BARRON (or Baron), David, of Stamfordham, Northumberland

David Barron (or Baron) was born, say, in the 1720s in Northumberland. He was buried 17 Mar 1796 in the same town, as “David Baron of Nesbit Hill Head.” David was married probably about 1745 to a woman named Mary –?–; she was buried 19 Feb 1769 in Stamfordham.

David probably belonged to a Stamfordham family that dated back nearly 100 years before his birth. William Barron was christened there 24 Sep 1671, possibly a son of George Barron. And Roger Barron was christened there in 1669, identified as a son of George Barron. A Matthew Barron was born about 1640 and had five children baptized in Stamfordham from 1663 to 1689; others in Matthew’s family lived in Hartburn, Northumberland.

David Barron was not a member of the Church of England. As a member of any other church, he was listed as a “recusant,” that is, a nonconformist. David Baron of Grange House, Stamfordham, was added to the offical listing in 1745; nonetheless, his children were baptized in the official Church.

David and Mary were the parents of the following children:

1. John BARRON. Baptized 27 Jul 1746 at Stamfordham, Northumberland. On 17 or 18 Mar 1782 when John was 35, he married Ann YATES in Stamfordham, Northumberland.


2. Margaret BARRON. Baptized 18 Jul 1748 at Stamfordham, Northumberland. On 12 May 1774 when Margaret was 25, she married John NEVINGS in Stamfordham.


3. George BARRON. Baptized 25 Jun 1750 in Stamfordham, Northumberland.


4. David BARRON. Baptized 25 Dec 1753 in Stamfordham, Northumberland. On 14 Jun 1773 when David was 19, he married Eleanor HOLMES in Stamfordham.


5. William BARRON. Born and baptized on 25 Mar 1756 in Stamfordham, Northumberland. William died in Seneca Twp, Geneva, Ontario Co NY, on 14 Jul 1833; he was 77. 1800 census: Ontario Co NY, p 379. William Barrow, 21010/00100. 1810 census: Seneca Twp, Ontario Co NY, p 231. William Barren, 11101/01001. 1820 census: Seneca Twp, Ontario Co NY, p 271. William Barnes [sic], 001201/00001. 1830 census: Ontario Co NY, Seneca Twp, p 51. William Barron, 2000100001/0000100001. On 2 Jun 1785 when William was 29, he married Margery WILKINSON, daughter of William WILKINSON & Rebekah CHARLTON, in Simonburn Northumberland. Baptized ca 3 Dec 1761 in Simonburn, Northumberland. Margery died in NY on 6 Jun 1855 at the age of 93; two of their sons also lived into their nineties. They had the following children:

i.            William (1787-<1860)

ii.            David (1800-1895)

iii.            Mary (1801-1879)

iv.            Thomas (ca1802-1892)


6. Joseph BARRON. Baptized 18 Jan 1759 in Stamfordham, Northumberland.


7. Mary BARRON. Baptized 23 Aug 1761 in Stamfordham, Northumberland.


8. Thomas BARRON. Baptized 25 Oct 1763 in Stamfordham, Northumberland.


9. Matthew BARRON. Baptized 12 Mar 1767 in Stamfordham, Northumberland.

© 2009, Kathy Alvis Patterson

Age based on oldest known child, baptized 27 Jul 1746 in Stamfordham, Northumberland.

Stamfordham Parish registers for Christenings and Burials (films #252551 & 252552), and Marriages (films #252572 & 252553), located by Ramona Duff at SLC, Oct 1988.

Northumberland Index to Recusants (film #1068929, SLC).

My typing error. The microfilm would have the correct date.

His birthdate is known from his descendants in New York, and it is the same as his baptism.

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