SHULTZ, Michael, of NJ and Somerset Co PA

Michael Shultz was born ca 1750, probably in Dutchess Co NY.[1] He died in 1840 in Somerset Co PA. He was married on 26 Oct 1776 to Maria Rush, his second wife.[2]

            The life of Michael Shultz has been studied and published elsewhere. He had three wives and thirteen children.[3] Records show him to have been a blacksmith and a Lutheran.

            Since he never signed his name in German, this suggests he had lived in America all his life and with the other spellings, his family heritage may have been Dutch.[4] He seems to have come from the Hudson River area of New York, possibly having been born in Dutchess Co NY; a Peter Shultz is given by one source as his father.

            After his first wife died, he enlisted in the Continental Army on 15 Feb 1776, possibly leaving his two daughters in the care of his brother, Christopher, whose Salem Co NJ will mentions the daughters of his brother Michael. Michael served in the 6th Company of the 3rd Battalion of the New Jersey Regiment, under Col. Elias Dayton. He was mustered out as sick at Schenectady, New York, on 27 Oct 1776 (one source says 1777).

            Afterwards, he lived in New Germantown, New Jersey. In 1785 Michael and second wife Maria moved to Pennsylvania, being listed on the 1790 census in Milford Township, Bedford County (now Somerset County), and buying land in 1797.

After Maria’s death, he married a third wife, Mary Woy, and had two more children. Michael Shultz died in Somerset Co PA.

            This is an outline of his life:

·       1772: marriage to Deborah Fries, Monmouth Co NJ

·       1772: birth of Hannah

·       ca 1774: birth of Deborah

·       1776-7: served in Revolutionary War[5]

·       1776: married Maria Rush, NJ

·       1779: birth of Peter[6]

·       1780: birth of Conrad

·       1782: birth of William

·       1784: birth of Jacob

·       1785: migrated to Somerset Co [then Bedford Co] PA

·       1786: birth of Mary[7]

·       1787: birth of Margaret

·       1788: warranted home place (107 1/2 acres), in Milford Twp, then Bedford Co PA

·       1790: warranted Laurel Hill land, “Confidence” (148 acres)

·       1790 census: Bedford Co PA, p 25. Michael Sholts, 1/4/3

·       1793: birth of John, two more children followed

·       1793-1801: death of Maria

·       1796-1804: tax lists

·       1796-1808: assessments

·       1797: bought lot in town of Somerset[8]

·       1799-1801: assessments in these years called him a blacksmith

·       1800 census: Somerset Co PA, Milford Twp, p 525: Michael Shultz, 11202/22100/00

·       1801: sold Somerset lot

·       1804: death, no will

·      1805: widow Mary (who had two daughters) surrendered dower rights

·      1809: two properties deeded by the widow to son Jacob


The children of Michael Shultz with his first wife, Deborah Fries, whom he married on 7 Mar 1776 in Monmouth Co, New Jersey, are:

1. Hannah SHULTZ was born on 28 Jul 1772 in NJ and died in Somerset Co PA, on 9 Mar 1844. She married John HAUGER. He was born on 22 Oct 1773 and died in Somerset Co PA, on 3 May 1836.


2. Deborah SHULTZ was born about 1774 in NJ; nothing is known of her after her uncle Christopher Shultz’s 1796 will in Salem Co NJ.


Michael and second wife, Maria Rush, had nine children:

3. Peter SHULTZ was born on 4 Aug 1779 in Hunterdon Co  NJ, where he was christened. Peter died in Newton, Fountain Co IN, on 24 Oct 1848. He was a businessman, tanner, farmer, and church elder. About 1800, he married Elizabeth JONES in Somerset Co PA. Born about 1780 in PA, Elizabeth died in Newton, Fountain Co IN, on 6 Mar 1866. They had the following children:

                        i.            Charlotte (1801-1837)

                        ii.            John (ca1803-)

                        iii.            Lucy (1804-1848)

                        iv.            Joseph Bennett (1808-1890)

                        v.            David J (1810-)

                        vi.            William (1811-1843)

                        vii.            Ellen (1816-)

                        viii.            George Abbott (1818-1866)

                        ix.            John W Campbell (1820-1902)

                        x.            Robert Peter (1822-1873)

                        xi.            Asbury (1824-)


4. Conrad SHULTZ was born on 27 Oct 1780 in Tewksbury, Hunterdon Co NJ. Conrad died in Lavansville, Somerset Co PA, on 9 Apr 1853 and buried there in the Lutheran Cemetery, Somerset Co PA. He was a farmer and sawmiller. About 1806 when Conrad was 25, he married Catherine KOOSER, daughter of Jacob KOOSER & Mary SAMPLE, in Somerset Co PA. Born on 26 Jun 1786 in Colebrookdale, Berks Co PA, Catherine died in Lavansville, Somerset Co PA, on 1 Jan 1863. They had the following children:

                        i.            Mary (1807-1859)

                        ii.            Phoebe (1810-1838)

                        iii.            Eliza (~1810-1894)

                        iv.            Joseph (DAR Line approved) (1819-1902)

                        v.            David (1822-1851)

                        vi.            Ann Sophia (1824-1876)

                        vii.            Henrietta (1829-1900)


5. William SHULTZ was born in Oct 1783 in Tewksbury Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ. William died in Newton, Fountain Co IN. On 17 Sep 1801 he married Mary IRICK in Somerset Co PA. Born in 1782 in Tewksbury Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ, Mary died on 19 Dec 1870. They had the following children:

                        i.            George (1802-)

                        ii.            Jacob (1804-)

                        iii.            son (possibly John G)

                        iv.            Christiana

                        v.            William (1820-1894)

                        vi.            Peter (1821-1887)

                        vii.            Isaac (1823-1888)


6. Jacob SHULTZ was born on 8 May 1784 in Tewksbury Twp, Hunterdon Co NJ. He died in Somerset Co PA, on 15 Mar 1836. Jacob married Susannah LENHART. Born on 4 Nov 1786 in Somerset Co PA, Susannah died there on 4 Aug 1843. They had the following children:

                        i.            Peter (1806-1870)

                        ii.            John (1807-1864)

                        iii.            Catherine (1808-1878)

                        iv.            Elizabeth (1810-1905)

                        v.            Barbara (1812-1885)

                        vi.            Jacob (1814-1890)

                        vii.            Jonas (1815-1883)

                        viii.            Susannah (1817-)

                        ix.            Mary (1818-1903)

                        x.            Michael Lenhart (1819-ca1850)

                        xi.            Phebe (Died as Infant) (1821-1822)

                        xii.            Lenhart (1823-1847)

                        xiii.            Eva (1824-1899)


7. Mary SHULTZ was born on 6 May 1786 in Somerset Co PA and christened on 13 Jun 1786. Mary died in Somerset Co PA, on 25 Oct 1818. She married Frederick CUPP. Born on 6 Aug 1778. Frederick died in Corning, Adams Co IA, on 6 Aug 1870. They had the following children:

                        i.            John W (1802-1868)

                        ii.            Catherine (1804-1868)

                        iii.            Hannah E (1806-)

                        iv.            Jacob (1808-1888)

                        v.            Conrad (1809-1864)

                        vi.            Thomas (1811-1899)

                        vii.            Rebecca (1813-1900)

                        viii.            Frederick (1815-1882)

                        ix.            Joseph (1816-)

                        x.            Sarah (1818-1848)


8. Margaret SHULTZ was born on 25 Jun 1787 in Somerset Co PA and christened on 25 Sep 1787. Margaret died in Somerset Co PA, on 12 Jul 1854. About 1805 when Margaret was 17, she married John Henry WEYAND. Born on 19 Jul 1782 in Hanover, Germany, he died in Somerset Co PA, on 4 Jul 1854.  They had the following children:

                        i.            Mary (1806-<1853)

                        ii.            Elizabeth (1808-)

                        iii.            Catherine (1812-1892)

                        iv.            Solomon (1814-1858)

                        v.            Levi (Eli) (1816-)

                        vi.            Sara (1818-1884)

                        vii.            Margaret (1820-1889)

                        viii.            Lena (Laura) (1822-)

                        ix.            Hannah (1822-1893)

                        x.            Simon (1826-1881)

                        xi.            John (1827-1897)


9. Elizabeth SHULTZ was born in 1788 in Somerset Co PA. Elizabeth died in Somerset Co PA, either in 1815 or on 11 Jan 1825.


10. Michael SHULTZ was born ca 1790 in Somerset Co PA and died in Fountain Co IN, in 1837.


11. John SHULTZ was born on 3 Apr 1793 in Somerset Co PA. He died in Lockport, Carroll Co IN, on 17 Oct 1855 and was buried in Logansport, Cass Co IN. On 14 Sep 1814, he married Elizabeth DUNBAR in Adams Co OH. Born on 1 Nov 1795 in Lewis Co KY. Elizabeth died in 1883. They had the following children:

                        i.            Deborah Ann (1815-1888)

                        ii.            James Conrad (1816-1857)

                        iii.            Sarah Jane (1818-1854)

                        iv.            Caroline Dunbar (Died as Child) (1820-1829)

                        v.            Isabel Morrow (1825-1847)

                        vi.            Francis Asbury (1827-1896)

                        vii.            Angeline Dunbar (1833-1924)

                        viii.            John Beswick (1838-)



Michael married his third wife, Mary WOY about 1796. Born on 10 Oct 1764 in York Co PA, Mary died in Somerset Co PA, on 10 Mar 1862. Their daughters were:

12. Rosanna SHULTZ was born in say 1797.


13. Anna SHULTZ was born on 3 Jun 1799. Anna died on 7 May 1891 at the age of almost 92. Anna married Joseph PISEL Jr.


© 2008, Kathy Alvis Patterson


[1] Charles Ross Shultz, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Michael Shultz. Privately published, 1943.

[2] A source for this is badly needed. Is this marriage record authentic or deduction?

[3] “Descendants of Michael Shultz,” Laurel Messenger, May 1986, p 210.

[4] This statement and the following two paragraphs are from Shultz, op cit.

[5] Revolutionary War NJ Line, 3rd Battalion, 6th Co; DAR #554801, my original 1970 lineage application.

[6] 1779, Zion Lutheran Church, New Germantown NJ, christening of son Peter.

[7] 1786, 1787, Samuel’s Lutheran Church, Somerset Co PA, christening of daughters.

[8] Deed, 10 Nov 1797. Peter Ankeny of Somerset Twp, Somerset Co, yeoman, and Rosina his wife to Michael Shultz of Milford Twp, Somerset County, yeoman. Lot #133, containing 64 perches, in Somerset Town, Somerset County. (Calendar of Land Transactions of Somerset Co Pa, Deed Book #2, Recorder of Deeds Office, Somerset Co. Courthouse, p. 226.)

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  1. This is a follow up question that I had just left moments ago. I skipped a generation in my question. the Peter Shultz in your lineage that I am wondering more about is actually Peter, son of Jacob who is the son of Michael. The dates of birth and death dates 1806-1870 match with the Peter S(c)hultz that I am looking for.

    Thanks and sorry for the mistake in my first query.

    Lois (Baty)Schultz

  2. I am a great-great grandson of Joseph Schultz. My great grandmother was his daughter, Sarah Alice Schultz, who I met once as a little boy in San Diego before she died in 1958. Her daughter, my grandmother, Louise Kathleen Sneed, later Doane, had a family bible with Joseph Schultz’s marriage certificate and other handwritten entries in it about the family, the births, deaths and other details. Now I have it and have just discovered this blog and would be happy to share copies of what’s in it.

    • Oops. I answer my email as I go and just sent you a note asking if you had seen this. I have family data posted in several places on the Internet and most people don’t see this one.

  3. I am Toni Guidinger. My great grandfather John Willard Kingston married second Mary Elanor Shultz, daughter of Joseph Shultz and Catherine Hannah and grand daughter of Conrad Shultz and Catherine Kooser. I am descended from his first wife but I do have the descendancy of John Willard Kingston and Mary Eleanor (Ellen) Shultz if anyone wants it. Email tonig275@g, Thanks you filled in several bits of information but I have much more complete dates than you posted for several descendants. Am getting conflicting data on Kooser ancestors. Anybody got good information? Thanks Toni

  4. Your dates are incorrect on the Weyand line.

    • Findagrave is not an acceptable source. Please provide me accurate dates and sources, so I can correct this. My dates are from Charles Ross Shultz, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Michael Shultz. Privately published, 1943.

  5. I am Theodore Michael Shultz and am a descendant of Peter Shultz and am listed on page 53 of “A Genealogy of the Descendants of Dewalt Ankeny “ by Charles Ross Shultz. I am searching for a copy of “A Genealogy of the Descendants of Michael Shultz” also by Charles Ross Shultz. In the event that a copy of the book is unavailable, I would appreciate any history of the Shultz family beyond what is available in the CRS genealogy of Dewalt Ankeny. Thanks, Ted

    • There is a copy out there of Charles Ross Shultz’s book. I was able to find it about 6 years ago I believe on Amazon. I am in Peters line also. My father’s name was Herbert Lewis Shultz and he is listed in the book also. In our line my uncle Robert Shultz was the last added. And I just looked for it and all I could find is that it is out of print right now.

      • I would also like to know what part of the family founded Shultztown in Kentucky. There are more then 25 Shultz’s buried there. I believe the oldest site is a John Shultz.

    • Hello my name is Noah Beaty and I’m the descent of Michael Shutlz my grandfather was Charles Shultz and he did alot of genealogy work in the 60s,70s and I grandma gave his work….I still have alot of it but lost some do to a head injury I lost the storage unit where I had the archives. Please if you are a decentant of the Micheal Shutlz line or his son’s please contact me and find me on Facebook

      • Contact me and find me on Facebook or you can call me text me at my cell number 765-407-7925 look forward to hearing from other cousin and relatives of the Micheal Shutlz line….we should all be very proud of the service Michael Shutlz in the Revolution war of 1776 not may people can trace there great grandfather back the the revolutionary war 1776

    • I have a family history book my Grandfather typed on type writer in the 70s of the Shutlz family history if I want any info I maybe of help

  6. Yes, I am a descendant. My mother is listed in Charles Ross Shultz’s book. She was Evelynne Maurine Armstrong, daughter of Ethel M Light, then Mary Ellen Shultz, Joseph Shultz, Conrad Shultz, and Michael Shultz.

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