WOOSLEY, Thomas “Moses,” of Halifax Co VA

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Thomas Woosley, sometimes called Thomas Moses Woosley,[1] was born about 1719 probably in Lunenburg County, later Halifax County, Virginia, son of John or Thomas Woosley, and died there 26 Feb 1794.[2] About 1752, he married Elizabeth Walters, daughter of Aaron Thomas and Rose (Wickliff) Walters.

A researcher named Vickie Thompson has provided evidence for Thomas and most of his sons. She writes, “Thomas was one of the witnesses to his son Thomas Jr.’s marriage in 1786. It seems that most of his sons were over 25 years old before they ever married. Some of his sons moved to Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio and some to northern states. He served in the Revolutionary War along with about seven of his sons according to family tradition. Also according to tradition he was the father of 14 sons and one daughter. My [i.e., Vickie’s] grandmother, Jessie Holeman Doss, said her mother always told her that Thomas and a bunch of his boys fought in the Revolutionary War together.” Much of what follows here is from Vickie’s Rootsweb tree, “Descendants of Thomas WOOSLEY and his wife Elizabeth WATERS,” posted 14 Jul 2017.[3]

Two of Thomas’s sons, Aaron and William, are listed as Patriot Ancestors by the DAR, while they and two others, Thomas and Moses, received pensions for their service.


Thomas and Elizabeth had 14 or 15 children, all sons except for one daughter, as follows:

  1. Aaron Walden Woosley 1753-1831 in Bedford County, Tennessee; DAR Patriot Ancestor.

HISTORY: from Wiliford-Williford Family History. Revolutionary War Veteran, he was said to have been injured by a sword cutting his shoulder which left him crippled. Supposedly he was protecting General Washington from attack. He settled in Tennessee after the War of 1812. He enlisted in Amelia County, Virginia in 1776 and served two terms and was released 5 July 1783. He was in Lincoln County, Tennessee by 1818, where he filed for a pension.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1830 Bedford County, Tennessee

1 male 80 to 90, 1 female 70 to 80

MILITARY RECORDS: Abstract of pension record #S39134, Virginia, 22 July 1820 in Lincoln County, Tennessee appeared Aaron aged 67 years on 11th day of Feb (1753), enlisted in Jan of 1776. He was in battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. “I am disabled with a sword wound to my right shoulder from the war. My wife is 56 years and is feeble and in poor health my daughter Susanna aged 15 years is unable to support herself.”


  1. Possibly Joshua Woosley, born 1755


  1. William Woosley 1757-1838 in Davidson County, North Carolina; DAR Patriot Ancestor

From findagrave.com: William Woosley served during the Revolutionary War in Virginia, applying for his [pension] in North Carolina in 1819. The first Woosley land record was a grant dated 20 Nov 1805 at Rowan (now Davidson) County, North Carolina, entered on 09 Feb 1804, on Reedy Creek. This land was sold to Adam Ader in 1811. William applied for a pension in 1819, and again in 1824; in the second petition, he names his son William, with whom he is living, and his daughter Elizabeth White, age about 33. A third petition was filed in Davidson in Dec. 1825 and was granted. The first two petitions are signed William Ousley, the third Woosley.

Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions September term 1824 Davidson County, NC Continued from Vol. XII, No. 3: .Saturday Morning September 25, 1824 – cont’d.: On the 21st day of September 1824 personally appeared in open court (being a court of record) in and for the county of Davidson, William Woosley aged 67 years and a resident in the county…. that the said Wm. Woosley enlisted for the term of three years on the 7th day of February 1777 in the state of Virginia in the company commanded by Colonel Ennuis in the line of the state of Virginia on the Continental Establishment, that he continued to serve in said corps until the 8th of Jan 1780 when he was discharged from the said service in Fredericksburg in the state of Virginia from a company at that time commanded by Lt. Crane of the artillery attached to the corps commanded by Colonel Russell that he was in the battles of Brandywine and York….nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities, contracts or Debts due to me nor have I any income whatever, that except my wearing apparel. I am not worth one cent and this Declaring doth on his Oath further Declare that he was brought up to the tailoring business but from infirmity is unable to pursue his occupation, that he has two children living, both of which are extremely poor, who live to themselves and have families, that he lives with one of them, his son who gives him his daily bread, that the name of his son is William, aged about 39 years and that the name of his other child is Elizabeth White aged about 33 years.

According to the book called ‘Records of The Moravians in North Carolina which was edited and printed by the North Carolina Archives and History, Volume IX, page 4443:

In the Friedburg and Hope Diary, 1838: July 31 — “I buried the old W. Woosley. almost 81 years old, today in the old graveyard near Daniel James’ home. There was a large attendance at the funeral. Afterward I preached in the woods in English. The listeners had to sit on the sand or on the leaves in the wood. In spite of the great heat, they all were unusually orderly and attentive.”

Davidson Co. court records indicate that he died 28 Jul 1839, but Moravian diary entry was “21 Jul 1838” (burial date). However, the diary entry is actually for July 31: I buried the old W. Wosely, almost 81 years old, today in the old graveyard near Daniel James’ home. There was a large attendance at the funeral. Afterward I preached in the woods in English. The listeners had to sit on the sand or on the leaves in the wood. In spite of the great heat they all were unusually orderly and attentive. This would seem to imply that he isn’t actually buried at Friedberg, which is consistent with the fact that he isn’t listed in the cemetery records there.


Three known children:

Thomas Woosley I 1782


Elizabeth Woosley White 1792


  1. Thomas Burrell Woosley, Jr. 1760-1856 in Christian County, Kentucky

MILITARY RECORDS: Served in Virginia Continental Army Revolutionary War Pension #W1005, I have a copy of the abstract of his pension records. He received 100 acres of land for his service as a private during the Revolutionary War.
VITAL RECORDS: Halifax County, Virginia
Surety for marriage was William Woosley, Witnessed by Thomas Woosley Sr. and Benjamin Hubbard. This was his first marriage.
FAMILY NOTES: Left Virginia and came to Kentucky first to Lexington, then Barren County, then to Christian County, Kentucky by 1814.
HISTORICAL RECORDS: Trigg County, Kentucky — The name of but one Revolutionary soldier appears as such upon the Trigg County records. In 1820, June 19, Thomas Owsley (indexed Woosley) made application for a pension, and produced in open court the following schedule of his property: “An old horse, one cow, one calf, two two-year-old heifers, fourteen sheep, two sows and seventeen pigs, six old pewter plates, five knives, as many forks, and some wooden utensils of little or no value.”
VITAL RECORDS: Christian County, Kentucky
Jane and Thomas WOOSLEY were married by Henry HOPSON, Magistrate
CENSUS RECORDS: 1850, living with his son Moses Woosley in Christian County, Kentucky (Age 90)
HISTORICAL RECORDS: Perrin’s History of Christian County, Kentucky


  1. Moses Woosley, 1758- Halifax Co VA

MILITARY RECORDS: Moses served in the Revolutionary War pension #S6442, I have a copy of his pension records. He joined the service on are about December of 1776, in Amelia County, Virginia. Shortly after he was put in Colonel Mason’s company, and the whole company was inoculated with the small pox. After everyone became well, they marched through Alexandria, Georgetown, to Baltimore, and from there to Philadelphia, and from there to the White Plains of New York. At White Plains they joined up with General Washington. Moses fought at the battles of Germantown, Stoney Point, Camden, and Yorktown and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. Moses spent the winter at Valley Forge, with General Washington. Moses was discharged on 1 January 1780, at Philadelphia. Moses states that he was born in Buckingham County, Virginia in 1758, and that he still has the record to prove it. Moses WOOSLEY of Halifax County a Private in the Virginia Continental Line, $80.00 Annual Allowance, $200.00 Amount Received, Pension Started at age 76 on 3 August 1833. After the Revolutionary War, Moses moved to Halifax County, Virginia and bought 50 acres of land from Thomas Woosley in 1788. This Thomas Woosley is thought to be the father of Moses. Moses became a plantation owner with 564 acres of land with about 20 slaves.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Amelia County, Virginia

Moses WOOSLEY and Elizabeth BUTLER —- Bondsmen for the marriage was Moses Woosley and William Butler.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1820, living in Meadsville, Halifax County, Virginia

CENSUS RECORDS: 1830, living in Halifax County, Virginia

CENSUS RECORDS: 1840, living in North District, Halifax County, Virginia

COURT RECORDS: The following is from a copy of the original financial records of Moses Woosley, but it does not say where it came from. “A Record of Advancements made by Moses Woosley to his children in his lifetime.”

To William Keeling & Sally his wife formerly Woosley = 1 carryall $45.00 June 14 – cash for receipt $100.00 total $145.00.

To John Perkins & wife his Rhody formerly Woosley = May 11, 1828 – cash for receipt $100.00 January 8, 1835, cash $30.00 & house $35.00; January 8, 1835, 1 negro woman, Judith & 2 children Lee & Harold $600.00; total $765.00

To Holeman Woosley = January 3, 1835 – 2 negroes, Morgan & John $750.00, January 8, 1835 – $100.00 cash; total $850.00

To Samuel S. Woosley = January 3, 1835 – 2 negroes, Joshua & Isaac for $535.00; also on January 8, 1835 – $47.00 in cash; on October 21, 1835 – $200.00 cash; total $782.00

To James T. Woosley = September 18, 1829 – cash $97.00, January 3, 1835 – one negro man named Isham $600.00; January 8, 1835 – $33.00 cash; total #730.00

To Johnson M. Hancock & Elizabeth his wife formerly Woosley = January 3, 1835 – one negro woman named Keziah $475.00; December 1, 1837 – cash $50.00; December 9, 1838 – cash $50.00; total $575.00

To David Tribble & Nancy his wife formerly Woosley = January 3, 1835 – 2 negroes Fanny & Hiram $600.00; January 8, 1835 – cash $70.00; total $670.00

Martin Woosley has [illegible]

COURT RECORDS: Halifax County, Virginia— Deed Book 48 page 10, 28 June 1842—-

Wills and Deeds. Moses leaves and wills all property to David Tribble his son-in-law for the sum total of $1.00. David is to manage the estate and care to the needs of said Moses, and on his death pay any of his outstanding debts. In 1840, Moses was living with his son Holman Woosley.


  1. John Owsley 1762 – after 1811 possibly in Ohio

This family’s last name was pretty much spelled as OWSLEY or OUSLEY, very rarely was it spelled WOOSLEY. John was a resident of Halifax County, Virginia from 1784 to 1811, based upon the county personal property tax lists for that period.


  1. Benjamin Woosley 1764-1841 in Tazewell County, Virginia

DEEDS: Bolling/Woosley Deed, 1811 – Patrick County, Virginia

This indenture made this 20th day of December in the year of our Lord 1811. Between Benjamin Woosly & Gabrerel Bolen both of the county of Patrick, Witnesseth the said Benjamin Woosly for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and ten dollars to him in hand paid by the said Gabriel Bolen whereof the receipt is hereby acknowledged that the said Benj Woosly & his wife hath granted bargained sold unto the said Gabrel Bollen one certain tract or parcel of land lying & being in the county of Patrick on both sides of a branch on the waters of Smith River Could Cusses place bounded as followith to wit Beginning at a poplar thence a strait line to chestnut to a spanish oak thence strate line to a chestnut on the top of a ridge thence running on top of a ridge to pointers thence running to pointers thence straite to the Beginning with its appertanances to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land it being fifty acres more or less with all its appertanances to the said Gab Bollen and his heirs or assigns sharing the above land & giving peasable porshshon of the same for which Benj Woosly and wife so acknowledged that we are fully satisfied for the same & for the further consideration we so warrant & defend the title of the aforesaid land from all claims or claims that may be claimed hereafter by ane person or persons whatsoever we warrant & forever defend the same whereas we Benjamin Woosly and wife have hereunto set our hand & seal the day and year above written & delivered in presence of us Prier Pendleton, Benj Woosly, L.S. Wm War, Elizabeth (her X mark) Woosly, L.S. Jesse Dehardt, Patrick County April Court 1812 This deed was acknowledged in court by the within named Benj Woosly & wife to be their act & deed, & ordered to be recorded. Teste Abr. Staples DC (Transcribed from the original Patrick County, Virginia courthouse records and submitted by Daniel G. Bowling dgbowling@worldnet.att.net)

PROBATES: Information for the appraisal of the will of Benjamin Woosley 27th of October 1841. These people bought or received property from the estate: Elizabeth Woosley, Hezekiah Woosley, Samuel Cecil, William Cecil, William Barrette, and Peter Ratcliff. Elizabeth and Hezekiah were the administrators and they also received the most.


  1. Samuel Woosley 1765-1844 in Grayson County, Kentucky

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Virginia Marriages to 1800

Samuel WOOSLEY to Phebe BAILEY, 23 Feb 1797

NOTES: He moved from Virginia to Whitley County, Kentucky about the year 1815. He then moved to Edmonson County, Kentucky in about 1830. He was buried in the neighboring county of Grayson.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1830 Whitley County, Kentucky page #283

Samuel WOOSLEY 1 male 10 to 15, 1 male 15 to 20, 1 male 50 to 60, 2 females 15 to 20, 1 female 50 to 60

NOTES: Some people online say his nickname was Carr.

COURT RECORDS: Originally in papers of Thomas E. Woosley.

Bill of Sale Regarding Heirs of Samuel and Phebe Woosley:

Know all men by these presents that we the Hiers (sic) of Samuel and Pheba Woosley Decd having one slave Lot at there (sic) decease and there being a eleven original hiers and they agreeing to gave George W. Woosley one of the hires a bill of sale to the Black Woman Charlotta and to vest all the right and title in her for one hundred Dollars in equal pats paid by the said George W. Woosley which is nine dollars and ten cents to each hier in testimony whereof we affix our hand and seals this 29th day of January 1857.

Martha Williams (her mark)

Joseph Woosley

Joshua Woosley

Partially legible signature on crease.

May be Polly Ously or Sally Ously (her mark). If Sally, may be the widow of Thomas Woosley

Illegible Signature

Illegible Signature

Space for four more signatures, not signed.

Overleaf: The Commonwealth of Kentucky any constable of Edmonson. Bill of Sale from the heirs of S. Pheba Woosley to G. W. Woosley (Copy of this document sent to me by Jim Woosley in Sept 2004)

NOTES: If there are 11 original heirs, who would the 11th one be? I have the names of 10 children for Samuel and Phebe. Some people say that Thomas Burrell Woosley 1790-1852 was his son by a wife before Phebe and now there is some speculation that his tombstone might be in error and that he was really born in 1765 instead of 1775.


  1. Marion Woosley 1768 – ?


  1. David Woosley 1770-1852 in Grayson County, Kentucky

NOTES: His wife may have been a niece or cousin to his brother Moses’ wife.
NOTES: He moved from Virginia to Edmonson County, Kentucky, died in neighboring county of Grayson.
CENSUS RECORDS: He was 75 in 1850 living with Samuel Woosley in Edmonson County, Kentucky.
NOTES: From Jim Woosley and some of his thoughts about David.
And thus we proceed another baby step in finding David Woosley, who has previously been known for living with his nephew Colonel Samuel Woosley in Edmonson Co. KY in 1850 prior to being buried in Dan Woosley Cemetery, Grayson Co. KY in 1852.
David was in the Cabell Co. VA (later WV) Tax Rolls in 1809 as David Wooseley, and in the 1820 census as David Woosley, but with the oddity that the line next to his name is completely blank.
The following new data is in Carrie Eldridge, compiled, Minute Book 3 1826 – 1835 Cabell County, VA/WV, on page 11, in an entry (apparently) dated 23 September 1826 by Judge James Holderby: John Hatfield vs. Jonathan Jordan
Jury: John Ray, David Woosley, James Tharp, Wm. Thompson, Caleb Douthet, Isaac Hanley, Charles W. Dreclesler, Samuel Hull, Phileman Chapman, John W. Hite, James Baumgardner, and Anthony Shelton.
I’ve just completed a page by page search of the 1830 Cabell Co. census without finding him under any name. The two subdivsions of Cabell Co. were 1841 (forming Wayne Co. WV named after “Mad” Anthony Wayne) and 1867 (forming part of Lincoln Co. WV, named after the then recently deceased president), so it is likely he moved between 1826 and 1830. However, he does not turn up under any of the “usual” Woosley variant spellings (including Ousley) in 1830 and 1840 at any place I can locate with confidence.
Cabell Co. WV is on the Ohio River near Ashland KY (prior to the formation of Wayne Co WV it was on the state line), so it seems plausible that David started moving towards Edmonson Co. sometime after 1826, perhaps stopped to visit with his nephews Thomas and Peter in Clark Co. KY (he would have been about 10 years their elder, and they were born before their father William moved to North Carolina, so he very likely knew then while they were little), before coming to Edmonson Co., hopefully arriving there prior to the death of his brother Samuel. (Note also that all available records suggest they were both born in 1775; while I think there are inconsistencies in the posted dating, it is possible they were twins.) Thus ends today’s passage of records and speculation. Please add to this as able. (Received Feb 2007)
On the issue of David Woosley: a) All written accounts list Samuel Woosley b. 1802 the husband of Rebecca Blakely as the son of Samuel Woosley and Pheba Bailey. b) That said, there are no contemporary accounts that I am aware of that confirm this pedigree. c) David Woosley was definitely living with Samuel and Rebecca and their family in the 1850 census. d) Samuel was apparently living in Edmonson County by 1830. (<http://www.rootsweb.com/~kyedmons/1830/220.html&gt;). There is nothing to indicate that David was there with him — in fact, I cannot locate David anywhere in 1830, except that he had definitely left Cabell Co. WV by that time. However, Samuel’s younger brother Joseph (if you believe that Samuel is the son of Samuel and Pheba, not David) was there. (The rest of the family apparently followed about 1838 – 1840, except for Samuel’s older (half?) brother Thomas, who was in the area before 1817). So bottom line — the only evidence we have of Samuel as the son of David is the census listing, but there doesn’t appear to be any contemporary evidence which addresses the issue clearly, unless there are records I am unaware of in Brownsville (Received Sep 2007)
NOTES: From Dale Woosley and some of his thoughts about David.
A bit more information on David Woosley of Cabell Co., VA / WV. A book from Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, “Virginia Military Records”, publ. 1983; on page 757 says that David was living in Cabell Co., 28-March-1810. The library reference for this book is IBSN-0-8063-1044-8 in case you want to find a copy and look for this and other references. I think there can be some confusion about the history of Cabell Co. It was a Virginia County until 20-Jun-1863 when it broke off from Virginia over the issue of slavery. Many researchers fail to recognize the change of Cabell County from VA to WV in their family trees and failure to do so makes searches harder. (Received Sep 2007)


  1. Nathan Woosley 1770-1856 in Crawford County, Arkansas

MOVEMENT: The Nathan WOOSLEY family —- From Halifax County, Virginia to Tennessee sometime before 1814. Then on to Illinois by 1817 settled around the counties of Pike and Sangamon until at least 1830. By 1840 moved over to Jackson and Caldwell Counties in Missouri. By 1860 Nathan had died and James was living in Arkansas around the counties of Crawford and Sebastian. James’ son William was married in Nodaway County, Missouri in 1851 before going to Arkansas which is where the Baileys were living when they came back from California.
MILITARY RECORDS: War of 1812 —- 1 Regiment of Hall’s Tennessee Volunteers,
WOOSLEY, Nathan —- went in as a Sergeant and was discharged as a Private.
BRIEF HISTORY: This regiment was also designated as the First Regiment of East Tennessee Drafted Militia. The unit was part of General George Doherty’s brigade, along with Colonel Samuel Bunch’s Second Regiment. Doherty’s brigade participated in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814) where they were part of the right line of attack on the Creek fortifications. There were casualties in many of the companies, especially in those of Captains Everett, King, Loughmiller, and Winsell. The Nashville Clarion of 10 May 1814 has a complete listing of the dead and wounded from this climactic battle of the Creek War. The principal rendezvous point for this regiment was Knoxville. From there they traveled to Ross’ Landing (present-day Chattanooga), to Fort Armstrong, Fort Deposit, Fort Strother, Fort Williams, to Horseshoe Bend, and back by the reverse route. Captain Hampton’s company was ordered to man Fort Armstrong in mid-March 1814. Arms were scarce in this unit and rifles often had to be impressed from the civilian population along the line of march.
MILITARY RECORDS: War of 1812 = COLONEL WILLIAM HALL = DESIGNATION: 1st Regiment Tennessee Volunteers = DATES: December 1812 – April 1813 = MEN MOSTLY FROM: Sumner, Davidson, Giles, Lincoln, Montgomery, Overton, Rutherford, Smith, and Wilson Counties = CAPTAINS: William Alexander, Abraham Bledsoe, William Carroll, Harry L. Douglass, James Hambleton(Hamilton), John Kennedy, Brice Martin, John Moore, Travis Nash, Henry M. Newlin, John Wallace = BRIEF HISTORY: Part of Andrew Jackson’s expedition to Natchez, this regiment had a complement of about 620 men (the average company having between fifty and seventy soldiers). Each company was assigned a fife and drummer. There were two rifle companies (Captains Bledsoe and Kennedy) which had buglers instead of the fife and drummer. After the abortive mission at Natchez, this unit was dismissed at Columbia, Tennessee (April 1814) but many of men later re-enlisted under Colonel Edward Bradley and joined Jackson in the first campaign of the Creek War.
MILITARY RECORDS: U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914
Nathl. Woosley, Corpl., 39th US Infantry, Capt. John Jones, 5′ 7″, grey eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, age 44, carpenter, born in Amelia County, Virginia – enlisted 27 Oct 1814 at M. T. by C. Jones, for duration of war, D. R. dated 30 April 1815, present, reenlisted, discharged at Knoxville, 30 April 1815 term expired, see pension case.
PERSONAL NOTES: From Patty Macsisak, Note: Please note that when Nathan Woosley was discharged for the 2nd time in the War of 1812, he gave his place of birth as Amelia County, Virginia. To my knowledge, this is the only testimony that can be traced directly to him and should supersede any other source. Ref. “U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914” via ancestry.com.
LAND RECORDS: Illinois Public Land Purchases
WOOSLEY, Nathan —- 6 Nov 1817, Section SW29, Twp 1N, Range 3W, Meridan 4, 160 acres
CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Livingston County, Kentucky
Nathan OSLEY 2 males under 10 (James & ?), 2 males 10 to 16 (Joshua & ?), 1 male over 45 (Nathan), 1 female under 10 (?), 1 female 10 to 16 (Dorcas), 1 female 26 to 45 (Sarah)
CENSUS RECORDS: 1840 Jackson County, Missouri page #72
WOOZLEY, Nathan 1 male 60 to 70, 1 female 60 to 70
MARRIAGE RECORDS: In 1842 I believe he is the Nathan WOOSLEY that gets married to Frances McDANIEL in Andrew County, Missouri.
COURT RECORDS: Before the Probate Court of Crawford County in vacation January 3, 1884
In the matter of the appointment of administrator of estate of Nathan Woosley dec.; Whereas it doth appear from the personal knowledge of the Clerk of this (court) that Nathan Woosley formerly of the County of Crawford Arkansas about the year of 1856 departed this life intestate leaving no minor heirs or personal estate requiring administration but it is a fact well known that said Nathan Woosley was entitled to a land warrant for 80 acres of land as a bounty grant for his service in the War of 1812. That said Woosley did have granted to him by the U.S. a land warrant for 80 acres No. 27732 issued at Washington, D. C. 28 March 1856. That said Woosley sold to the firm of which L. C. Southmayd is the sole survivor, the said land warrant, but being infirm, before said Woosley could come to town, his residence being some 10 miles distance, the said Woosley died, without having executed his assignment on said warrant as required by law. Said Woosley has no other property in Crawford County or anywhere else known to this applicant and administration is asked solely for purpose of completing and making the assignment on said warrant. With all of these facts known to the Clerk, letters of administration are hereby granted and will issue to Laban C. Southmayd who has executed his bond in the amount of $200 which is hereby approved, all subject to the approval and confirmation of the Probate Court of Crawford County at the next regular term thereof. Given under my hand the 31st day of Jannuary 1884 L. C. Southmayd, Probate Clerk
HISTORICAL RECORDS: Nathan WOOSLEY, the father of Joshua, was born in Halifax County, Virginia in the year 1770. He and his oldest son – John WOOSLEY – served through the whole of the war of 1812. They both served under General William CARROLL, of Tennessee, and were honorably discharged in 1815, when the father returned to his home and family. He was an honorable and useful member of society and was warmly attached to his country and its institutions. He died in Missouri, in the year 1855. His wife’s maiden name was Sarah KEESEE. She was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia in the year 1771, and died in the state of Missouri in the year 1843 (could be 1841 or 1842).


  1. Elisha Woosley 1772 – ?


  1. Elijah Woosley 1774-1859 in Bedford County, Tennessee

NOTES: Elijah and his family more then likely came down the Tennessee River from Virginia in about 1819 to the area around Bedford County, Tennessee.
CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Bedford County, Tennessee
NOTES: He went to Pike County, Arkansas for a little while but then came back to Bedford County, Tennessee.
CENSUS RECORDS: 1840 Bedford County, Tennessee
DEEDS: Bedford County, Tennessee Book NN, page #367
21 Oct 1844, Elijah Woosley to Joshua and William Woosley, Deed of gift of 125 acres. For the love and affection he has for his two sons.
CENSUS RECORDS: 17 Oct 1850 Dist #23, Bedford, Tennessee page #246, family #92/92
WOOSLEY, Elijah age 76, male, farmer, $300, VA
WOOSLEY, Sally age 31, female, TN
WOOSLEY, Mahaley age 27, female, TN
WOOSLEY, John age 19, male, laborer, TN
WOOSLEY, Nancy age 13, female, TN
WOOSLEY, Mary age 11, female, TN
WOOSLEY, Eliza age 2, female, TN
(Who do these 3 younger kids belong to?)


  1. James Woosley 1778-1847 in Clark County, Ohio

COURT RECORDS: General Index to Court Orders, Halifax County, Virginia
Pleas Book 18, page 17 = “Ordered that the overseers of the Poor of the upper Northern District of this county do bind out James Woosley orphan of Thomas Woosley dec’d to William Gunson according to law. September Court 1796” (Received this info from Jan Cook in Feb 2007)
CENSUS RECORDS: 1830 Madison Twp, Clark County, Ohio page 96
James WOOSLEY 1 male 5 to 10, 2 males 10 to1 5, 2 males 15 to 20, 1 male 50 to 60, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5 to 10, 1 female 40 to 50
CENSUS RECORDS: 1840 Madison Twp, Clark County, Ohio page 59
James WOOSLEY 1 male 15 to 20, 2 males 20 to 30, 1 male 60 to 70, 1 female 10 to 15, 1 female 40 to 50


  1. and the only daughter, Elizabeth Woosley 1780-before 1850, married William Pemberton, moved to Ohio






  1. Mia_edmond2015 ThomasBWoosley>Joshua>WmT>Sarah>WiltonEBullock>LyleA>Doris>Mia_edmond2105 (Knerr)   (8.8/1/Sue) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 8]
  2. KimO’RileyLucht Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Moses>RhodaW>ConstantineHPerkins>Laura>JamesFWilliams >LauraM>?O’Riley>KimO’Riley Lucht (12.7/1) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 8]
  3. PaulSmith(CallieSmith) Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Wm>Thos>Peter>Elizabeth>RobtLDixon>MaryB> SamuelSmith> Paul (17.4/1) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 8]
  4. Ddwrheinz1 Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Samuel>Elizabeth>SamuelCBaird>?(m)>JohnL>LloydE> Ddwrheinz1 (11.6/1) (13/1/Sue) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 7]
  5. Idfun2know Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Samuel>Mary>HenryTomes>JamesM>JosephA>DorisJ> idfun2know (Long) (8.9/1) (also Veach, Curry) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 7]
  6. AmandaKassay Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Benja>Patience>Mary J>JamesHMeadows>RobertE>RuthE> ?Strouth> Amanda (Strouth) Kassay (10.9/1) {matches klsblum, Pedigo} [gens from Thos&Elizb: 8]
  7. Dbeav210t Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Benjamin>Nancy>JamesHRudd>JohnF>IdaL>ChalmerSWilson> ?>dbeav210t (Nickell) [7c] (7.3/1/Sue) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 8]
  8. Cchamblee125 Thomas”Moses”Woosley>Elijah>James>GeoR>MaryL>Eliza.Thornton>Eliza.JKeith> JamesMField>JennieE>FloyEMoore>?Wyatt>cchamblee125 (Kinsey) (8.1/1) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 11]
  9. Chancie24 Thomas”Moses”Woosley>JohnOwsley>Anna>WmHHancock>LesleyC>ElgeverR> WmRKnight>Chancie24 [6c1r] (6.5/2/Sue) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 7]


  1. K. (lkbk1955)    PeterTribble>Priscilla>PeterWOwen>HuldaA>MaryMHighbaugh>CharlesLWelden> FredericC>FrancesE>JohanReed>M.K. (Kapfer) [7c1r] (7.2/1/Sue) [gens from Thos&Elizb: 9]



[1] Vickie Thompson writes, “Information received from Betty Marr of 430 Obispo #106, Long Beach, California 90814. She believes like I do that Thomas is his name and not Moses as a lot of people have thought (May 1993).” At her web site, “I Dig My Roots and Branches,” Vickie states, “I have always loved history, a good mystery and puzzles,” which is why she enjoys family history.” This is exactly what I have said numerous times. Coincidence, or is she quoting me?

[2] Findagrave, database and images (http://www.findagrave.com: accessed 17 Jan 2019), memorial page for Thomas “Moses” Woosley (1719-1794), Find a Grave memorial no. 113308822; maintained by reed (contributor 46920885) Unknown.

[3] https://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=thomaswoosley&id=I1.

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