SPENCER, possibly John of Wayne Co KY

My speculation is that Hannah (Spencer) Huff of Wayne County was related to this man.

1830 Wayne Co KY: 00110001/0001001
1820 Wayne Co KY: 000001/33110

This is likely the same man or family, since comparing neighbors shows a Sloan and a McGowin in each year. Possible son-in-law Philip Huff is on the same page in 1830.

Do the censuses show one man? If so, two teens in 1830 were not at home in 1820 or hired men or grandsons; they may have been mistakenly counted among the females. John does not fit any of the family groups as shown at https://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=alvispat6&id=I230; most other early Spencers in KY or TN are shown there.

John’s wife was born 1780-90. A son John Jr is speculative, but the name and the place fit, and the apparent lack of sons born to this man fits our being unable to track the family. One of the girls in 1820 may have been Louisa F Spencer, married before 1850 in Wayne Co KY, resided 1850 Mercer Co KY.

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