Shipman, Temperance, daughter of Abraham SHIPMAN

This writer found the ancestry of Temperance Shipman, who married Azariah Dickinson of Westminster, Windham County, Vermont, detailed in two books, one about the Dickinson family[1] and another about the Shipmans[2]; she was the daughter of Abraham Shipman of Saybrook, Connecticut, and his wife Ruth Butler. But recently with access to the Internet, to GoogleBooks and to family trees posted at, I found that at least one other family claims the same Temperance, as far back as the mid-nineteenth century, with this claim still being made more than one hundred years after her death.

There were several women named Temperance Shipman born in the 1730s and married in the 1750s. A first cousin with the same name (her mother was Martha Shipman, Abraham’s sister, and her father Samuel was a half-first-cousin) married Ebenezer Horton in Hebron, Tolland County, Connecticut, and lived and died in that community.[3] Her birth date was recorded as 22 Sep 1734 in Hebron CT and is sometimes used for “my” Temperance. Both may have been named for Temperance (Shipman) Sweetland, a sister of Mrs. Horton’s father.

A third Temperance Shipman was born about the same time in Newark, Essex Co NJ, and married Jonathan Harrison Jr, on 20 Aug 1747, and secondly, Daniel Wade. She died 12 Jan 1796 in Newark, Essex Co NJ.

Some researchers, but not all, identify her as the daughter of Abraham and Ruth (Butler) Shipman. Note that some of these researchers have Abraham and Ruth living and dying in New Jersey. “My” Temperance named a son Abraham, while her brother Abraham Shipman lived for a time in the same part of Vermont. The New Jersey couple used no known family names for their five children. Some family gedcoms give this Temperance Shipman multiple, simultaneous husbands, and children by each.

Benjamin Shipman, a brother of Samuel Shipman and Temperance (Shipman) Sweetland, was living in Essex Co NJ during the years of Temperance (Shipman) Harrison’s birth, but has no known daughter Temperance and regular children being born from 1722 through 1740.

This may be the New Jersey Temperance’s true father:

David3 SHIPMAN (John2, Edward1) was born in Saybrook, New Haven County, Connecticut, August 9, 1692. David died after 1780 in New Jersey.

He married Sarah WILLIAMS circa 1719 in New Jersey. Sarah was born circa 1697. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel WILLIAMS and Esther WHEELER.

David emigrated to the Newark, New Jersey, area about 1718. Due to the loss of many records of this area during the Revolutionary War, it has been difficult to accurately identify all of the children and grandchildren of David. He is believed by many to be the progenitor of an extensive line who lived in Essex, Morris, and Union Counties in New Jersey for the next two hundred years. Research is needed to clarify the Shipman Family lineage in New Jersey during the pre-Revolutionary War era.

The Last Will and Testament of David Williams (1703-1781), dated 12 October 1777 and proved 14 March 1782 (New Jersey Wills, Volume 23, Page 446), names as an heir “my brother in the law David Shipman.” This corroborates other evidence that David Williams’s sister, Sarah, is the wife of David Shipman.


1779 NJ TAX RATABLES Newark, Essex Co., NJ (1/4 Grist Mill)

1780 NJ TAX RATABLES Newark, Essex Co., NJ (1/4 Mill)

David SHIPMAN and Sarah WILLIAMS had the following children [among others]:

John4 SHIPMAN was born circa 1720.

Abraham SHIPMAN was born February 16, 1738/9.

One source confusing the Temperances was The Genealogical Exchange, published monthly starting in 1904, by Natalie R Fernald and available to read on the Internet; page 78 of the February 1908 issue gives the following lineage:

“Edward Shipton or Shipman, buried at Haddam, Conn. Died Sept. 18, 1697, married July, 1663, Mary Andrews, died 1740.

“John Shipman, born April 5, 1664, died 1718, married May, 1686, Martha Humphries.

“Abraham Shipman, born Dec. 31, 1695, died April 26, 1750, married May 9, 1721, Ruth Butler.

“Temperance Shipman, married Jonathan Harrison.

“Daniel Harrison, married Lydia Campbell.

“Jabez Harrison, married Mary Baldwin.

“Daniel Harrison, married Marie Louise Hoxie.

“Jacqueline Harrison, married William Hinckle Smith.

“Hoxie Harrison Smith, born 1887.”

A query in another issue, page 67, mentions that two brothers, Jonathan/Nathan and David Shipman, came from Saybrook to New Jersey about 1720.[4]

See also:

Gardner, Charles Carroll. Ancestry of Thomas Jefferson Wood, 1843-1894: descendant from Edmund Wood of Yorkshire, England, immigrant to New England, 1635. Newark, NJ: E.L. Wood, 1940.

Jordan, John Woolf. Colonial Families of Philadelphia. Vol. 2. New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1911, page 1648.[5]

Saybrook Vital Records at NEHGS have these Shipman births, deaths, and marriages, Barbour/Saybrook 138-140:

Edward Sr, d 15 Sep 1697; Edward [Shipton], m Elizabeth Comstock, beginning of Jan 1651; she died Feb about middle 1659

He m Mary Andrews, 1 Jul 1663

Children with Elizabeth: Elizabeth (1652); Edward (1654); William (1656)

with Mary: John (below); Hannah (1666); Samuel (1668); Abigail (1670);

Jonathan (1674)

John [Shipton], b Apr about 5, 1664; m Martha Humphries, May 1686


John, middle of Jan 1686/7

Jonathan, middle of January 1688/9

David, 9 Aug 1692

Abraham, b last day of Dec 1695; m Ruth Butler, 9 May 1722; died 26 Apr 1750

Abraham, 6 Oct 1723

Martha, 1 Apr 1699

Hannah, 25 Apr 1702

Barbour/Hebron 246

Temperance, m William Sweetland, 17 Feb 1729/30

Samuell, son of Samuell, b 15 Mar 1702; m Martha Shipman, 14 May 1724


Martha, 15 Apr 1724-15 Mar 1726

Martha, 27 Sep 1726; m Jesse Townsend, 29 Apr 1746

Prudence, 28 Mar 1728; m Thomas Wells Jr, 14 Nov 1750

[Dr] Samuel, 16 Sep 1731; m Mrs Martha Hutchinson, 31 Jul 1760; d 6 Feb 1764

Temperance, 22 Sep 1734; m Ebenezer Horton Jr, 26 Dec 1754

twins Alice and Annes, 15 Oct 1739; Alice died 20 Nov 1740;

Annis m Bemsley Peters, 24 May 1762

Lidda/Liddiah, b 8 Mar 1741/2

Chloe, 27 Jun 1745-20 Oct 1748

[1] Elinor V. Smith, Dickinson Family Association, Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson, 1993.

[2] Rita Shipman Carl, The Shipman Family in America, ‪Shipman Historical Society, 1962, page 350.

[3] Early Connecticut Marriages: Third Book. Hebron: New Haven Second Church, page 91: Ebenezer Horton & Temperance Shipman, Dec. 27, 1754.

[4] Additional books with this erroneous lineage include American ancestry: giving name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A, Volume 9 ‪(Google eBook) by ‪Thomas Patrick Hughes and ‪Frank Munsell, 1894, on page 90, which identifies Mrs. Harrison as a daughter of Abraham Shipman.

Ancestry of Thomas Jefferson Wood, 1843-1894: descendant from Edmund Wood of Yorkshire, England, immigrant to New England, 1635, by Charles Carroll Gardner, published by ‪E.L. Wood, 1940, page 42, needs to be checked since it appears to correct mistakes, possibly including this one. Apparently, Mrs Sarah Roberts was a daughter and Jonathan and Temperance Harrison; she gave family information, which may have included the statement that her mother was a daughter of Abraham Shipman; I looked for and was pleased to find another Abraham in NJ, not married to Ruth Butler. There was an Abraham Shipman born in NJ February 16, 1738/9, too young to be Temperance’s father, but probably a brother. This writer’s opinion is that Mrs. Roberts may or may not have said “Abraham” Shipman, but that descendants linked this man with the Abraham Shipman who lived and died in Connecticut and had a daughter Temperance.

[5] “Jonathan Harrison, Jr., only child of Jonathan and Hannah (Baldwin) Harrison, born 1732, the year of his father’s decease, married Temperance, daughter of Abraham and Ruth (Butler) Shipman, and granddaughter of John Shipman, by his wife Martha Humphrey, of Puritan ancestry.”


Martha (Humphrey) Shipman, born October 5, 1663, was a daughter of Michael Humphrey, from Lyme-Regis, Dorsetshire, England, by his wife Priscilla, daughter of Matthew Grant, pioneer ancestor of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, who came to Dorchester, Massachusetts, in the “Mary and John,” 1630, and was among the founders of Windsor, Connecticut, 1635.
Michael Humphrey was a son of Samuel and Susan Humphrey of Lyme-Regis, and belonged to one of the oldest families in Great Britain, where the name appears as far back as the sixth century. “A family that had showed its love of enterprise, self reliance, and contempt of danger, in the Crusades, the Conquest, in the Wars of the Roses, and in the founding of the East India Company, before the founding of the Puritan Colonies in America.” They were among the earliest supporters of the Protestant religion, and Martin Humphrey, of the same family, suffered martyrdom at the stake in the reign of “Bloody Mary.”
Michael Humphrey was engaged in the mercantile and shipping trade prior to his coming to Windsor, Connecticut, about 1643, and is said to have arrived at that port in his own vessel. He engaged in the manufacture of tar and turpentine, which he shipped to his brother at San Malo, on the coast of Brittany, nearly opposite to Lyme-Regis, and received in return large invoices of goods for the use of the colonists and for trade with the Indians. He married Priscilla Grant, before mentioned, October 14, 1647, and died in 1695, leaving several sons and one daughter, Martha, above mentioned, who became wife of John Shipman, May, 1686. Many of the descendants of Michael Humphrey achieved distinction in the various walks of life, a grandson was a general under Gen. George Washington, and one of his trusted friends and advisers.

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