REMP (or Rempp or Ramp), Jacob, of Germany and Berks Co PA

Jacob Remp was born 4 Apr 1735 in Oeschelbronn, Schwartzwald, Germany,[1] that is, in the Black Forest. He died in 1795 in Berks Co PA.[2]  His name appears on the Adolf Gerber List, Emigrants from Wuerttemberg, published by the Pennsylvania German Society.[3] Soon after coming to Pennsylvania, Jacob signed an Oath of Allegiance.[4]

Jacob’s wife at the time of his death was Anna Maria, who died in 1816 in Berks Co PA, leaving a will which mentions her daughter Dorothea Thiel, but not the Remp sons.

The arrival of the Rempp/Remp/Ramp family in America, their land purchases, and the various moves of Jacob Remp and his sons were documented in 2001 by Alane J  Balchunas. This writer has numbered the nine pages of the monograph; page 8 refers to Al’Louise Ramp, former Corresponding Secretary General of the NSDAR, who provided me with this contact. According to the monograph and based on information in her will, Anna Maria Thiele was probably a widow with children when she married Jacob Remp and not the mother of his children.[5]

Jacob Remp was on the tax rolls in Cumru Twp, Berks Co PA, in 1763 through 1784. At some time, probably by 1791, his son Jacob Jr began appearing on the rolls, replacing his father. During the Revolutionary War, Jacob Sr again signed an Oath of Allegiance, on 1 Jul 1778.[6]

Ramp or Remp is a very uncommon last name, appearing only in this family in 1790 and with one additional Vermont family in 1800 and 1820.  Jacob’s Remp’s 1790 census reads: Cumru Twp, Berks Co PA: Jacob Remp, 1/0/7. Three of his sons were in the same township. Anna Maria Remp is listed in 1800, Berks Co PA, Cumru Twp, p 586, Anna Maria Remp: 10000/00101.

The sons of Jacob Remp, by a first, unknown wife or, possibly, by Anna Maria Thiele, are as follows:[7]

1. Jacob REMP Jr was born on 6 May 1756 in PA and died in Berks Co PA, on 6 Jun 1841. Jacob married Catherine –?–. Born on 22 Dec 1753, Catherine died on 31 May 1829. They had the following children:

                        i.            Benjamin (1786-1872)

                        ii.            Susanna (1778-1863)

                        iii.            Elizabeth (ca1780-1852)

                        iv.            Catherine (1782-)

                        v.            Leah (1784-)

                        vi.            Eve (1786-)

                        vii.            Christina (1788-)

                        viii.            Jacob (1790-)

                        ix.            Magdalena (1792-)

                        x.            Maria (1794-)


2. Frederick REMP died in Berks Co PA on 22 Jan 1820. It is possible he was born about 1758. He had at least one daughter, who married Christian Brochman, the executor of Frederick’s estate.


3. Philip RAMP was born on 10 Aug 1760 in Berks Co  PA and died in Cumberland Co  PA, on 31 Oct 1843. On 27 Mar 1781 when Philip was 20, he married Elisabetha ALBRECHT, possibly the daughter of George William ALBRECHT & Catharina –?–, in Berks Co PA. According to her grave stone, she was born on 31 Dec 1758 and died on 20 Dec 1835. They had the following children:

                        i.            Catherine (1787-)

                        ii.            William (1791-1867)

                        iii.            Samuel (1793-1868)

                        iv.            Mary (1796-)

                        v.            Philip (1800-)

                        vi.            Jacob (1801-1875)

                        vii.            Elizabeth (1804-)

                        viii.            Sarah (1807-1869)

                        ix.            Margaret (1809-)


4. William REMP was born in say 1762. He had two wives and children. This researcher does not know their names.


© 2008, Kathy Alvis Patterson

[1] Adolf Gerber List, Emigrants from Wuerttemberg, PA German Society, 1980, p. 103.  “REMP (P), ANDREAS (1)—Oeschelbronn, Oberamt Herrenberg (1754). Tailor [Schneider]. B. 10-10-1714. Wf: ANNA, daughter of the mason [maurer] MICHEL EITELBUSS. Ch: (1) Jacob, b. 4-4-1735; (2) Michel, b. 9-8-1736; (3) Johannes, b. 3-2-1741; (4) Johann Martin, b. 5-24-1742; (5) Andreas, b. 1-26-1748; (6) Gottlieb, b. 11-3-1749. ‘Went with wife and children to America after 1753.’ Ludwigsburg Protocol, 1754. // 3PA, 18, 339: JACOB REMP, cordwainer, Cumru Twp, Berks Co PA, 1780.”

[2] Will, Berks Co PA Will Book, 1795, 8: 346. I make my last will and Testament in the Name of the Lord. First, I recomend my Soul in the Hands of the Almighty God and when I die my Body shall be burried in a Christian Manner and then all my lawfull debts shall be paid. Secondly, I give to my wife Anne Marie the sum of One hundred and Nine Pound and four Shilling lawfull Money of Pensilvania, which she is to receive out of my Estate and her Bed and one Cow and her spinning wheel and all the Houshold Stuff and she shall have her Appenage in the House where we live now and a stable and six Acres Land and the little meadow and she shall keep the House, the Stable and the Land for lifes time, after her death shall it fall back to my Heirs, but the Money and the Houshold stuff and the Cow shall she and her Heirs keep for ever, to say all the Houshold Stuff that is in the House and she shall cut her firewood on my Plantation so long as she lives, Third, I give to my Son Jacob Forty six acres Land and to Fredric forty six acres Land and that Land shall be praised that it may b even in value and fredric shall have ten shilling for his second Share and Philip shall have forty six acres land joining the lands of Zimerman and Rufener and my wife shall have the third part of all the fruits or Corn that is grown on the Plantation in the Year when I die. I give to my Son Wilhelm five shillings out of my Estate. NB. but my wife shall not receive the Bond which is in the Hands of Henry Menges and the praisement if she stands to this. And I name and give full power to act for me my true friend Henry menges as my Executor and Administrator of this my last will and Testament and if any one would not stay to this my will and testament and begin to dispute, then he shall receive only five shillings for his Part and I repeal with this all other wills and Testaments and declare them for null and void, so that nor as the present shall be legal, which I certifiy with my own Hand and seal in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety five the twenty first July.

Signed and Sealed and declared this to be his last Will and Testament in our presence  Samuel Beetem  George Ammar  signed by mark) Jacob Remp

[3] The Gerber List gives his origin and family data. His parents, baptism, and an extensive ancestry have been found by descendant Dale Steffy in Oeschelbronn, Oberamt, Herrrenberg, as well as the date he immigrated to America, 1754.

[4] Strassburger, “PA Oaths of Allegiance,” Pennsylvania German Pioneers,  Vol I, p 425. 3 Oct 1753, Oath of Allegiance, from Rotterdam.

[5] Alane J Balchunas, “Ramp Family,” 15 Dec 2001.

[6] Index of Oaths of Allegiance, Berks Co PA, located in the Berks County section of the Pennsylvania State Library, microfilm call no. 929.374815 D 2650. The Daughters of the American Revolution accept this patriotic service as a basis for membership; Jacob is listed as Ancestor #: A205159.

[7] Daughters, if any, are unknown to us.

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