DENTON, Isaac, of Stokes Co NC and Wayne Co KY

Isaac Denton was born about 1773, probably in Surry County [now part of Stokes County], North Carolina, probably the son of Arthur and Catherine Denton of that county. He died between the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Kentucy.

            Isaac was married ca 1802 or earlier, probably in Stokes Co KY, to Mary S –?–. Mary was born ca 1773 in NC, according to the 1850 census, or in Maryland, according to the 186o census.

            There were three or more Isaac Dentons in the same area at the same time. Ours can be identified by the fact that this one was still in NC in 1810, and then lived in Wayne Co KY, and was in the 1850 census in Casey Co KY with his wife, Mary S, and daughter Malinda (Denton) Huff.

            In 1810 Isaac Denton was listed in the Stokes Co NC census next door to his likely father, Arthur. (Stokes Co NC, p 156, Isaac Denton: 20101/01000/00; Arthur Denton: 01011/30010/00) By 1820, Isaac and his family had moved to Wayne Co KY, p 85, Isaac Denton: 200010/10010. In place of the two sons born before 1810, there were now two sons born after 1810 and one daughter. In 1840 Isaac’s family was in Wayne Co KY, p 228:  Isaac Denton, 000120001/000110001. I surmise there were three sons born say 1808 or earlier, 1810, and 1812, with one omitted in the 1820 census, possibly living with a neighboring family. The second daughter in 1830 may have been a daughter-in-law or an employee, although nothing in the family history implies enough money to hire “a girl.” Isaac Denton’s 1840 census has not been located.

            In 1850 Isaac and Mary were in Casey Co KY, with the family of a married daughter, Malinda (Denton) Huff. In 1860, Mary S Denton was in Hart Co KY in the home of a grandson and next door to Malinda and George W Huff; her age is the same, but the birthplace is given here as Maryland.

            These are the known children of Isaac and Mary S Denton:

1. Benjamin DENTON was born in 1802 probably in Stokes County, North Carolina and died probably in the 1850s in Kentucky. On 3 Nov 1831 Benjamin married Elizabeth HUFF, daughter of Philip HUFF & Hannah SPENCER, in Wayne Co KY. Born on 29 Dec 1812 in KY, Elizabeth died on 10 Apr 1876. They had the following children:

                        i.            Martha A (ca1832-)

                        ii.            Marion (1834-)

                        iii.            Isaac Newton (1837-)

                        iv.            Phillip (1840-1914)

                        v.            Mary S (ca1844-1886)

                        vi.            John W (1845-1924)

                        vii.            James W (1845-1935)

                        viii.            William M (1847-)


2. Malinda DENTON was born on 10 Jan 1812 probably in Stokes Co NC. Malinda died in Hart Co KY, on 30 Dec 1901. She was 89 and was buried in Houk Cemetery, Hart Co KY. Her occupation was as a spinner. About 1834 Malinda married George Washington HUFF, son of Philip HUFF & Hannah SPENCER, in Wayne Co KY. Born on 28 Feb 1816 in KY, George died in Hart Co KY, on 22 Jul 1902. Isaac and Mary’s children Benjamin and Malinda married a brother and sister. Malinda and her husband had the following children:

                        i.            Clayton M (1836-1928)

                        ii.            Lorenzo Dow (1839-1912)

                        iii.            William A (1842-1919)

                        iv.            Isaac Newton (1845-1925)

                        v.            Hannah Cathern (1847-1891)

                        vi.            John W (~1850)

                        vii.            Hardin Thomas (1855-1943)

                        viii.            John T (ca1861)


3. Lorenzo D DENTON was born ca 1812 in Stokes Co NC. Lorenzo died before 1876.

On 23 Jan 1840, he married Martha Ann HILL in Russell Co KY. She was born ca 1819. Their children were:

i.               Mary Ann (~1841–1855)

ii.              Samantha (~1844-)

iii.            James I (1846-1927)

iv.            John B. (~1847)

v.              Tellus Cicero (~1852)

vi.            George A. (~1855)

vii.           Henry S. (~1857)

viii.         Malinda H. (1859)


Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry County.

Casey Co KY, p 304, 213-218: George W Huff 35 farmer $100 KY can’t rd & wr, Malindy Huff 38 spins NC can’t rd & wr, Clayton M 10 KY attended school, Lorenzo 11 KY attended school, William A 8 KY attended school, Isaac D 5 KY, Hanah C 3 KY, John N 6/12 KY, Isaac Denton 77 NC, Mary Denton 77 NC can’t rd & wr.

Hart Co KY, Dist #1, p 78, 543-538: GW Huff 48 farmer $100 ditto [=KY], Malinda Huff 46 NC cannot rd & wr, Hannah C 13 KY in school, John N 10 KY, Hardin T 4 KY, William A Huff 17 farm laborer KY married within in year, Mary E Huff 17, KY married within year.

544-539: L D Huff 20 farmer $100 ditto [=KY] , Laura F Huff 16 ditto [=KY], Molley 1 ditto [=KY], Mary S Denton 87 MD.

© Kathy Alvis Patterson  2008

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