BOUGHTON, Ezra, of Fairfield Co CT and Westchester Co NY

Ezra Boughton[1] was born 18 Nov 1723[2] in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut, the son of Eleazar and Elizabeth (Seymour) Boughton.[3] He died Salem, Westchester County, New York 14 Nov 1776.[4]

            On 28 Jun 1749, in New Canaan, Fairfield Co CT, he married Mary Boughton, a daughter of Jachin and Mary (White) Boughton, his second cousin.

            Mary Boughton was born in 1732 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co CT and probably died in Salem, Westchester Co NY.

            Ezra and Mary must have lived in Westchester Co NY from 1756-ca 1780, since eight of their children were baptized there.[5] Two of these, Sarah and Gamaliel, died as children.

            Four of Ezra’s children were living in 1796, when they quit claimed 12 acres of land in Norwalk CT: Jachin, Elizabeth (and her husband Michael Brooks), Ezra and Enoch. Son Seth was living in Wilton, Connecticut as late as 1840, and, if it’s the same man,[6] it is not known by this writer why he was not included in the deed. Son Simeon may be assumed to have died young.

            The ancestry of Ezra and his wife Mary Boughton is given at “Descendants of John Bouton I,” FamilyTreeMaker user pages.[7] This site does not have some of the children baptized in Westchester Co NY. Apparently the source of this site is James Boughton’s 1890 book, cited above.

            James Boughton in 1890 described in detail the descendants of the Seth Boughton who stayed in Connecticut, and the descendants of Ezra’s brothers Hezekiah and Eleazer, who went Victor, Ontario Co NY. He did not know much of the other children of Ezra and Mary, at least one of whom also moved to western New York.

            Children of Ezra and Mary (Boughton) Boughton were:

1. Elizabeth BOUGHTON was born in 1751 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co CT. Elizabeth died in Covington Twp, Genesee Co NY, after 1820. On 2 Oct 1777 when Elizabeth was 26, she married Michael BROOKS, son of Ebenezer BROOKS & Elizabeth LODER, in Salem, Westchester Co NY. Born in 1758 in Salem, Westchester Co NY, Michael died in Covington Twp, Genesee Co NY, after 1820. They had the following probable children:

                        i.            Zera (<1784-<1818)

                        ii.            Hiram (1784-1846)

                        iii.            Polly (1789-1834)

                        iv.            Enoch (~1790-1830)

                        v.            Asa (1792-1849)

                        vi.            Ezra (ca1798-1835)

                        vii.            son (1790-)

                        viii.            Pruella (ca1790-1823)


2. Enoch BOUGHTON was born in 1752 and died in 1812. About 1777 when Enoch was 25, he married Deborah SMITH. She was born about 1756. They had the following children:

                        i.            Abigail (1795-1875)

                        ii.            Polly (1797-1888)

                        iii.            Robert Porter (1800-1883)


3. Seth BOUGHTON wa born on 7 Mar 1754 and died on 10 Dec 1840. On 15 Aug 1771 when Seth was 17, he first married Sarah RESSEQUIE in Ridgefield, Fairfield Co CT. Born ca 1746, Sarah died about 1780. They had the following children:

                        i.            Phebe (1772-)

                        ii.            Sarah (1778-)

                        iii.            Seth (1780-)


On 4 Aug 1822 when Seth was 68, he second married Elizabeth GREGORY, as her third husband. Born on 4 Jan 1757 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co CT, Elizabeth married first Noah Patrick and second Anthony Beers; she died in Wilton, Fairfield Co CT, on 20 Jan 1833.


4. Simeon BOUGHTON was born before 10 Jun 1759. He probably died before 1796.


5. Ezra BOUGHTON was born in 1753. By an unknown wife, he had the following children:

                        i.            Sarah (1783-)

                        ii.            Elsa W (1785-)

                        iii.            Lewis (1793-)

                        iv.            Mary (ca1800-)

                        v.            Enoch (1804-)


6. Jachin BOUGHTON was born on 26 Aug 1767. Jakin died in New Canaan, Fairfield Co CT, in 1843; he was 75. Jakin first married Elsa BENEDICT. Born in 1771 and a descendant of  Thomas and Mary (Brisgham) Gregory, Elsa died ca 1787. After 1788 when Jakin was 20, he second married Anna JARVIS. Born in 1772, Anna died ca 1797. They had one child:

                        i.            Waters (1794-1860)


After 1798 Jakin third married Rhoda RICHARDS. She was born in 1775. They had the following children:

                        i.            Ruth (1801-)

                        ii.            Delia (1806-)


7. Sarah BOUGHTON was born ca 1770 and died on 20 Feb 1775; she was 5.


8. Gamaliel BOUGHTON was born ca 4 Apr 1773. He died in Salem, Westchester Co NY, in Dec 1776.


[1] Sometimes spelled as Bouton, possibly by the family researchers who claim French ancestry.

[2] Boughton, James.. Bouton-Boughton family : descendants of John Bouton, a native of France, who embarked from Gravesend, Eng., and landed at Boston in December, 1635 and settled at Norwalk, Ct.. Albany, N.Y.: Joel Munsell’s Sons, 1890.

[3] His heirs are seen in the following deeds. The children of his deceased son Ezra signed separately. 1796. Feb. 3. Know ye, that we Eleazer Bouton of Norwalk, and Hezekiah Bouton, Seymour Bouton and Levi Bouton, of Genesee, of the state of New York, and Matthew Bouton and Nathan Bouton, of Stockbridge MA “do remit, release, and forever quit-claim, to Daniel Weed, his heirs, etc., all the right, title, claim and interest which we or either of us have or ought to have to any or all the land formerly the property of our late father, Eleazer Bouton.” This sale was acknowledged by Eleazer Bouton in Fairfield, by Matthew Bouton in Berkshire, Feb. 10, 1796, by Nathan Bouton in Berkshire, Oct. 26, 1797, and by Hezekiah, Seymour, and Levi, at Bloomfield, Aug. 8, 1796, and recorded Mar. 8, 1798.

1796. Mar. 21. Jachin Bouton, Michael Brooks, Betty Brooks, Ezra Bouton and Enoch Bouton, quit claimed twelve acres of land in the parish of Canaan, in Norwalk, to Daniel Weed.

[4] Many records from the South Salem Church, Westchester Co NY have been posted online at These include Ezra Bouton’s children and many connections with other Bouton families, John Loder and Ebenezer Brooks Jr.

[5] Infants Baptized South Salem Church, Westchester Co NY, 1752 – 1823, including 19 Dec 1756, Betty, daughter of Ezra Bouton.

[6] Identified as the son of Ezra and Mary in Boughton, 1890, although some gedcoms at confuse him with a Seth, son of Joseph and Susannah (Raymond) Boughton.


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  1. According to the book New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, it appears that Ezra Bouton served in two of the 4 Westchester militia — see link below. His death in November, 1776 must be the result of a battle. I checked the DAR Patriot Index via an electronic request and SAR Patriot Look-up but did find reference to him. It would be nice to know what happened to him if he was killed in the line of duty, etc.

  2. Ezra Bouton is an ancestor (maternal great-great grandfather) of first lady Florence Harding. See A Genealogy of the Wives of the American Presidents and Their First Two Generations of Descent page 111 on Google:


  3. I am a direct descendant of Jakin Bouton.

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