JOY, Obadiah, of Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, and Putney, Windham Co VT

Obadiah Joy was born in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, 18 Jan 1726/27, the son of David and Ruth (Ford) Joy.[1] He died in 1816 in Portland Township, Chautauqua Co NY.[2]

On 26 Mar 1749,[3] he married Elizabeth Doyle, daughter of Bartholomew Doyle and his second wife, Elizabeth Sprague, a fifth-generation descendant of Richard Warren of the Mayflower.[4] On 31 Oct 1798, in Marlboro, Windham Co VT, he married as his second wife, Mary Park.[5] She was possibly a daughter of Amariah and Mary (Brigham) Park, who were resident in Marlboro when their son Josiah was born Mar 1781. Their daughter Mary was born 23 Aug 1765 in Grafton, Worcester Co MA.

The Vermont newspaper Federal Galaxy published a notice on May 27,1799. Affirming “Whereas Molly, my wife refuses to live, bed, board with me…” Obadiah Joy said that he would not pay any debts of hers after this date.[6]

Elizabeth was born at Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA ca 1730 and died probably at Putney, Windham Co VT, possibly say 1776.

Obadiah appears in 1759 and 1769 Rehoboth MA Polls and Rateables lists.[7] Several, possibly all but the youngest, of Obadiah’s sons served in the Revolutionary War. There are clear records for sons Joshua, Joseph, and Amos. Moses was known as “Major” Moses Joy. Joseph applied for a military pension, perhaps unsuccessfully. David’s grave stone in Cass Co MI states he was a veteran of the War of Independence, but any records known to his family in 1840 are now lost. His brother Joseph was lieutenant of a company in the New York militia in 1780, for which this writer cannot find records; at age 72, brother Amos applied for a pension based on service in his brother’s company, and it seems likely David, probably a teenager, also followed his older brother to war.

At a town meeting Putney VT, 13 May 1777, Moses Joy was named one of the Surveyors of Highways. On 12 May 1778, Obadiah Joy was named a Surveyor of the Highways. A list of freemen who took an oath “In the State of Vermont” is on pages 461 and following of the “Book of Putney,” and while the date or dates the oath was given are not given, it clearly includes the names, in the order listed, Moses Joy, Richard Harding, “Obediah” Joy, Joseph Joy, Charles Jones, David Joy, and Obediah Joy Jr.

Obadiah was in the following censuses:

    • 1790, Putney, Windham Co VT, p 53, Obediah Joy: 1/0/2.
    • 1800, Putney, Windham Co VT, David Joy: 22011/11110
    • 1810, Putney, Windham Co VT, David Joy: 11211/01001/40/50

Obadiah died in Chautauqua Co NY, about 1816, [8] and was buried in a now disappeared burial site on the former Joy farm on Webster Road east of Portland Center.[9]

The family of Obadiah and Elizabeth (Doyle) Joy—documented descendants eligible for the Mayflower Society— was:

1. Major Moses JOY. Born in Dec 1749 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, Moses died in Putney, Windham Co VT, on 30 Nov 1816. On 23 Nov 1775, he first married Lydia BURR in Rehoboth. She was born on 24 Jun 1754 in Rehoboth. On 9 Feb 1790, Moses second married Hannah TAFT in Putney, Windham Co VT. 1790 census: Windham Co CT, Putney, p 53, Moses Joy: 3/4/4. Moses and Lydia had the following children:

i.            Cromwell (1778-)

ii.            Joshua (1782-)

iii.            Moses (1787-)


Moses and Hannah had one child:

i.            Lydia Burr (1791-)


2. Huldah JOY was born in 1751 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA. She died in Putney, Windham Co VT, on 13 Mar 1813. On 27 Mar 1773, Huldah married Abiah FULLER in Rehoboth, who was born there on 11 Jan 1748/9. 1790, Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, p 508: 1/3/4. They had the following children:

i.            Bethiah (1774-)

ii.            Abiah (1775-)

iii.            Susannah (1776-)

iv.            Sally (1780-)

v.            Abel (1783-)

vi.            Joshua (1785-)

vii.            Nancy (1787-)


3. Relief JOY was born in 1753 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA. Relief died in Royalston, Worcester Co MA, on 7 Aug 1832. Relief married Daniel PECK. Born on 17 May 1741 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, Daniel died in Royalston, on 27 Nov 1814. 1790, Royalston, Worcester Co MA, p 497: 3/3/5. They had the following children:

i.            Daniel (1772-)

ii.            Ichabod (1774-)

iii.            Sally (Died as Child) (1775-<1781)

iv.            Solomon (1776-)

v.            Royal (1778-)

vi.            Calvin (1779-)

vii.            Sally (1781-)

viii.            Moses (1783-)

ix.            Rebekah (1785-)

x.            Charlotte (1787-)

xi.            Lydia Burr (1789-)

xii.            Leaffee (1792-)

xiii.            Huldah (1794-)


4. Joshua JOY. Born in 1755, on 9 Sep 1786, he married Sarah SMITH in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA. She was born on 22 Dec 1760 in Rehoboth. They have not been located in the 1790 census.


5. Joseph JOY. Born in 1757 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, Joseph died in Putney, Windham Co VT, on 28 May 1837. In Mar 1779 when Joseph was 22, he first married Millicent CLAY in Putney. Going against his father’s Toryist views, he was an officer in the Revolutionary War.[10] 1810, Putney, Windham Co VT, p 453, Joseph Joy: 02101/01201. On 15 May 1781 Joseph second married Hepsibah DICKINSON, daughter of Azariah DICKINSON & Temperance SHIPMAN, in Putney, Windham Co VT. She was born on 25 Jun 1760 in Westminster, Windham Co VT. On 11 Mar 1819, he third married Lucinda DUTTON in Dummerston, Windham Co VT. Joseph and Millicent had the following children:

i.            David (1778-)

ii.            Polly (1780-)


Joseph and Hepsibah had the following children:

i.            Huldah (1788-)

ii.            Joseph (1794-)

iii.            Temperance (1797-1886)


6. Mary JOY was born in 1759. In Apr 1778 when Mary was 19, she married Richard HARDEN (also written Harding) in Putney, Windham Co VT. 1790, Putney, Windham Co VT, Richard Harden: 1/1/6. Born in say 1750s, Richard was from Topsham, Orange Co VT.


7. Capt Amos JOY. Born on 27 May 1761 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, Amos died in Putney, Windham Co VT, on 14 Jun 1837. 1790 census: Windham Co CT, Putney, p 53, Amos Joy Jun: 1/3/2. On 16 Apr 1787 when Amos was 25, he married Rachel FLETCHER in Putney, Windham Co VT. Born on 28 Oct 1765 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co MA. They had the following children:

i.            Wilder (1789-)

ii.            Francis Fletcher (1791-)

iii.            Rachel (Died as Child) (1793-<1807)

iv.            Elizabeth (1795-)

v.            Lucinda (1797-)

vi.            Martha (1799-)

vii.            Rebecca S (1800-)

viii.            Nathaniel Cummings (1803-)

ix.            Thomas (1804-)

x.            Rachel (1807-)

xi.            Amariah (1809-)


8. Elizabeth JOY. Born on 29 Nov 1763 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, Betsey died in Deruyter, Madison Co NY, on 20 Mar 1855. On 2 Sep 1777 when Betsey was 13, she married Charles JONES in Putney, Windham Co VT. 1790, Putney, Windham Co VT, p 110: 1/4/2.


9. David JOY. Born before 1 Apr 1764 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, David died in Cass Co MI, on 1 Apr 1844; he was 80. On 25 Apr 1785 when David was 21, he married Mary DICKINSON, daughter of Azariah DICKINSON & Temperance SHIPMAN, in Putney, Windham Co VT. Born on 14 Dec 1761 in Westminster, Windham Co VT, Mary died in Chautauqua Co NY, on 1 Jun 1831. 1790 census: Windham Co VT, Putney, p 53: 1/2/3. 1800 census: Windham Co VT, Putney. David Joy: 22011/11110. 1810 census: Windham Co VT, Putney. David Joy: 11211/01001/40/50. 1820 census: Chautauqua Co NY, Portland Twp, p 125. David Joy, 110011/00011/01. 1830 census: Chautauqua Co NY, Portland Twp, p 430. Moses Joy: 210102001/31010001. 1840 census: Cass Co MI, p 223. Moses Joy, 01210011001/101101. They had the following children:

i.            Isaac (1786-1850)

ii.            Moses (1793-1854)

iii.            Ezra (1787-)

iv.            Dorrill (1790-)

v.            Polly (1774-)

vi.            Roxalana (<1790-1867)

vii.            Anna (1795-1845)

viii.            Obadiah (1803-)


10. Obadiah JOY Jr. Born in 1767 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co MA, Obadiah died in Putney, Windham Co VT, on 11 Dec 1846. On 21 Sep 1788 Obadiah married Content HOVEY in Putney VT. Born on 10 Mar 1772 in Oxford, Worcester Co MA. Content died in Putney, Windham Co VT, on 15 Jan 1841. 1790 census: Windham Co CT, Putney, p 53, Obediah Joy Jun: 1/1/1. They had the following children:

i.            Comfort (1788-)

ii.            Daniel (<1799-)

iii.            Waterman (<1799-)

iv.            Abigail (<1799-)

v.            Solomon (1799-)

vi.            Angelina (1803-)

vii.            Joshua (ca1805-)

viii.            Royal Dire (ca1807-)

ix.            Sabra (ca1810-)

  1. Lura (ca1815-)



© 2008, Kathy Alvis Patterson


In response to a request for further proof that Obadiah Joy of putney, Vermont, died in Chautauqua County, New York, I sent this reply:

Name of applicant: Katherine Alvis Patterson

Supplemental ancestor: Obadiah Joy

Chapter: 6053OK


In response to your request for further information, as evidence that David Joy of Rehoboth MA, Putney VT, Chautauqua Co NY and Cass Co MI was the son of Obadiah Joy of Rehoboth MA and Putney VT, who died in 1816 in Chautauqua Co NY, I am attaching several documents and book selections, as follows.


A. Evidence that Obadiah Joy was in Chautauqua Co NY before his death there in 1816: Items 1-3. Obed Edson and Georgia Drew Merrill, History of Chautauqua County, New York, 1894, pages 574 and 32a. A monument to the earliest settlers of Portland Township, Chautauqua Co NY includes the name of Obadiah Joy. This confirms the identity of the father of David Joy, both of whom came to Chautauqua Co NY from Vermont, as stated in Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland (NY), by H.C. Taylor, 1873, pages 319-320 [included with application].


B. Evidence that although the author of The Joy Genealogy, published in 1968, did not personally know my family members of whom she wrote, she based her book on earlier books, when personal knowledge was likely and even probable:

Items 4-14. Title page, Helen Bourne Joy Lee, The Joy Genealogy, 1968; forward from Mrs. Lee and preface citing two earlier books [attached here, below]; index pages showing all individuals named Obadiah Joy and all references in her book to Putney, Vermont; all pages included in those index pages.

In her research, Mrs. Joy expanded the work of her predecessors and included immigrant ancestor, Thomas Joy’s descendants of all lines; in all of New England and beyond, she located only this Obadiah Joy, his son of the same name, and one grandson, the son of my ancestor David Joy. There is no evidence that Obadiah Jr (1767-1846) ever lived anywhere but in Putney VT, and the grandson was born in 1803, moved to Chautauqua Co NY as a small child, and had moved to Michigan before the erection of the monument bearing the name, as I believe, of his grandfather.


Items 15-22. James Richard Joy, Thomas Joy and His Descendants, 1900, title page, preface and all references to Obadiah Joy’s family. The names and dates for this particular family were later copied exactly by Mrs. Lee, thus pushing the original source for this family data back by 68 years. One of his sources resided in Chicago (see Preface).


Items 23-26. A Brief History of the Joy Family, “by One of Them” (Mrs. Cornelia C. Joy-Dyer), 1876: title page, reverse of title page, showing that copied this book at the Newberry Library, page 29, with notes as copied by, and final page, also with notes which identify the one-time owner of the very book. James Richard Joy stated in 1900 that he had expanded this work. The book is complete at,249,596,321;593,251,758,332&pid=27&ssrc=&fn=obadiah&ln=joy&st=g.


Items 27-29. US census records. Fortunately for this applicant, the lady who added notes to Mrs. Dyer’s booklet belongs to the same branch of the Joy family, that is descendants of the first Obadiah Joy. According to the last page of Mrs. Dyer’s book, Dorothea Ann Joy was born in 1901 in Iowa to Frank L. Joy, the son of Henry C. Joy of Grand Junction, Iowa. The 1920 census for Lincoln Township, Lucas Co IA, page 7A, names “Dorothy” Joy, 18, with her father Frank Joy, 52, born in Illinois.

The 1880 census for Junction Township, Greene Co IA, page 4, lists Frank L. Joy, 12, born in IL, with father H. C. Joy, 35, born Ohio, parents born in VT and NY.

The 1850 census for Virgil Township, Kane Co IL, household #97, lists Henry C Joy, 6, born Ohio, with father Fletcher Joy, 31, born VT; they are next door to Solomon Joy, 33, also born in Vermont.

Both Fletcher Joy and his older brother Solomon Joy are named on page 180 of Mrs. Lee’s book; her informant knew that they moved to Iowa.


Analysis of this evidence: Sometime before 1876, Cornelia C. Joy-Dyer collected Joy family data for her 39-page book, including a brief statement about the first Obadiah Joy, that he moved from Rehoboth MA to Putney VT in the 1770s, had many children and moved west with a son. She was very interested in the unusual story of the second marriage of an older son, Moses Joy, and named only four of the sons and one son-in-law. An owner of this booklet added notations to page 29 and nowhere else in the booklet, except on a blank page provided for family births. Since all pages are available at, this applicant read but did not copy them. The notation names sons David and Joshua and daughters Betsy, Hulda, Leaffie and an illegible name, possibly Mary.

The family record page indicates the owner was probably Dorothea Ann Joy, who in 1931 became Mrs. Robert E. Fouse and resided in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Fouse’s great-grandfather, Fletcher Joy, was a son of Comfort Joy, son of Obadiah Joy Jr, of Putney VT, a son of the Obadiah Joy under discussion here. This is direct confirmation that at least as late as 1931 the names of six sons and four daughters of Obadiah and his wife, Elizabeth Doyle, were known to descendants.

Between 1876 and 1900, more information on the children of Obadiah and Elizabeth (Doyle) Joy became known to family historians. James Richard Joy published a book containing the lineage I am documenting. His informant might have been Dorothea (Joy) Fouse’s grandfather, but at any rate he or she gave the same names known to this Iowa branch of the family.

Note the agreement about the names of David Joy’s children, all born in Vermont, as they are given in the Taylor book [page 320, included with original supplemental application] and in the Joy family books. Although Taylor gives details about their marriages, James R. Joy (and by implication the family members back in Putney VT) did not have that information. But the names and order of births, listing males first, then females, is the same, with the exceptions that Taylor did not have Roxy/Roxalana’s given name, and Joy did not include Polly.


C. Evidence that Moses Joy and other Joy men of Putney VT were sons of Obadiah Sr, that four of Obadiah’s sons stayed in Putney, that all of the Joys in Putney at an early date were sons of Obadiah, that one of the sons was named David, and that David did not remain in Putney, etc.

Item 30. 1790 census Putney, Windham Co VT. “Obediah” Joy and four of his sons were the only Joys listed in this town.

Items 31-32. Marriages and Intentions from the Rehoboth Vital Records, pages 213 and 467. Two of the sons and two of the daughters of Obadiah and Elizabeth (Doyle) Joy were married in Rehoboth in 1771, 1773, 1775 and 1786. This is the last record that is known of Joshua Joy. There no birth records for children of Obadiah and Elizabeth Joy.

Items 33-36. Extracts of vital records from Putney, Vermont. These extracts include the marriages of Mary/”Moley” Joy and Richard Harding (or Harden) in 1778, of Joseph Joy in 1779 and 1781, of Betty (elsewhere called Elizabeth and Betsy) and Charles Jones in 1779, of Amos Joy in 1781, of David in 1784, of Obadiah Jr in 1788, and of Moses and a second wife in 1789. All ten of the children of Obadiah and Elizabeth (Doyle) Joy were married in either Rehoboth or Putney, and there were no other Joy marriages in either place during this time frame, i.e., 1771-1789.

Four of Obadiah’s sons’ deaths were recorded in Putney: Amos (ae. 76 in 1837), Moses (“in 67th year” in 1816), Joseph (ae. 80 in 1837), and “Dyer”/Obadiah Jr (79 in 1846). Note that Obadiah Joy Sr did not die in Putney VT.

The census summary page shows no Joys in Putney in 1771, five in 1791, five in 1800 (the father was no longer in his own household and son Obadiah was not called Jr.) and grandsons began appearing by the 1810 census.

Page 283 of the published vital records shows that David Joy, his brother Joseph Joy, and a cousin, Lucas Willson Jr, all married sisters, although the women’s surname was frequently misspelled by the clerk.

Items 37-38. Two pages of the Book of Putney, 461 and 462, the title and other pages of which were submitted with the original supplemental application as proof of the civil service of Obadiah Joy. These pages are “A List of the Names of freemen of the Town of Putney In the State of Vermont.” First listed is Moses Joy, then Obediah Joy, Joseph Joy, David Joy, and Obediah Joy Jr. Again, all men named Joy were from Obadiah’s family, as given by James R Joy in 1900, and David is clearly seen as a member of this family.


Items 39-40. A deed between Lewis Allyn and Moses Joy of Putney, witnessed by David Joy and his brother-in-law and cousin, Lucas Willson.

Item 41. The birth record of the oldest child of David Joy, born in 1786 in Putney VT.

Items 42-43. Correspondence with the Putney Historical Society, 1991. As Elaine Dixon wrote me years ago, “informal research from our files” supports the inclusion of David Joy as an undoubted member of the same family as Moses Joy and his father Obadiah Joy.

Item 44. 1800 US census Putney VT. In 1800, David Joy, age 26-45, has with him an older man, past 45, probably Obadiah Joy Sr. Brothers Moses, and Joseph were listed as over 45, Amos and Obadiah were also 26-45.

Only David Joy had an older man living with him; he was the son who did not die in Putney, but went west taking his aged father with him.

Items 45-46. Gordon Mitchell, “History Corner: The Erie Triangle,” Professional Surveyor Magazine, May 2008, Co NY is the farthest southwest county in New York State bordering Pennsylvania and Lake Erie. At this time, we have no way of knowing why Obadiah Joy’s family back in Vermont believed he had gone to Pennsylvania. It is shown in these documents that none of his five sons who were with him in Putney did, but that one of them, David Joy, did take his father to far western New York. I have included an article about the issues surrounding New York’s western boundary and Pennsylvania’s need for access to Lake Erie during this era. Although the land dispute was settled a few years before David and his family moved west, we have no way of knowing how much of this was known to the family. Chautauqua Co NY was formally organized in 1811.


D. Uncorrected mistakes in the family histories:

1. That Obadiah Joy died in western Pennsylvania was Mrs. Dyer’s mistake in 1876; his family back in Vermont never knew that he actually settled and died in Chautauqua Co NY, as the family that went with him knew and reported.

2. That son David Joy died in New York implies that his relatives back in Vermont did not know about the move to Michigan in the 1830s.

3. That Obadiah’s wife was Elizabeth Joy. The marriage record included with this supplemental application states she was Elizabeth Doyle.


E. Onomastic evidence for the relationship between David and Obadiah Joy

1. Obadiah Joy (1727-1816) was the son of a David Joy; David Joy (ca 1764-1844) had a son Obadiah Joy (1803-aft 1880). It has been demonstrated in Joy family histories that Obadiah was not a common name in the family.

2. Obadiah Joy had children named Moses, Huldah, Relief (Leaffie), Joshua, Joseph, Mary, Amos, Elizabeth, David and Obadiah. David Joy of Chautauqua Co NY had children named Isaac, Moses, Ezra, Dorrell or Darrell, Anna, Roxalana, Polly (or Mary), and Obadiah. Three of the two sets of children had the same given names.

3. Obadiah Joy’s wife was Elizabeth Doyle, whose father, Bartholomew Doyle, died when she was a baby. Her mother, Elizabeth (Sprague) (Doyle) Willson, was called a widow Darrill by a descendant of her second marriage. See Items 47-49. Ken Stevens, Descendants of John Wilson of Woburn, Massachussetts, pages 44-45, citing Ebenezer J Ormsbee in 1866. Since Bartholomew Doyle is known only from his arrival in Boston in 1723 and his two marriage records, 1725 in Boston and 1727/8 in Rehoboth MA, Doyle was otherwise was an unknown name at that time in New England, no variant of Darrell or Doyle appears in a search of census records for Vermont, and it is not known if Elizabeth (Doyle) Joy was literate, it is most likely that David Joy’s fourth son was given the family name of his mother, unintentionally either misspelled or mispronounced.


I conclude by saying that Chautauqua Co NY in 1816 did not have death records, or at least none survive. Obadiah Joy, never a rich man, did not purchase land in that county and had no estate to leave. One son, David, had given him a home, probably since before 1800, and any estate possibly remaining to Obadiah might have been divided among sons left behind in Vermont; David would have already owned or had possession of whatever the aged man had brought with him to New York.


The Chautauqua Co NY 1832 indenture not included with generation 6 in my application is also attached, although it does not provide evidence of the relationship between Obadiah and David Joy.


The supplemental application was approved and Obadiah Joy is now listed by the NSDAR as a Patriot Ancestor.



[1] Many dates are from The Joy Genealogy, by Helen Bourne Joy Lee, passim.

[2] HC Taylor, MD, Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland, 1873.

[3] Rehoboth VR.

[4] Robert S. Wakefield, Mayflower Families: Vol 18:I Richard Warren, 2004, pp 1-4, 17, 74; Vol 18:2, family #347.

[5] Marriage Record sent by Pat Haslam, Certified Genealogical Record Searcher, of Stowe VT, 30 Aug 1988. Obadiah is named as the groom and was a resident of Putney. His son Obadiah cannot be the man who married Molly Park in 1798, as he had a living wife.

[6] Found at by Rita Orton.

[7] Richard LeBaron Bowen, Early Rehoboth, Vol 4. Rehoboth MA, 1950, pages 91, 95, 107.

[8] HC Taylor, MD, Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland, 1873, pages 319-321. “Mr. Joy’s aged father d. in P. about 1816.”

[9] Chautauqua Co NY Cemeteries, p 140, cites Taylor, op cit., 301: “Old Mr Joy, father of Capt. David Joy, and a few others were buried in a field now belonging to Richard Reynolds, on lot 19, town 5… but the precise spot is difficult to determine.”

[10] Joseph Joy, MA, NY, Sea Service Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant. 7 Aug 1832, Windham County, VT, Anthony Mason, guardian for Joseph Joy, resident of Putney, non compos, at age 76. …In 2nd year of the Revolutionary War Joseph in May or June at Rehoboth MA enlisted under Capt. Bliss, for 6 months, “and this while a minor and contrary to the wishes of his father, who at that time was infected with Toryism, but he knows of no living witness by whom he can prove said service, excepting Obadiah Joy, whose affidavit is herewith transmitted. … approx. September of 1777 or 1778 he enlisted as a sergeant for 3 months under Capt. David Hill. …The said Joseph Joy in the year 1780 [very poorly written or overwritten] in the town now called Putney…mid June of that year and mustered at Brattleboro, to Fort Stanwix, then Fort Hunter, discharged in November and returned home. 2 Aug 1832, affidavit of Obadiah Joy of Putney, age 64. In the 2nd year of the Revolutionary War he and Joseph Joy now of Putney lived at Rehoboth, Mass., and in May or June Joseph enlisted as a private…”The company commander I think was Capt. Bliss,” and marched to Roxbury and Dorchester and served 6 months, that his father was inclined to be a Tory and opposed the said Joseph Joy going into the army and particularly did not like him to go under Capt. Bliss. …About the middle of June 1780 Joseph went from Windham County, Vermont into the service as a lieutenant and mustered at Col. John Sargent’s horse in Brattleboro…Captain’s name was Blakeley… Lieutenant commission for Joseph Joy, State of New York, appointed 1 Jul 1780, recorded 11 Sep 1780.

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  1. My Great Great Great Grandfather was Royal Dire Joy(Married Abigail Daby). He is buried about 30 miles from me in North Jay NY. Any information on Royal would be appreciated.
    His daughter (Mary) Angeline married William Smith of Jay NY and had my Great Grandfather George Smith (married Pheobe Bashaw). Their daughter, my Grandmother 1900-1978,Flossie Mae Smith married Guy Watson of Ausable Forks NY. Thank You All mentioned are buried in the North Jay Cemetery, North Jay, NY

    • Hi Connie,
      My 3rd Great Grandfather, his son Daniel N Joy is my Great Great Grandfather and he married Eliza Bushey (or Bushy Busby). I have no Birth records for Daniel at all or marriage records. I have Daniel living in Ausable Forks and possible born there or Peru NY. Eliza is a pure mystery. I’m trying to pave the way for Daniels line into the Mayflower Society. He and Eliza I can prove birth and parentage or marriage. And to boot, his death record has him dying at sea. So bizzare.

      I thought I’d ask for your thoughts since your are so close, live so close to Ausable Forks and are clearly into your Ancestry!

      Thanks MelissaJoy

  2. Hi there
    Looking at the Thomas Joy and his Decendants book My Great Great Grandfather left. Major Moses Joy was in my direct line.
    I came across a Readers Digest article on his marriage. Do you have a copy if not I will send it to you.
    Ron Joy

    • I have seen in an old book, not in Readers’ Digest, about him marrying the naked lady in the closet. Is that the story?

      • Yes that’s the one

  3. I have been looking for the wife of Richard Harding of Topsham, Vermont. All I had was “Molly J” Thank you for this post!

  4. Hello,
    My 3nd Great Grandfather was Royal Dire Joy was married to Abigail Daby. They were both born in Mass. Their 2nd oldest child was Sarah C. Joy and she was my 2nd Great Grandmother. Sarah and older brother Charles P. Joy were both born in Mass.
    The family relocated here to Au Sable Forks, County of Essex, New York. They settled in what is known locally as the North Of Jay Neighborhood, but actually is in the hamlet of Au Sable Forks.

    Sarah C. Joy first married my 2nd great Grandfather Luther Wilkins and they had 5 children, one of which was my great Grandma Lydia Wilkins.
    They had 4 daughters and one son before separating.

    Sarah married her second husband Rollie Bashaw and they had their own children together.

    My great Grandmother Lydia was married twice due to her first husband Fred West dying at only 28 years of age. They had a one month old son who died,then my Grandmother Gladys. Gladys was raised by her Mother and her step Dad, Ed Colby who was the only father she knew.

    All of my Joy ancestors were laid to rest in the North of Jay Cem. here in Au Sable Forks.

    I have been doing our genealogy for over 30 years. I had collected the documents of birth, marriage and deaths and others for confirmation of my direct relationship to my ancestors. I am the Township of Jay ‘s Historian.

    I love my work! For me what I do is really not a job but more like a passion for me. Thanks for the opportunity to share my Joy Family genealogy with you.

    Wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year.

    Sincerely, Sharron L. Hewston
    27th Dec. 2018

  5. Hi, I am related to Roxanny Joy of Putney, VT. The earliest record I can find of her is her marriage record to James Wilder. I’ve seen that people have said she was the daughter of David Joy (I’m assuming Roxanny and Roxalana are the same woman) but I can’t find any evidence of that. Would you mind sharing where you got the information linking Roxalana to David? Thank you!

    • You’re one generation away from the answer. In David Joy’s page on this blog site (, I have the source and a full transcript.
      Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland, by HC Taylor, MD, 1873, pages 319-321, gives many details of David’s move from Putney VT to western NY and lists his children. Note that I added details to the names. If you will send me a large self-addressed stamped envelope, I will send you copies of the pages from Taylor’s book.
      Are you aware David’s mother, Elizabeth (Doyle) Joy is a Mayflower descendant, so you eligible to join the Mayflower Society? I am State Historian in Oklahoma and help if anyone in your family is interested.

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