SHULTZ, Conrad, of Somerset Co PA

Conrad Shultz was born 27 Oct 1780,[1] in New Jersey, the son of Michael Shultz[2] and his second wife Maria Rush, daughter of Conrad and Maria (Rush) Shultz. By 1790, his family was in Bedford Co PA, p 25, Michael Sholts: 1/4/3. Conrad died in Somerset Co PA 9 Apr 1853.[3]

            About 1806 in Somerset Co PA, Conrad married Catherine Kooser, Catherine was born 26 Jun 1786 in PA, the daughter of Jacob and Mary (Sample) Kooser. She died 1 Jan 1863. Both Conrad and Catherine are buried in Lavansville Lutheran Cemetery, Somerset Co PA.[4]

            Charles Ross Shultz wrote in the early 1940s, “CONRAD SHULTZ, the second son of Michael and Maria Shultz, was born Oct. 27, 1780, and died in Lavansville, Pa. Apr. 9, 1853. He was married to Catherine Kooser, daughter of Jacob and Mary Kooser, early settlers in Somerset County. Jacob Kooser died during 1795. The daughter Catherine was born June 26, 1786, and died Jan. 1, 1863. They are buried at Lavansville, near which was the family farm, afterwards sold to their son Joseph, and by him, in 1864, to Abraham Barkley. The Galbraith tract of timberland of 423 acres was also owned by Conrad who was at one time a sawmiller in Jefferson Township, and this was later divided ans sold by Joseph to Jacob Kooser [Jr], Moses Bisel, and Samuel Barkley. With John Weimer as assistant, Conrad administered the estate of his father, Michael; and with Peter Weimer, he settled that of Peter’s father, John weimer. He was an influential citizen of his community. He helped organize the Lavansville Lutheran Church and was an officer, and chairman of the Building Committee when the church was built.

“A deed of Conrad and Catherine of the home farm to Joseph, Oct. 1, 1851, shows that Conrad had purchased the main part of it from his mother-in-law, Mary Kooser, Aug. 29, 1813. The deed record also shows that he had sold to George Flick, Jr., all but two acres of a tract that he, Conrad, had bought from Christian Ankeny. This home farm adjoined David Lavan, Q. Barron and the Church property, (meaning Samuel’s,[5] probably).

“The census record of 1830 would indicate that Conrad and Catherine had at least four boys and six girls born to them between 1805-1830, but only two sons and five daughters are known at this time.”[6]

In 1810, Conrad and family were in Somerset Co PA, p 369, Conrad Shultz: 11010/21201; Mary’s mother did not have a separate household listing in 1810, so she and her children were probably with her daughter.[7] In 1820, they were in Somerset Twp, Somerset Co PA, p 172, Conrad Shultz: 100010/22010. In 1830 they continued in Somerset Twp, Somerset Co PA, p 87, Conrad Shultz: 1300001/111100101.[8] In 1840, they were in Somerset Twp, Somerset Co PA, p 92, Conrad Shultz: 010110001/0011*00101 [* is scratched out]. In 1850, Conrad and Catherine were next door to son Joseph, in Somerset Twp, Somerset Co PA, p 23, 17-18. Conrad Shultz, 70 Gentleman, $3500, New Jersey, Catharine ditto, 64 PA, Catharine Heminger, 16 f PA, attended school. I have guessed that the wife of George Heminger, a few pages away, may have been one of the other daughters.

The children of Conrad and Catherine were:

1. Mary SHULTZ was born on 27 Feb 1807 in Somerset Co PA. Mary died in Ohio on 13 Jun 1859. Mary married Joseph CHORPENNING. Born on 28 Feb 1804 in PA, Joseph died on 28 Aug 1891. They were divorced before 1860. They had the following children:

                        i.            Savilla (1829-1855)

                        ii.            Oliver (1834-1853)

                        iii.            Louise (-1865)

2. Phoebe SHULTZ was born on 4 Jan 1810 in Somerset Co PA. Phoebe died in Seneca Co OH, on 5 Mar 1838. Phoebe married Abraham ASH. Born on 18 Mar 1801 in Bedford Co PA, Abraham died in Lebanon, Dade Co MO, on 6 Feb 1872. They had the following children:

                        i.            Joseph (1832-)

                        ii.            Amos David (1835-)

                        iii.            George (1838-1838)

                        iv.            Andrew (1849-1937)

                        v.            Upton

3. Eliza SHULTZ was born about 1810 in Somerset Co  PA. Eliza died in 1894. Eliza married George FLICK. Born on 16 Feb 1807, George died in Salem, Columbiana Co OH, on 26 Mar 1877. They had the following children:

                        i.            Mary (1832-)

                        ii.            Sarah (1834-)

                        iii.            Joseph Henry (1838-)

                        iv.            William Chauncey (1841-1898)

                        v.            Norman (1844-1906)

                        vi.            Ellen Minerva (1849-)

4. another daughter was born before 1820.

5. Joseph SHULTZ was born on 30 May 1819 in Somerset Co PA. Joseph died in Dixon, Lee Co IL, on 22 Aug 1902, and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Dixon IL. In 1841, he first married Catherine HANNA, presumed daughter of Alexander HANNA & Julianna BERKEY, in Somerset Co PA. Born on 10 Nov 1819 or 13 Apr 1820 in Somerset Co  PA, Catherine died in Lavansville  PA, on 24 Jun 1862. They had the following children:

                        i.            David Austen (1842-1922)

                        ii.            Norman Bruce (1843-1921)

                        iii.            George Leander (1845-1914)

                        iv.            Mary Eleanor (1847-1922)

                        v.            Frances Minerva (1849-1878)

                        vi.            Henrietta (1850-)

                        vii.            Martha (Died as Infant) (1856-)

                        viii.            Jane (Died as Infant) (1856-)

                        ix.            Franklin (Died as Infant) (1858-)

                        x.            James H (Died as Infant) (1859-)

                        xi.            Lydia (Died as Infant) (1859-)

In 1862 Joseph second married Maria Louise McCLOSKEY. Born on 10 Apr 1840 in Somerset Co PA, Maria Louise died in Lee Co IL, in 1898. They had the following children:

                        i.            Richard Marion (Died as Child) (1863-1877)

                        ii.            William Austin (Died as Child) (1866-1872)

                        iii.            Sarah Alice (1869-1958)

6. David SHULTZ was born on 29 Oct 1822 in Somerset Co PA. David was a teacher and died there on 1 Jan 1851. David married Mary Ann BENFORD. Born on 3 Mar 1819 in Somerset Co PA, Mary Ann died in Monmouth, Warren Co IL, possibly before 1860. They had the following children:

                        i.            Norton McCreary (1847-1898)

                        ii.            Marion Winfield (1848-ca1938)

                        iii.            Harrison Conrad (Died as Infant) (1850-1851)

7. Ann Sophia SHULTZ was born on 15 May 1824 in Somerset Co PA. She died on 7 Nov 1876. On 12 Feb 1844 when Ann Sophia was 19, she married Benjamin STEELE, who was born on 16 Dec 1820 in Ohio. They had the following children:

                        i.            David Austin (1845-1865)

                        ii.            Henrietta Louise (Died as Child) (1847-1851)

                        iii.            Lafayette Conrad (1850-1925)

                        iv.            Mary Artanice (Died as Child) (1853-1859)

                        v.            Melinda E (1856-1918)

                        vi.            Mary Minerva (1858-1939)

                        vii.            Flora (1862-)

                        viii.            Alice Serfrona (Died as Infant) (1865-)

8, 9. two more sons were probably born one before 1825 and the other 1825-1830.

10. Henrietta SHULTZ was born on 22 May 1829 in Somerset Co PA. Henrietta died on 21 Nov 1900. About 1850 Henrietta married Matthias F FAYLOR (or Phaler or Pfalher) in Somerset Co PA. Born on 10 Dec 1815 in Wurttemberg, Germany, Matthias died on 13 Feb 1890. They had the following children:

                        i.            Albert M (1851-1879)

                        ii.            David N (1854-1913)

                        iii.            John H (1859-1908)

iv.            Mary C (1863-1883)

© 2008, Kathy Alvis Patterson

[1] Charles Ross Shultz, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Michael Shultz. Privately published, 1943.

[2] Letters of administration for Michael Shultz, granted to Conrad Shultz, 20 Sep 1804, Somerset Co PA, Estate #7, 1804.

[3] Death Certificate. Estate #35, 1853, Somerset Co PA.

[4] Tombstone Inscriptions of Cemeteries Somerset County PA, Volume III, p 603. 151 SHULTZ Catherine  relict of Conrad 1-1-1863 Aged 76-6-5.

[5] This reference is unclear. Samuel’s Church? Samuel’s what?

[6] Op cit., page 39.

[7] Conrad’s family thus lines up with the census 1-possibly John Kooser or Conrad’s son who died young,1-Jacob Kooser Jr,0,1-Conrad Shultz,0/2-Mary and Phoebe Shultz,-unknown, possibly Conrad’s youngest full sister Elizabeth Shultz, 2-Catherine Shultz and her sister Maria Kooser,0,1-Mary Kooser.

[8] Was the older woman Mary Kooser? Her death date is not known.


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