GOSSETT, Cavin, of Henry Co VA and Barren Co KY

Cavin Gossett was born Henry County, Virginia, about 1791, probably the son of John and Elizabeth (Mayze) Gossett.[1] He died in Barren County, Kentucky, in May 1845.[2]

He was married in Henry Co VA, 3 Aug 1813, to Mary Phifer.[3] Mary was born ca 1793, possibly in Henry Co, and died in Barren Co between 1845 and 1853. She was the daughter of Joseph and Judith (Meredith) Phifer.[4]

No proof has been found to absolutely link Cavin with John Gossett of Blackberry Creek, beyond the fact of Cavin’s birthplace and John’s residence there, and neighbors named Cavin. A known daughter of John’s was married in Patrick Co VA the same day as Cavin was married in nearby Henry Co; her marriage record gives her father’s name, but his does not.

Cavin was in 1820 in Henry Co VA, Cavin Gussett: 100010/10010, and in 1830 he was also in Henry Co VA, Cavin Gussett: 1110001/0110011.[5] Cavin’s children in 1820 were Henry and Jane. In 1830, they were Peter, James Thomas and Henry, with Martha and Jane, plus the mother and one older woman.

In the years before Cavin’s death, the family moved to Kentucky. In 1840 Cavin Gossit was in the East of Barren Area of Barren Co KY: 00101101…/0001001… The oldest two children had left home. By the time of the lawsuit relating to Cavin’s meager estate, James and Henry were adults, Jane and Martha were married, and Peter was under age.

Children of Cavin and Mary (Phifer) Gossett, named in his estate papers and fitting all of his census records, were:

1. Jane GOSSETT was born on 4 Sep 1817 in Martinsville, Henry Co VA. Jane died in Metcalfe Co KY, in Nov 1900, and was buried in Clark-Obe Franklin Cemetery. On 24 Nov 1835 when Jane was 18, she married George Walter FRANKLIN, son of Lewis FRANKLIN, probably in KY. Born in 1813 in Henry Co VA, George died in Metcalfe Co KY, on 15 Jan 1893. His grandfather, along with Mary (Phifer) Gossett’s father, Joseph Phifer, was in the group of Henry Co VA men who marched with Abraham Penn to the relief of Guilford Courthouse during the Revolutionary War. They had the following children:

i.            Mary Mildred (1837-1926)

ii.            James O (1838-1929)

iii.            Martha J (ca1842-)

iv.            Lucinda (1844-1927)

v.            George Henry (1848-1920)

vi.            Sophie W (Died as Child) (1850-1852)

vii.            Amanda Kate (Owens) (1855-)

2. Henry GOSSETT was born in Dec 1818 in Martinsville VA. Henry died in Hart Co KY, on 3 Jan 1910[6] and was buried in New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Eudora, Hart Co KY. In the 1910 census, Hart Co KY, he was widowed, in the household of James H Bingham; however, his pension document at Footnote.com implies he left a widow. On 28 Nov 1843, he first married Elizabeth PEDIGO, daughter of William PEDIGO & Elizabeth CLIFF, in Barren Co KY. Born on 23 Nov 1824 in Barren Co KY, Elizabeth died in Hart Co KY, on 2 Mar 1861. In the 1870 and 1880 censuses, Henry had a living wife named Elizabeth. Henry and his first wife had the following children:

i.            Peter (1844-1927)

ii.            Martha Jane (1846-1937)

iii.            John Calvin (1847-1910)

iv.            Mary E (1848-)

v.            James T (1850-)

vi.            Judith F (1852-)

vii.            Permelia Catherine (1855-)

viii.            Lewis W (1856-)

ix.            Henry G (1857-1931)

3. James Thomas GOSSETT was born in 1822 in Henry Co VA. On 7 Nov 1844, he first married Eliza Catherine SLAUGHTER in Barren Co KY. Eliza died in Kentucky ca 1858.  They had the following children:

i.            James Abner (1845-1930)

ii.            Mary Margaret (ca1847-)

iii.            Samantha Jane (1848-1917)

iv.            Lavonia/Livonia J (1851-)

v.            Richard Henry (ca1853-1896)

vi.            Sarah Clementine (1854-1924)

vii.            Thomas Calvin (1856-1936)

On 8 May 1860 James Thomas second married Minerva HARVEY in Barren Co KY. She was born in 1829 in KY, and they had the following children:

i.            Martha Quintilla (1861-)

ii.            Buel (1863-)

iii.            Oliver S (1865-)

iv.            Narcissa Frances (1866-1945)

v.            Thomas William (1868-1901)

vi.            Charles T (1869-)

vii.            Bedia Florence (1870-)

4. Martha GOSSETT was born in 1821 in Martinsville, Henry Co VA. Martha died in possibly Green Co KY after 1880. Martha married William H BARRETT. He was born in 1823 in KY.  They had the following children:

i.            John C (1845-)

ii.            Eugene C (1849-)

iii.            Martha E (1854-)

iv.            James M (1857-)

5. Peter GOSSETT was born on 8 Dec 1827 in Martinsville, Henry Co VA. He died in Metcalfe Co KY, on 15 Feb 1913. On 27 Dec 1852, he first married Mary Ann GILL in Barren Co KY. Born on 4 Sep 1831 in KY, Mary Ann died in Barren Co KY, on 14 Oct 1867. They had the following children:

i.            Florence Margaret (1853-)

ii.            Thomas Ewing (1856-1907)

iii.            Edmond Calvin (1859-)

iv.            Eugene M (1861-)

v.            Schuyler Pattie (1863-)

vi.            Charles Winfrey (1865-)

vii.            Milton Alexander (1867-1918)

Peter second married Martha Jane WHITLOW. Born on 23 Jun 1838 in Barren Co KY, Martha Jane died in Metcalfe Co KY, on 31 May 1918. They had the following children:

i.            Vallevia (1871-1960)

ii.            William Ely (Twin) (1873-1922)

iii.            Henry Garland (Twin) (1873-1891)

iv.            Peter (1875-1952)

v.              Obedia (1877-1919)

Appendix A:

Transcript of Document Naming Children of Cavin Gossett of Henry Co VA and Barren Co KY

[Cover Page] No 1934

Henry Gossett

vs Bill No 1934

James Gossett

George Franklin

William Barret

Martha Barrett

Peter Gossett

Urich T Huffman

Peter Hay

Henry Shirley

Sanford R Pace

Hugh Wilaon

1848  Nov 23rd files

Tax paid

Notice   22nd Feby 1853

[Page labeled Cavin (1)]

To the honorable Judge of the Barren County Court in Chancery sitting humbly is session vz your Orator Henry Gossett would respectfully represent unto your honor that on the        day if         one Cavin Gossett departed this life intestate leaving the following who are together with your Orator his only heirs and legal representatives to wit Jane who intermarried with George Franklin, Martha who intermarried with William Barrett, James and Peter Gossett the last named being an infant, all of whom are made defendants hereto. Your Orator state that at the     term of the Barren County Court he administered on the estate of said Cavin by order of the said court and executed bond and was duly qualified as such. He sold the personal estate of said Cavin for the sum of about $13= These facts will appear from coppies of the order of the said County Court of the sale bill and vouchers which he will hereafter file, which vouchers will show that he has paid precedent claims against said estate to the amount of $12= leaving in his hands about the sum of $3= The debts paid by himwas the burial expenses, cost of administration and one years tax amounting in all to about the sum of $12= Your Orator has ascertained that his father was indebted at the time of his death to the following persons to wit, to Sanford R Pace the sum of $80 or more[,] to Henry [Shirley?]

[page labeled Cavin (2)]

the sum of $             [,] and to Hugh Wilson the sum of $               [,] the precise amounts your Orator does not know, there may be other creditors but those stated are all that he has knowledge of, he also makes said creditors defendants hereto

Your Orator charges that before the death os his father one Urich T Huffman sold to one Henry Hay a tract of land lying in this county containing 631/3 acres and gave him a bond obligating himself to convey said land to Hay. Your Orator charges that Hay conveyed paid to Huffman the entire amount of the purchase money agreed to be given for said land, Hay afterwards for a valuable consideration assigned said bond to the said Cavin Gossett who took the same unto his possession[.] Huffman and Hay areboth made defendants hereto. Your Orator does not know what his father done with said bond, his statements are made from the informations of others. He charges that Huffman has a good title to the land sold, and that he did not convey the same either to the said Hay or to the said Cavin Gossett, He states that his father took the land in to his possession and was in the possession thereof at the time of his death. <inserted above the the line: Said Cavin Gossett owned another so all> Now in consideration of the premises your Orator being without remedy at law and relievable only in a Court of Chancery where it may please

[page labeled Cavin (3)]

your Honor to grant him the commonwea[..] writ of subpeona directed & commanded and may all the defendants be compelled to answer an oath all the allegations of this bill as fully as if the same were again repeated by way of interogatory, and may the several creditors atate the amount of their claims and file their notes or other evidences of their claims, and may the said Huffman file with his answer the boundary of said tract of land of 631/3 acres of land and his deed therefor and such other title papers in realtion thereto as he may have in his possession, and upon a final hearin may your honor order and decree a sale of said tract of land and the proceeds if not sufficient to pay all the debts and the costs of this suit to be divded prorato among the creditors, and if more than sufficient the remainder be divided among the heirs at Law of the said Cavin Gossett.

And grant to your Orator all such other relief as to equity belongs and the Justice of his cause requires and as in duty bound he will ever pray &c

Bates & Gossett

[page labeled Cavin (4)]

The answers of James Gossett, Peter Gossett, and infant children of Cavin Gossett decd John C Barrett & Eugene C Barret infant children of William & Martha Barrett by their By William E Mumford their Guardian Ad litem, <inserted: To a bill in chancery established against them in the Barren Circuit by Hy Gossett> These respondents admit that they are infants under twenty one years of age, and know nothing of the Statements in Complainment and pray the Court to protect their interest and as in duty bound will ever pray &c.

James Gossett

Peter Gossett

John C Barrett

Eugene Barrett

by William E Mumford

their Guardian Ad litem

[page labeled Cavin (5)]

[1] Recent DNA studies show two descendants of Cavin Gossett not closely related to the majority of Gossetts in America or to Goswick families. Since there have been no DNA studies on descendants of John Gossett of Henry and Patrick Counties VA, this does not confirm of refute Cavin’s possible descent from this man and his wife Elizabeth Mayze.

This writer has also discovered a link between the family of Joseph Phifer, whose son married Lindy Will, aand John, presumed oldest son of John Gossett, who married Lindy’s aunt, Elizabeth Witt.

[2] Barren Co KY, lawsuit regarding estate, filed 23 Nov 1848. Henry Gossett vs. James Gossett, George Franklin, Jane Franklin, William Barrett, Martha Barrett, Peter Gossett, Uriah Huffman, Peter Hay, Henry Sherby, Sanford R Pace, Hugh Wilson.

[3] Marriage Bond and Marriage Register, Henry Co VA, 3 Aug 1813, page 53.

[4] Joseph Phifer will (1834), Henry Co VA Will Book 4, page 78.

I, Joseph Phifer, Senr. of the County of Henry & State of Virginia, being of weak body but of perfect mind and memory, and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die, & believing as I do, that the number of my days on earth is nearly accomplished, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, in the words ad form following: viz. First—my wish is that out of the perishable part of my estate all of my just debts be paid by my executor. Second—I give and bequeath to my sons, Bradley, Forest, John, Joseph, William, Henry Phifer, each one dollar to be paid them respectively by my Executor out of my personal estate. Thirdly—I give and bequeath to my daughters Polly Gossett, Betsy Turner, Sally Thomason, Nancy Philpott, Judith Pomeroy, and Martha Peas, each one dollar to be paid in like manner by my Executor. Fourthly—I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Judith Phiefer, alias Judith Meredith, all my estate both real and personal during her natural life. At her decease, whatever may remain, I wish sold on a reasonable credit, and the monies when collected equally divided among all my children above named or their lawful heirs. In confirmation of which I do hereby declare this to be my last Will land Testament revoking and disannulling all others heretofore made by me.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twelfth day of January year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & thirty-three. I do hereby appoint David Dyer my Executor.

Joseph (his X mark) Phifer  (SEAL)

Sealed, signed in presence of Bartholomew Egan, Daniel Easton, Tarleton King

At a court holden for Henry County March 12th 1834. The foregoing last will & testament of Joseph Phifer, decd. was produced in court, proven by the oaths of Tarleton King and Daniel Easton two of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded; and at a court holden for the said county 12th of May 1834 David Dyer the executor therein named qualified as such and with Tarleton King and Jessee Wootton his securities entered into bonds in penalty of $600 conditioned according to law; and acknowledged the same.

Teste.  Anthony M. Dupuy   Clerk

[5] In 1966 my great-grandmother told me no one in the family was in agreement about pronouncing the name; was it Gassett, Gossett, Grsett? This was her mother-in-law’s family.

[6] Civil war pension at http://www.footnote.com.

© Kathy Alvis Patterson, 2009

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  1. Do you have any data on Calvin Gossett born Oct 14, 1815?

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