PRATHER, Basil, of Clark Co IN

Basil Prather was born in Rock Creek, Prince George’s Co MD, 20 Oct 1742, the son of Aaron and Jane (Prather) Prather. He died in Clark County, Indiana, 7 Oct 1822.

            He married Chlorenda Robertson, in Frederick Co MD, in 1765. Chlorenda was born in Frederick Co MD, 14 Aug 1748, the daughter of Lloyd Robertson. She died in Clark Co IN, 12 Jul 1812.

Like several of my ancestors’ families, Basil and Chlorenda went from Maryland to North Carolina and ultimately through Kentucky to Indiana. Based on their children’s birthplaces, they family moved to NC between 1771 and 1773. In 1790, the family was in Salisbury Dist, Iredell Co NC, p 157: Bazil Praither, 3/4/4; some of their children’s marriages took place in NC through at least as late as 1796. In 1800, they were in the “Second Census of Kentucky,” p  235: Basil Prather, Jefferson Co KY, 9/3/1800; sons Lloyd Benton and Aaron were married in KY in 1804 and 1807. Basil has not been located in 1810, which probably indicates he was already in Clark Co IN. In 1820, Basil was in Clark Co IN, p 14: Basil R Prather: 131401/31110.

            While in North Carolina, Basil Prather served in the Revolutionary War. He had possibly signed an Oath of Allegiance 28 Feb 1778, while still in MD. His service, name and family are in the DAR Patriot Index and other DAR publications. Revolutionary War NC; fought in NC in 1785; wounded in the knee at the Battle of Camden, SC.

            Once in Indiana, either Basil or his son, Basil R. Prather, was postmaster at Salem in 1816. I recall reading somewhere that the early Methodist Church met in the Prathers’ home. Scanned images of Basil’s and Chlorenda’s headstones have been found online; both were buried at the New Chapel Cemetery, Watson, Clark Co IN.

            The children of Basil and Chlorenda (Robertson) Prather were:

1. Nancy Elizabeth PRATHERin 1765 in Frederick Co MD. Nancy Elizabeth died in Washington Co PA, after 1830. In about 1779, she married John D COOPER in VA. He was born ca 1750 probably in Ireland.


2. William “Skipjack” PRATHER was born on 17 Aug 1766 in Frederick Co MD. He died in Jennings Co IN, on 12 Apr 1858; he was 91. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 37: 000100/10010. On 20 Dec 1792, he first married Ary GAITHER, daughter of John GAITHER & Anne JACOB, in NC. She was born on 14 Dec 1770 in Frederick Co MD. They had one child:

                        i.            Nancy (1794-)


On 27 Jun 1797 when William was 30, he married second Lettice McCARROLL in Bath Co VA. She was born on 18 Sep 1779 in Fincastle, Botetourt Co VA and died in Jennings Co IN, in 1863. They had the following children:

                        i.            Ary (1797-1854)

                        ii.            Chloe (ca1798-)

                        iii.            Peggy (ca1801-)

                        iv.            John Lloyd (1801-<1862)

                        v.            Cynthia (ca1802-)

                        vi.            Susan M (ca1804-)

                        vii.            Polly C (ca1805-)


William did not marry Lucinda ASHCROFT. She was born in ca 1780. Lucinda died in Meade Co KY, ca 1800-02. They had one child:

                        i.            Robert (1800-)


William also had children with Rebecca Van METER, who was born in say the 1810s. They had the following children:

                        i.            William Jenkins (1833-)

                        ii.            Nanny Sue (1835-)


3. Walter PRATHER was born on 2 Feb 1768 in Frederick Co MD. Walter died in Clark Co IN, on 27 Oct 1841. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 7: 000201/22010. On 13 Jun 1791, he married Martha JACOBS, daughter of Jeremiah JACOBS & Rebecca DOWDEN, in Rowan Co NC. Born on 30 Jan 1777 in Washington Co MD, Martha died in Clark Co IN, on 27 Jan 1851. They had the following children:

                        i.            Basil E (1792->1860)

                        ii.            William E (1794-)

                        iii.            Rebecca (1796-)

                        iv.            Jeremiah (1798-)

                        v.            Zenas Nelson (1799-)

                        vi.            Mary (1803-)

                        vii.            Chlorinda (1807-)

                        viii.            Martha (1810-)

                        ix.            Elizabeth (1812-)


4. Thomas PRATHER was born on 23 Jul 1769 in Frederick Co MD. Thomas died in Clark Co IN, on 25 Mar 1854. On 20 Mar 1790, he married Rachel GAITHER, daughter of John GAITHER & Anne JACOB, in NC. Born on 27 Oct 1768 in MD, Rachel died in Clark Co IN, on 12 May 1858. They had the following children:

                        i.            Ary (ca1792-)

                        ii.            Elizabeth (1793-)

                        iii.            Aaron (1797-1882)

                        iv.            Nancy Ann Gaither (1799-)

                        v.            Greenberry (1800-)

                        vi.            Elisha (1800-)

                        vii.            William S Gaither (1802-)

                        viii.            Thomas (1807-)

                        ix.            Elvira (1807-)

                        x.            Chloe (1808-)

                        xi.            Rachel Gaither (1811-)

                        xii.            Ann Gaither (1812-)

                        xiii.            Louis (1815-)

                        xiv.            Elinor


5. Basil Robertson PRATHER was born on 28 Jun 1771 in Frederick Co MD. Basil Robertson died in Clark Co IN, on 12 Oct 1823. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 101: 200010/10010. In 1796, he married Rachel HOLEMAN, daughter of Isaac Hardy HOLEMAN & Catherine WILCOX(S)ON, in Rowan Co NC. Born on 4 Jul 1780 in Rowan Co NC, Rachel died in Clark Co IN, on 8 Mar 1862; she was 81. They had the following children:

                        i.            David Johnson (1798-)

                        ii.            John Moses (1799-1875)

                        iii.            Isaac (1801-)

                        iv.            Catherine (1803-)

                        v.            Thomas W (1805-)

                        vi.            William (1807-)

                        vii.            Walter G (1809-)

                        viii.            Marinda (1811-)

                        ix.            Nelson (1812-)

                        x.            Edith (1813-)

                        xi.            Elizabeth (1815-)

                        xii.            Basil Robertson (1817-1878)

                        xiii.            Sarah Ann (1819-)

                        xiv.            Rachel (1820-)

                        xv.            Mary (1823-)


6. Catherine PRATHER. Born in 1773 in Rowan Co NC.


7. John Asa PRATHER. Born in 1775 in Rowan Co NC. John Asa died in Clark Co or Jackson Co IN, after 1850. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 14: 311310/00110. On 10 Sep 1790 when John Asa was 15, he first married Anna CAMPBELL in NC.

They had the following children:

                        i.            Archibald (1791-)

                        ii.            Walter (1799-)

                        iii.            Perline (1802-)

                        iv.            William S (1803-)

                        v.            Martha (1805-)

                        vi.            Jeremiah David (1806-)


About 1806 when John Asa was 31, he second married Martha Cleghorn SMITH in Clark Co IN. Born in 1770, Martha Cleghorn died in 1830. They had the following children:

                        i.            Ransom (1808-)

                        ii.            Thomas Benjamin (1810-)

                        iii.            Reason (1812-)


8. Aaron PRATHER was born in 1777 in Rowan Co NC. Aaron died in Washington or Clark Co IN, on 27 Dec 1825. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 42: 300020/00110. In 1807, he married Elizabeth BLUE in Union Co KY. She was born on 7 Jul 1790. They had the following children:

                        i.            Solomon Blue (Died as Child) (ca1812-)

                        ii.            Thomas Morgan (ca1817-1845)

                        iii.            Azah (1822-1841)


9. Samuel PRATHER was born in 1780 in Rowan Co NC. Samuel died in Illinois after 1850. He was a judge. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 34: Samuel Prather, 201211/21110/02/01. In 1800, he married Edith Ann HOLEMAN, daughter of Isaac Hardy HOLEMAN & Catherine WILCOX(S)ON. Born on 29 Jul 1784 in NC, Edith Ann died in Clark Co IN, on 10 Jun 1847. They had the following children:

                        i.            Samuel

                        ii.            Edith

                        iii.            Isaac

                        iv.            Sihon

                        v.            Rachel

                        vi.            Nancy

                        vii.            Mahala

                        viii.            Alvin

                        ix.            Basil


10. Lloyd Benton PRATHER was born on 25 Nov 1782 in Rowan Co NC. Lloyd Benton died in Douglas Co KS, on 25 Apr 1867; he was 84. 1820 census: Clark Co IN, p 49: Lloyd Prather, 120010/30010/03. 1830 census: Clark Co IN, p 112: Loyd Prather, 0201001/0010001. 1840 census: Harrison Co IN, p 615: Lloyd Prather, 00011001/00001001. 1850 census: Jefferson Co IA, Des Moines Twp, p 89, 169-172. 1860 census: Jefferson Co IA, p 233. On 21 Jun 1804, he married Nancy REDMAN, daughter of Benjamin REDMAN & Anne WINN, in Jefferson Co KY. Born on 16 Mar 1782 in Montgomery Co MD, Nancy died in Douglas Co KS, on 11 Aug 1871. They had the following children:

                        i.            Thomas Helms (1805-1888)

                        ii.            James Russell (1807-1850)

                        iii.            Elizabeth Ann (1810-1892)

                        iv.            Reason Benjamin (1812-1870)

                        v.            Cena Lillis (1814-1820)

                        vi.            Mary Ellen (1817-1899)

                        vii.            William W Redman (1820-1880)

                        viii.            Jonathan Cass (1823-1852)


11. Rebecca PRATHER was born in 1784 in Rowan Co NC.


12. Rachel PRATHER was born on 27 Oct 1787 in Rowan Co NC. Rachel died in Clark Co IN, on 13 May 1858.


13. Sihon PRATHER was born on 9 Nov 1790 in Iredell Co NC. Sihon died in Clark Co IN, on 12 Jan 1843. On 17 Aug 1813, he married Elizabeth SIMMONS in Clark Co IN. She was born on 4 Nov 1794 in VA. They had the following children:

                        i.            Louisa (-<1908)

                        ii.            Samantha (-<1908)

                        iii.            Thomas (-<1908)

                        iv.            John (-<1908)

                        v.            Joseph A (->1908)

                        vi.            William (-<1908)

                        vii.            Margaret (->1908)


14. Chloe PRATHER was born in 1794 in Iredell Co NC.


15. Susanna PRATHER was born in 1798 in Iredell Co NC. On 2 Oct 1816 when Susanna was 18, she married Leonard H JENKINS.

Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in IN, Vol. 2, Byrne, 1954, p. 82: “Prather, Basil, Clark Co. b 1741/42, Rockwell, Montgomery Co MA. formerly Frederick Co, married ca 1765, Chloe (Chlorenda) Robertson (Robinson), b 14 Aug 1748, MD, died Clark Co IN, 12 Jul 1812. Basil Prather died 8 Oct 1822, Clark Co IN. Soldier and wife buried New Chapel Cemetery, near Utica IN. Both have stones. Children: [includes] Lloyd md. Louisville KY, Nancy Redman 21 Jun 1804… Also, History of Clark Co IN, Baird, 1909, pp. 674-676. History of the Old Falls Cities and Their Counties, L. A. Williams & Co, 1882, 2: 409: “Basil R. Prather, the father of the Prathers in the township, came here from North Carolina in 1801. His sons, Thomas, William, Walter, Basil R. Jr., Judge Samuel, Lloyd, John & Simon (Sion), were all married when they came here, except the last named. They settled throughout the township, and formed a class of men possessed of many admirable qualities.”

Anna M. Cartlidge, Marriage Records of People Named Prather, Prater, Prator, Praytor, 1976, NSDAR Library.

I have not located this oath. It appears to be references in DAR records, but no actual reference given.

Roster of Soldiers in NC in the American Revolution, 1932, p. 354. “Basil Prather (1742-1822) born in MD, died in Clark Co IN: Militia, #6907, Salisbury District Comptroller’s Office Certificate, 1785.”

Also 1966 edition, pp. 83-84.

DAR Patriot Index.


© Kathy Alvis Patterson  2008

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  1. The son of William “Skipjack” Prather and Majala Rebecca VanMeter was William Jennings Prather. He was my GG Grandfather. He married Hiland Mary Dowell. Majala later married George Milburn. She passed away in 1853. Her son can be found living with William Jennings and Hiland Mary in the 1860 census.

  2. Let me correct my comment of January 9, 2009. We are not certain who the William was who married Mahala Vanmetre. We found a deed in Hardin County, Kentucky that gives his name as William J Prather in numerous places. The property was sold to William J and Mahala by her sister, Nancy, who married her cousin, Joseph Vanmetre.

    We know he disappeared from the marriage, as Mahala is head of household in the 1840 census. Her mother, Rebecca Rawlings Vanmetre is living with her. The four children who are listed in Yesterday and Tomorrow – Vanmeter Tabb Shannon and Allied Families by Roberta Shannon Stimpson are also with her. Their ages are consistent with the birthdates of the four, Edward (1827), Mary Ann (1829),m. Felix Sipes, Nancy Jane (1831), m. Elijah Blissett, and William Jennings Prather,(1833), m. Hilland Mary Dowell.

  3. I would like to know if you have any type of documentation to prove that Robert Prather was actually the son of William and Lucinda Ashcroft? Robert is my great great grandfather, and the question of his parentage has long plagued my family tree!

  4. Martha, I have anew prospective member who claims descent from Basil Prather and Rebecca VanMeter, she did not say Mahala Rebecca. Is there documentation that this marriage took place? So far I haven’t found it. Ann Sipes

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