SHULTZ, Joseph, of Somerset Co PA and Lee Co IL

Joseph Shultz was born 30 May 1819 in Somerset Co PA, the oldest son of Conrad and Catherine (Kooser) Shultz.[1] He died 22 Aug 1902 in Dixon Lee Co IL and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery there.[2]

            Joseph was married in 1841 in Somerset Co PA to Catherine Hanna.[3] He married second Maria Louise McCloskey in 1862.[4]

            Catherine Hanna was born in Somerset County either 10 Nov 1819 or 13 Apr 1820.[5] She died in the same county 24 Jun 1862.[6] In the 1840 census, Daniel Hanna, probably her brother, was in the same township as Conrad Shultz and next door to Jacob Kooser, an uncle of Joseph Shultz. Daniel and Catherine appear to be two of the children of Alexander and Julianna (Berkey) Hanna. They were not members of the family of Alexander Hanna, a Revolutionary war veteran from Somerset County and father of James Hanna, a Pennsylvania State Senator.

            Maria Louise McCloskey was born 10 Apr 1840 in Somerset or Cambria Co PA. She died 2 Mar 1898 in Lee Co IL.[7] In 1860 she was a servant in the household of Jacob and Nancy McCloskey of Somerset Co PA. In 1850 she was 8, daughter of William and Mary E McCloskey of Washington Township, Cambria Co PA.

            Joseph Shultz was a Republican, a farmer and a justice of the peace.[8] After the death of his mother and his first wife, probably in the midst of the Civil War, he moved with his family from Pennsylvania to Illinois. In 1850 his family was in Somerset Co PA, Somerset Twp, p 23, 17-18, 18-19; in 1860, Somerset Co PA, Somerset Twp, PO Benford’s Store 624-603; in 1870 Lee Co IL, South Dixon Twp, p 459; in 1880 Lee Co IL, South Dixon Twp, p 396; in 1900 Lee Co IL, Ottawa Avenue. In 1892, he joined the Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church, Dixon IL.[9]

            The children of Joseph Shultz and Catherine Hanna were:

1. David Austen SHULTZ. Born on 8 Feb 1842 in Somerset Co PA. David Austen died in Mills Co IA, on 20 Mar 1922. On 7 Mar 1869, he married Fannie BAGLEY. Born ca 1849 in OH. Fannie died on 17 Aug 1907. They had one child:

                        i.            Parley A (1876-)


2. Norman Bruce SHULTZ. Born on 25 Jul 1843 in Somerset Co PA. Norman Bruce died in San Jose Co CA, on 7 Jul 1921. About 1881, he married Addie A MACPHERRON in IA. Born in Aug 1862 in IL. They were divorced. They had the following children:

                        i.            Jessie (1884-1921)

                        ii.            Joseph (1887-1933)

                        iii.            George W (1893-)


3. George Leander SHULTZ. Born on 25 May 1845 in Somerset Co PA. George Leander died in Fremont Co IA, on 20 Mar 1914. About 1870 when George Leander was 24, he first married Nellie BOYLE. Nellie died ca 1887 in Imogene, Fremont Co IA. They had the following children:

                        i.            John (1875-1914)

                        ii.            Minnie (1877-)

                        iii.            Edith Irene (1879-)


About 1887 George second married Mary Addie FRITZ. Born on 12 Mar 1863 in Somerset Co PA. Mary Addie died in Jul 1941. They had the following children:

                        i.            Harry L (1888-1921)

                        ii.            DaisyBell (1891-1910)

                        iii.            Norman Bruce (1897-)


4. Mary Eleanor SHULTZ. Born on 3 Apr 1847 in Somerset Co PA. Mary Eleanor died in York Co NE, on 2 Apr 1922. Mary Eleanor first married – BEAL. Born in NY. – died before 1870. They had one child:

                        i.            Thomas Wilson (1867-1938)


About 1872, she second married John Willard KINGSTON. Born in 1833 in NY. They had the following children:

                        i.            Jesse Bickle (1873-1931)

                        ii.            Essie May (1874-)

                        iii.            William Deliivan (1880-)

                        iv.            A J (1884-1918)


5. Frances Minerva SHULTZ. Born on 1 Apr 1849 in Somerset Co PA. Frances Minerva died in Lincoln, Lancaster Co NE, on 8 Jun 1878; she was buried in Randolph, Lancaster Co NE. On 22 Oct 1868 when Frances Minerva was 19, she married Augustus DORSEY, son of Lloyd DORSEY & Sarah Ann MOSER, in Dixon, Lee Co IL. Born on 30 Dec 1841 in Somerset Co PA. Augustus died in Conway Springs, Sumner Co KS, on 2 Jul 1924. They had the following children:

                        i.            Lulu Belle (1869-1923)

                        ii.            Dallas Eugene (1871-1888)

                        iii.            Mary Ellen (1873-1928)

                        iv.            Edith Marie (1878-1878)


6. Henrietta SHULTZ. Born on 10 Aug 1850 in Somerset Co PA.


7. Martha SHULTZ. Born on 11 Jul 1856 in Somerset Co PA.


8. Jane SHULTZ. Born on 11 Jun 1856 in Somerset Co PA.


9. Franklin SHULTZ. Born on 1 Apr 1858 in Somerset Co PA.


10. James H SHULTZ. Born on 24 Jan 1859 in Somerset Co PA.


11. Lydia SHULTZ. Born on 24 Jan 1859 in Somerset Co PA.


The children of Joseph and Maria Louise (McCloskey) Shultz were:

12. Richard Marion SHULTZ. Born on 21 Apr 1863 in Somerset Co PA. Richard died in Dixon, Lee Co IL, on 21 Jun 1877 of lockjaw; he was 14.


13. William Austin SHULTZ. Born on 23 Jul 1866 in IL. William died in IL on 22 Mar 1872 of pneumonia; he was 5.


14. Sarah Alice SHULTZ. Born on 25 Jan 1869 in Dixon, Lee Co IL. She died in San Diego, San Diego Co CA, on 23 Apr 1958. She married first in 1890, Marion Sneed; she married second in 1903 IL, Frank Anthony, born ca 1857 IL. By her first husband, whom she divorced before the 1900 census, she had one child, Kathleen Louise Sneed, b 1891. In 1910 Whiteside Co IL, Sarah was with husband Frank Anthony and daughter “Kathrin” Sneed. Sarah Anthony was widowed by 1920, when she was head of San Diego County Detention Home, with 3 other employees and 9 “wards” aged 5-14.



© 2009, Kathy Alvis Patterson


[1] Charles Ross Shultz, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Michael Shultz. Privately published, 1943.

[2] Joseph “Schultz,” death certificate no. 1629 (1902) County Clerk of Lee Co IL, State of Illinois.

[3] “Joseph Shultz,” Portrait and Biographical Record of Lee County, IL, p 352.

[4] Shultz, op cit.

[5] Shultz, op cit. Shultz does not explain where he found the two dates.

[6] Somerset Co PA Cemetery records.

[7] Shultz, op cit.

[8] Obituaries from Dixon (IL) Evening Telegraph, Aug 23 1902.

[9] Letter from Mary Reigle, Church Secretary (Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church, 921 East Chamberlain St, Dixon IL 61021), to Kathy Alvis, 19 Oct 1966,

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  1. Only recently have I been able to learn the maiden name of my GGGrandma. I knew that my GGrandma had been born in the Pennsylvania”Dutch” area of PA and I knew her maiden name was Meyers. I was very surprised to learn that her mother’s name was Clarissa Sofina “Schultz” which is now MY married name. Married 28 years and not knowing this! I have learned that her father’s name was Peter S(c)hultz. His birth and death dates (1806 to 1870) match those of the Peter, son of Michael Shultz. My Peter Schultz married Elizabeth Walter(1810-1853) and they are buried in the Samuels Lutheran Cemetery in Somerset,PA.

    I can see that your research is quite thorough and I am enjoying all of it. Would you have any information on Peter, son of Michael?

    Would very much like to hear from you.

    Lois Schultz

  2. I love reading about family histories; my husband and I have researched some of our own. It is exciting to look up the history and make the connection with family memembers past to present. I enjoyed it very much. I got this message through WARM; and I am currently working with Layl in the mentor program. I have begun some writing that coincides with a piece or two, but I am very new to the process. I would love to read more. Thanks again for alerting me to your sight. Deb Splain

  3. Hello family, I am a descendant of Mary Ellen Shultz and John Willard Kingston. I have that full line if anyone wants it. I am looking for information on the father of Thomas Beal, a child she had shortly after marrying John W. Kingston. We also know she had a Jim Beal who grew up in the family as a step-sibling. Can anyone help us out? The descendants of this family are having a reunion July 12, 2015 in York County Nebraska if any are interested. Let us know for details. Thanks to any and all shirt tail relations!! Toni Guidinger

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