiana. Do make and publish this my last will and testament. Item One. I give and devise to my beloved wife in lieu of Interest in my lands, the lot & House situated in Fincastle Putnam County Indiana Described as follows to wit Lots No Thirty-Three (33) and Forty (40) and part of lot Number Thirty-Nine (39) and Thirty-Four (34) all in section nineteen in Township sixteen North of Range four west, also The Following Real Estate as Follows to wit part of the west half of the North East Quarter of section nineteen, Township Sixteen North of Range four west begining at the southwest corner of the lands Owned by Jacob Cord Runing thence east on the line dividing the lands of Jacob Cord and Zaccheus Grider forty-four Rods to a stake. Thence north thirty- Rods and four tenths of a rod to a stake Thence west forty-four Rods to a stake Thence south to the place of beginning the said land above described containing eight acres laying east of the Greencastle Crawfordsville Grant Road and nine tenths of an acre. More or less. also the following part of the west half of the south East Quarter of section nineteen Township sixteen Range four west commencing at a stone Seventeen Rods and 12 twelve feet north and the north west corner of the lot owned by the Christian Church. Thence east nine rods and four feet to a stake thence south to the north east corner of the said lot owned by the Christian Church thence west to the north west corner of said lot. Thence north to the place of begining containing one and one tenth acres more or less. and all the House hold goods furniture provisions and other goods and Chattels which may be thereon at the time of my decease as aforesaid she however selling as much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts. Item Second I devise and bequeath to my sons and daughters as follows. Adline Dodd, Elizabeth Rambo, James W. Turner, John A. Turner. Julia A. Shultz [sic], and their heirs The following Real Estate to be equally divided between the above named Daughters and sons Situated in Putnam County in the state of Indiana. commencing at the south east corner of the east half of the south East Quarter of Section Thirty (30) in Township Sixteen Range four west thence west to the line dividing the south east Quarter. Thence north on said line to south Range Creek. Thence up said creek with the meanderings of said creek to the section line dividing section twenty-nine and Thirty. Thence south with said line to the place of begining containing fifty-acres. Item Three And I devise and  bequeath to my son Samuel Turners heirs one dollar, and to my sons Wilson C. Turner if alive and if dead to his heirs one dollar and to my sons Ruben Turner or his heirs one dollar, and to my Daughter Mary J. Brothers One dollar. Item 4. I do hereby nominate and appoint my son John A. Turner Executor of this my last will and Testament here by authorizing and Empowering him to compromise adjust Release and discharge in such manner as he may decide proper. The debts and claims due me I do also authorize and Empower him if it shall become nessary in order to pay my debts to sell by private sale or such manner upon such terms of credit or otherwise as he may think proper all or any part of my Real Estate and Deeds to purchase to Execute acknowledge and deliver in Fee simple in Testimony hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the thirtieth day of March 1874. Greenville P. Turner

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  1. Great info…..My Dad was Charles Hardesty, Caleb Hardesty was my 4th ggrandfather, making GP Turner my 5th ggrandfather. Where is the Turner cemetery in Putnam county? Is there such a place. Have some pics of Greenville Penn Hardesty. Would appreciate any pics you may have or info regarding Caleb Hardesty’s burial site. I have inherited so very much geneology data from my dad it is overwelming. Thank you, in advance, for responding to me.

    • Have you discovered the wonderful website called findagrave? Check this out: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=turner&GSfn=greenville&GSbyrel=in&GSdyrel=in&GSst=17&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=23537794&df=all&

      • We visited the Underwood Cemetery today…beautiful site. Tombstones for GP and Deborah are well preserved. Land owner shared Story of Amish Settlement and Covered bridge given to him by the Putnam Co. Historical Society. Do you have pictures of GP, Deborah, Elizabeth Turner or Caleb Hardesty? I have a pic of marked Elizabeth Turner. Also visited her gravesite today at the Union Chapel cemetery. Could use some attention.Yes, I have searched findagrave. Must find Caleb and his father Joshua Hardesty. Thanks for any help with Turners.

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