The Hurd Family of Adams Co OH, Boone Co KY, and Pendleton Co KY

My Family’s Facts:

  1. Elizabeth Hurd (or Herd) Morris was born in 1807 in Adams Co OH, according to the 1910 death certificate of one of her younger children.[1]
  2. Elizabeth Hurd married George Morris 3 Sep 1827 in Brown Co OH.[2] They were in Mason Co KY in 1830, Adams Co OH in 1850 and Mason Co IL in 1860. They have not yet been located in 1840 although the birthplaces of their children in 1850 indicate either Kentucky or Ohio.

Assumed family of Elizabeth (Hurd) Morris:

The only known Hurd family in Adams Co OH in 1807 is that of Caleb and Martha (Oursler) Hurd.

Actually, Caleb is not documented as having been there until 1811; however, Martha’s family is evidenced before that date, as follows:

  1. Deeds showing Charles Oursler alive in 1800 and 1803 in Adams Co OH[3]
  2. Tax lists,[4] for Charles’s widow, Martha (McKinley) Oursler.
  3. Oursler family records[5]

Caleb Hurd, assumed to be the same who married Martha Oursler is found in:

  1. 1811 and other tax lists[6]
  2. War of 1812[7]
  3. 1820 census, Adams Co OH, p 20: Caleb Hurd, 200001/31010
  4. Son John’s published biographical note from Davis Co IA, see below

Hurds in Adams County:

After the records mentioned above, there is a lack of documentation for the Hurd family, due in part to the courthouse fire of 1876. Extant records include:

  1. 11 Dec 1817 marriage, Mintey Hurd to James (Mc)Clure.[8]
  2. 1830 census, Uel Hurd, who was also in the county in 1820, but not the same township as Caleb Hurd [9]
  3. 1840 Adams Co OH, Martha Herd: 0001/00002001(1780-1790)[10]
  4. 1850 Adams Co OH, Sprigg Twp, page 96. Martha Herd 60 f PA, alone
  5. History of Adams Co OH, Evans & Stivers, 1900, identified Major Hutson’s son-in-law as William Hurd.

Tentative Children of Caleb and Martha (Oursler) Hurd, based on census numbers, marriages and other data:

1 daughter over 10 in 1820: Elizabeth, born 1807, married George Morris, died ca 1859 Mason Co IL

not in 1820 household, questionable relationship: Caleb, born 1809 KY, married  Jane Pew, resided Boone Co KY[11]

3 daughters born 1810-1820, including Jerusha/Julia/Juda, born ca 1811, married Johnston Lawwill, Brown Co OH[12]; Ruth, born ca 1815, married Ellis Brooks, died 1860s Pendleton Co KY[13]; Margaret[14]

2 sons born 1810-1820: Charles Thomas, born 1813,[15] married at least three times; William, born ca 1814, married Mary Hutson,[16] died 1841

born after 1820: John [or John William], born 1821, married Sarah Ann Shelton, moved to Iowa[17]

Note that at least four of these children have connections to the various Sheltons of Brown County, Ohio.

Birthplace of Caleb Hurd

The children living in 1880 gave different states of birth for Caleb Hurd.

Caleb Hurd of Boone Co KY said his father was born in Virginia. Jerusha Lawwill said Pennsylvania. Charles Thomas said Maryland. And John Hurd said Pennsylvania, although it is indexed as Tennessee. There were Hurds in the area where Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia meet. As seen in an Adams Co OH biographical book [footnote 5], Charles Oursler lived in that very area for a time.

Major Hutson’s Daughter

A 1900 county history named Major Hutson’s son-in-law as William Hurd. In 1850, Major Hutson was living in the household of Elizabeth Herd, next house to a widow Mary Herd, while the 1841 estate of William Hurd mentioned purchases by “Mary Hurd, widow.” Both widows, Mary and Elizabeth, were listed in in consecutive households in the 1850 Adams Co OH census, as follows:

Mary Herd                      36

John W “                          16[18]

Sarah “                             16

Julia “                                12

Mary “                             10

Elizabeth “                      56

Margaret “                     20

George “                          14

Major Hutson                84

Note that Elizabeth’s surname is not written out, but assumed to be same as Mary Herd’s and so indicated by ditto marks. It has been assumed for years by this researcher that Elizabeth was the widow of another Hurd/Herd brother.

But the present study (2016) has led to a different conclusion. If Mary was Major’s daughter, why was he in Elizabeth’s household? Was Elizabeth also a daughter? The Adams County history says daughter Elizabeth Hutson married William Stevenson. I now believe it possible that Elizabeth, whose age is probably also given wrong, was Elizabeth (Hutson) Stevenson, not a Hurd or Herd at all. No William and Elizabeth Stevenson are located in the 1850 census and neither of the children, George or Margaret Herd, appear in further records.

The question of Elizabeth’s age is still unresolved. Major’s daughter was not likely born in 1794; his other children were born around 1807 and 1814.

2019 Update

Since writing the above, I have located DNA matches to descendants of Charles Thomas Hurd, John Hurd of Iowa, Ruth (Hurd) Brooks, Juda (Hurd) Lawwill, and William Hurd, some as high as 46 cMs. [I need to learn how to report DNA matches, to compose a section detailing this data.]

[1] Margaret (Morris) Kent’s death certificate, Mason Co IL, page. 16, 12 Aug 1910. Margaret Kent’s death certificate gives the birth date and place for her father, George Morris, as 1790, Lexington KY, and the birth date and place for her mother as 1807, Adams Co OH.

[2] Elizabeth Herd found in: Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850, Married Sep 03, 1827 in Brown Co OH; Spouse Morris, George; Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0384273 [Brown Co OH] and #034274 [Westmoreland Co VA]. Pat Donaldson marriage records 1818-1850.

A Brown Co OH researcher’s reply to my request for more information: “The marriage record that you requested is: George Morris to Elizabeth Herd on 3 Sept 1827, by Thomas Shelton JP. in Aberdeen, Huntington Twp. Brown Co Ohio. I doubt if you will ever be able to get a copy of the original document, the marriage was performed by “Squire Thomas Shelton” JP kept his own records, and very few of them were ever recorded at the courthouse in Georgetown, Ohio. Aberdeen was known as the “Gretna Green” of Brown County. The Squire didn’t require the couples to show proof of their ages, and quite a few young couples ran away to be married by him. A list of some of the marriages that he preformed as been compiled from other sources, but it seems that the old Squire’s records have been lost over the years.” Charlene Smitson

[3] Gateway to the West: Page 24, Charles Oursler bought land from James Edwards and wife Sarah on 19 Feb 1800, for 120 pds KY money, 206 acres on the waters of the Ohio, NW side of Three Mile Creek.

Page 40 of the same book: Charles Oursler and Martha wife of Adams Co, NW Territory are listed as selling 5 acres “White’s upper corner upon bank of river” for $10.00 to Ezekiel Beasley of Mason Co, KY on 1-8-1803. Among witnesses was “Archable Oursler.”

The Ohio Researcher, Vol. 3-4, snippet view, “Date: 8 January 1803 / From: Charles Oursler and wife, Martha, of Adams Co. To: Esekiel Beasley of Mason …”

[4] lists these tax records, after the death of Charles Oursler: Martha Ourseler, Archibald Oursler, Joseph Oursler, Adams Co OH, 1806; Joseph Oarsler, Archibald Oursler, Martha Oursler, Adams Co OH, 1807; Archibald Oursler, Byrd Twp, Joseph Oursley, Martha Oursley, Jefferson Twp, Adams County, 1808; Archibold Oursler, Joseph Oursler, Martha Oursler, Adams Co OH, 1809; 1810 Tax list, Adams Co OH, along with Joseph Oursler, Archibald Oursler.

[5] In 1880, Henry Oursler’s personal knowledge must have provided the following: Joseph A Caldwell, Caldwell’s Illustrated Historical Atlas of Adams County, Ohio: 1797-1880, 1880, 29. “Henry Oursler.” This book lists the children of Charles and Martha (McKinley) Oursler, including Martha, with the indication she married Caleb Hurd. This is likely the source of various lists of the children of Charles Oursler and moves the informant back to Henry.

This book relates family moves: “Archibald Oursler was born in Baltimore county, Maryland, and was taken, when quite young, by his parents to Pennsylvania, where they settled for a short time. They then removed to a small village, called Buffalo, in Putnam county, W. Va [sic]. Indians were plenty there then. They next moved to Limestone, Kentucky, and settled near Washington in that State. Indians were still plenty there. About 1795 or ’95, Mr. Charles Oursler removed to Ohio, where he soon after died. As before stated, he raised a family of nine children.”

The source of the information in the Adams County book seems to be Henry himself (1820-1916); Henry lived in the same area as his aunt Martha (Oursler) Hurd and was 34 years old the last time mention of her as living has been located.

[6] 1811 enumeration list for Huntington Township, Adams Co OH: Caleb Herd. June 1812 proprietors list for Huntington Township, Adams Co OH: Caleb Herd.

[7] Caleb Hurd served in the War of 1812, Capt. George Kislinger, Col. Josiah Lockhart, Ohio Militia. When widow Martha applied 19 Jul 1854 for bounty land, a record of the service was not located. From the National archives file, #180.405, Bounty Land files, Act of 1850 rejected.  “No rolls of Capt. Geo Keslinger are found. On rolls of Capt. Geo Kesling, Ohio mil[itia] the name of Caleb Hurd does not appear.” It is difficult to interpretthe following notation: “Ent 1811 } 18 [??] 1812.”The application was submitted along with another by the Hon A Ellison, House Reps, Georgetown, [Brown Co] Ohio, to Hon Judge Waldo, sent on 19 Jul 1854 and received on 20 Jul 1854, returned 12 Aug 54. [Servicemen and women today might envy that speed.]

[8] Source unknown.

[9] The other Hurd head of household in Adams Co OH is Uel Hurd from the Connecticut family by way of New Jersey.

  • 1820, Green Twp, p 34: Uel Hurd, 220020/10000[mother missing].
  • 1830, Jefferson Twp, p 29: Euel Herd, 0111001…/1101001…
  • 1840, Montgomery Co IL, “Hactsh” Herd, 10101001/0010001.
  • War of 1812 Service records list a Uel Hurd, private, in Jackson’s Regiment of the New Jersey Militia.
  • Lum, Edward H. Genealogy of the Lum family. Somerville, N.J.: Unionist-Gazette Association, 1927. pages 52, 69, 105-106. No connection to Caleb or his children is mentioned.

[10] Bounty land application identifies her as widow of Caleb Hurd. The family’s 1830 census has not been found.

[11] Not known to be a son of this family, but he did live just across the river in KY. Did Caleb and Martha live for a brief time in KY? 1850, 1860, 1880 censuses all say this Caleb was born in KY. 1860, Petersburg, Boone Co KY, Caleb Hard, 51, Jane A, 40, Margaret J, 19, Lucy A, 16, George M, 14, John W, 9. His 1880 census said parents born VA.

Kay Hurd Lamb, posted at Genforum: Samuel Hurd Jr witnessed his daughter Lucinda’s wedding. But I now know this was after 1857. 7 Jun 2009 email from Kay: this fact came from diary of a man named Loder who reportedly wrote down everything that happened at the courthouse in Petersburg. Lewis Loder (1819-1904) was a magistrate and tavern keeper from that town, in the same county, records going downriver to Hamilton on the steamer to purchase barrels of whiskey (Wikipedia)? See for a description of these diaries.

[12] This family’s 1850-1880 census record is complete. The oldest known son was Charles Herd Lawwill. The source of the couple’s 1848 marriage date is unknown at this time.

[13] Ruth was identified as a Hurd on her son’s death certificate. Both Ourslers and Morrises had connections to this Brooks family.

[14] Evidence of her name and history is missing.

[15] This man had a son named Caleb.

  • 1840 Brown Co OH, Charles Herd: 11001/10001.
  • 1850 Brown Co OH, p 106: Charles, 38, with wife Indian, 25, children Caleb, Sarah, William, Robert, John, Malissa, Chares T, Rachel N.
  • 1880 Pendleton Co KY with second wife, Araminta, b 1845; 68 OH (MD) OH.
  • His death record said both parents born in Ohio.
  • From Genforum: I found Charles with his family in Brown County, Huntington Township, Ohio in the 1840 (between 20 and 30 yrs old) and 1850 (38 yrs old) Census. According to the 1860 Census (48 yrs old), in July of 1860, he and his family lived across the Ohio River from Brown Co Ohio, in Falmouth, Pendleton Co KY. At this time, he and his wife had 10 of 13 children living with them, based upon the data identified in the 1850 and 1860 censuses combined. Three of their children must have either married and moved on or passed away (i.e. Caleb, Sarah, & Robert).
  • He was a farmer and minister as was his son Charles Jr.
  • From Robert Knox: Charles Thomas Hurd, Born 1811 near Aberdeen, Brown County Ohio is the son of Caleb Hurd, whose wife, the mother of Charles Thomas Hurd, is Martha Oursler. I show Charles Thomas Hurd to be the father of at least 11 children (William, John, Mealisa, Thomas, Reachel, Noah, George, Mary, Stephen, Lydia and Annie Belle).  The youngest is Annie Belle, born 1861. In Catawba, Pendleton County, Kentucky, Annie Belle married Charles T Barnes on Feb 7, 1882.  On 17 July, 1884, she gave birth to her oldest daughter, Bertha. [Is Robert Knox’s data independent, or did he get it from me?]

Note how Charles Thomas Hurd connects Brown Co OH, Pendleton Co KY, the Shelton family (see marriage of George and Elizabeth (Hurd) Morris, above, plus other connections to related families) and the given name Caleb.

[16] Gateway to the West, p 6: Adams Co OH Administration records lists “William Hurd, #12, 2-12-1841, Henry Hutson, adms, bond $2500; Asa Leedom and Azeriah Edginton, security; settled 7-1-1845 (12)” Henry Hutson also made the inventory on a Roushe estate in 1849. All of these names are on page 57 of the 1840 census in Adams Co OH, except William Herd, who is on p 55 (11001…/20001…). Martha Herd is on p 56.

  • One of the payments from the estate was to “Mary Herd, widow.”
  • Mary’s children in the 1850 census were John W, 16, Sarah, 14, Julia, 12, Mary, 10.
  • In 1860 Mary, 50, was with Sarah, 23, Jno, 21, Juda, 19, and Mary J, 18.
  • In 1870 Sprigg Twp, Adams Co OH, John Herd, 37 sewing machine agent, was living with his sister Sarah, 34, and her family, husband John Roush. Sarah had died before 1880, when her husband was in Bradyville, Adams Co OH.

[17] Davis Co IA history names his father as Caleb Hurd of Adams Co OH and states he died while John was a baby. No contemporary records have been found with the name “John William”; descendants call him that.

[18] His 1917 death certificate lists parents as William Hurd and Mary Hutson. His sister, Judith Susan, not Julia, was Mrs. Daniel Scott. Her 1921 death certificate also named her parents.

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  1. Kathy,

    I very much enjoy reading your work- Thanks for publishing it!

    I believe that there are two lost members of this clan in my wife’s line. Samuel and William Hurd show up in Missouri in 1850. Samuel was born about 1813 in Ohio, and William Hurd about 1825 in Ohio. Samuel married Rebecca Purdin, a Brown county native, and William married Jane Callaway of Northern Kentucky. They stay together through three censuses before landing in Texas and Oklahoma on the Chisholm trail.

    I have not been able to join either of them to an Ohio Hurd family.

    Like you, my wife has strong DNA matches to the Adams county clan, Joseph Hurd of Onondaga Co NY, and the Monroe County Hurds.
    I am working backward on hundreds of DNA matches to bring it all together. But, it seems always to end in the ambiguity surrounding, Caleb and Joseph.

    If you have any ideas where these two might fit, Let me know!

    Thanks again!

    Ron and Cindy (Hurd) Lundstrom

    • Ron and Cindy,
      Which DNA testing company did you use? I’d like to compare our DNA. I am at, AncestryDNA, 23andme, and FTDNA, so we should find something to compare somewhere.

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