DICKINSON, David, of Ashburnham MA and NH

David Dickinson[1] was born Ashburnham, Worcester County, Massachusetts, 7 Oct 1741,[2] son of George and Sarah (Spofford) Dickinson.[3] He died in Keene, Cheshire Co NH, 3 Mar 1809.[4]

David was “of Ashburnham” when he married first at Bolton, Worcester Co, 16 Jul 1767, Persis Wheeler.[5] Persis was born Concord, Middlesex Co MA, in 1744, the daughter of Jonas and Persis (Brooks) Wheeler. She died Carlisle, Middlesex Co MA, 15 Jan 1782.[6]

David married second, Lydia Hapgood on 25 Feb 1784.[7] Lydia was born Harvard, Worcester Co MA, 4 Jul 1757, the daughter of Shadrach and Elizabeth (Wetherbee) Hapgood. She married, first, 4 Apr 1776, Abraham Munroe.[8] She died 16 Dec 1834 in Keene, Cheshire Co NH. According to both Hapgood books, Lydia and David Dickinson had two sons, Abraham and William.

The History of Ashburnham states that David moved to Shelburne, Franklin Co MA, in 1777. While there he served as a private in the American Revolution.[9] His brother Amos was an officer from Ashburnham.[10]

Two of his children’s baptismal records are online at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society: David, son of David and Persis, baptized 2 Apr 1769 at Ashburnham; and Calvin, son of David and Persis “Dickerson,” baptized 23 Jul 1780 at Acton MA. Persis’s death in her 37th year was recorded at Carlisle.[11]

David’s will names eight children, David, the “eldest son,” five more children, plus Lydia’s two sons. Stearns names another daughter, Sally, who likely died young or at least before 1809.

David’s documented moves were as follows:

  • 1767 Bolton, Worcester Co MA            first marriage
  • 1769 Ashburnham, Worcester Co MA  birth of David Jr “eldest son”
  • 1771 Ashburnham, Worcester Co MA  birth of daughter Sally
  • 1777 Shelburne, Hampshire[12] Co MA   military service
  • 1779 Shelburne, Hampshire Co MA     residence, according to Stearns
  • 1780 Acton, Middlesex Co MA            birth of son Calvin
  • 1782 Carlisle, Middlesex Co MA          death of first wife
  • 1784 Harvard, Worcester Co MA          second marriage
  • 1790 Harvard, Worcester Co MA          census
  • 1800 Harvard, Worcester Co MA          census
  • 1809 Keene, Cheshire Co NH               death and probate

The locations of the births of six children are not known; youngest son Abraham’s 1850 census says he was born ca 1787 in New Hampshire. David was in Harvard, Worcester Co MA in 1790, 1/4/2, possibly with four youngest sons and stepdaughter Lydia Munroe. The family was near Lydia’s father, Shadrach Hapgood.

In the 1800 census, Harvard, Worcester Co MA: David Dickinson was named as the head of the household, although only the wife and her sons are listed, 02000/00010; nevertheless, David was still living.

By 1810, the family had moved to New Hampshire, and the father David had died. 1810 Keene, Cheshire Co NH: Abraham Dickinson, 00100/10100; Wm Dickinson, 00200/20101. Note that Lydia is with son William here. In 1820 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, these names are listed consecutively: Lydia Dickinson: 000000/00001; Abraham Dickinson: 200010/21010; William Dickinson: 200010/12010.

David’s will was signed 24 Jan 1809.[13] It was presented for probate 7 Apr 1809. In part, it reads:

“Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Lydia Dickinson, one quarter part of all my real & personal estate.

“2nd. I also give and bequeath to my eldest son David Dickinson Jr, the sum of one Dollar –

“3rd. I do also give and bequeath to my son Daniel Dickinson the sum of one Dollar.

“4th. I do also give and bequeath to my daughter Dorothy Dickinson the sum of one Dollar.

“5th. I also give and bequeath to my daughter Persis Dickinson the sum of one Dollar.

“6. I also give and bequeath to my son Silas Dickinson the sum of one Dollar.

“7th. I do also give and bequeath to my son Calvin Dickinson the sum of one Dollar. Which said several legacies or sums of money I will & order shall be paid to the respective legatees, within six months after my decease.

“8th. And I also give and bequeath to my two younger sons William Dickinson & Abraham Dickinson, their heirs & assigns, to be equally divided between them all my real & personal estate, not heretofore devised and bequeathed, …”

Children of David Dickinson, with his first wife, Persis Wheeler:

i. David DICKINSON was born ca 2 Apr 1769 in Ashburnham, Worcester Co MA. David died in Clermont Co OH, in 1832/1835. 1800 census: Ontario Co NY, Northampton Twp, page 322: David Dickinson, 10010/10100.2 1810 census: Steuben Co NY, page 64: David Dickerson, 21110/31010. 1820 census: Clermont Co OH, Ohio Twp: David Dickinson, 110101/12201/3. 1830 census: Clermont Co OH, Ohio Twp, page 214: David Dickison, 00011/00021001. In say 1795, he married Anna GILBERT, daughter of Elisha and Hepzibah (–?–) Gilbert, in prob Ontario Co NY, present Addison Twp, Steuben Co NY. She was born on 11 Aug 1776; her birth was registered in Middletown VT. Anna died probably in Clermont Co OH. They had the following children:

  1. Nancy (1796-)
  2. Charles C (~1798-)
  3. Harriet (1802-1873)
  4. David Wheeler (1805-1870)
  5. Mary Ann (1804-)
  6. Jane (~1810-)
  7. William F[rancis?] (1815-)
  8. Caroline (ca 1810-)
  9. Elizabeth (1820-1880)

ii. Sally DICKINSON. Born about 1771.

iii. Daniel DICKINSON. Born ca 1773, died 24 Jun 1845, Boston, Suffolk Co MA. Married his first cousin and his mother’s namesake, Persis Wheeler, 24 Apr 1800 in Boston. She was born 6 Feb 1779 in New Ipswich, NH, daughter of Seth and Rachel (Butterfield) Wheeler, and died 25 Jul 1852 in Roxbury MA. His will lists their children, order not given:

  1. Emily Munroe, 1803-1850, married Ebenezer Center.
  2. Daniel H (or K).
  3. Clarissa, died before 1841, married – Stone, daughters Clara B and Sarah Ann Stone.
  4. Elvia W, married as his second wife, her cousin Dexter Dickinson, q.v.
  5. Frederick W, 1821-1860, politician in Boston.
  6. Sarah Ann, married John A Stevens, physician, of Hollis Springs MS in 1841 and Tuscumbia AL in 1845.
  7. Charles M, physician of Hannibal MO in 1841.


iv. Dorothy DICKINSON.

 v. Persis DICKINSON.

 vi. Silas DICKINSON. Born ca 1778, died 21 Nov 1820 Rockingham, Windham Co VT. Married 21 Feb 1802 in Shirley, MA, Lucy Kelsey, born 5 Mar 1778 in Shirley and died 29 Jun 1867 in Rockingham VT. Their only identified son (to date):

  1. Dexter, born 1802. Married #1Nancy Smith, mother of son Dexter Dickinson Jr. Also married before 1841 his cousin Elvia W Dickinson. He was also involved in poltics in Boston, where he resided in 1840 with as many as four children.


vii. Calvin DICKINSON. Born on 23 Jul 1780 in Acton, Middlesex Co MA.

Children of David Dickinson, with his second wife, Lydia Hapgood:

i. William DICKINSON. He was born in say 1785 and was living in 1840. Children listed here are probably either his or his brother’s.[14]

a. Daughter, 1804-1810 possibly Louisa, 15 Jan 1808; m Stephen Chase

b. Daughter, 1804-1810

c. Son, 1810-1815                   Oren, ca 1809; m 1840

d. Son, 1815-1820                   Daniel, b 8 Mar 1812; m 1839 Emily M Smith

e. Daughter, 1815-1820 possibly Susan, ca 1819; or Lydia H, m 1841

f. Daughter, 1820-1825 possibly Delilah H, ca 1824

g. Daughter, 1820-1825 possibly Corinna, ca 1826; m 1852

h. Son, 1825-1830                   George Johnson, d 16 Oct 1832

ii. Abraham DICKINSON. He was supposedly born in Keene, Cheshire Co NH, ca 1787 and was living in 1850, said to be age 63, born in NH, as was his wife, “Mrs A.” He died in Keene, 18 Jul 1855. Children listed here are probably either his or his brother’s, except the ones in bold, who are identified at Ancestry.com. Most records are from the usgenweb site.

  1. Daughter, 1804-1810 possibly Louisa, 15 Jan 1808; m Stephen Chase
  2. Son, 1810-1815 Emory, 25 Dec 1810
  3. Daughter, 1810-1815
  4. Son, 1815-1820 William, 23 Aug 1816; m Sarah Greenwood
  5. Daughter, 1815-1820 possibly Delilah, ca 1824, or Susan, ca 1819
  6. Son, 1820-1825
  7. Daughter, 1820-1825 poss Corinna, ca 1826, m 1852; or Lydia H, m 1841
  8. Son, 1825-1830 Francis, b 28 Jul 1828


©  2017, Kathy Alvis Patterson

[1] Both this family from Rowley, Essex Co MA and the descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson from western MA used spellings Dickinson and Dickerson interchangeably.

[2] George Brainard Blodgette and Amos Everett Jewett, Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, 1981, pages 94, 95, 98.

[3] Stearns, Ezra S. History of Ashburnham Massachusetts From the Grant of Dorchester Canada to the Present Time, 1734-1886 with a Genealogical Register of Ashburnham Families. Ashburnham, MA, USA: Published by the town, 1887, p 681.

[4] http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ote/nh/keene.htm.

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[6] Carlisle VR.

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[10] Revolutionary War, MA Soldiers & Sailors, pages 734, “Amos Dickason,” 735, “Amos Dickenson,” and 743, “Amos Dickinson,” all three times as a Lieutenant for Ashburnham or Worcester Co MA or with the same captain.

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[12] Now Franklin Co MA.

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[14] 1820 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, Abraham Dickinson: 200010/21010.

1820 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, William Dickinson: 200010/12010.

1820 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, Lydia Dickinson: 000000/00001.

1830 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, Abraham Dickinson: 1111001/1011101.

1830 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, William Dickinson: 1011001/0210201.

1840 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, Abraham Dickinson: 00121001/00100001.

1840 Keene, Cheshire Co NH, William Dickinson: 00100001/00011. Daniel

1850 Keene, Cheshire Co NH: Abram Dickinson, 63 VT, Mrs A Dickinson, 64 MA, Mary A, 35

Next generation, all in 1850 Keene, Cheshire Co NH.

Oren Dickinson, 41 NH (all b NH), Mrs O, 31, Ellen, 13, Wallace, 11, Elmer, 9, Fanny, 7, James, 4, Charles, 1, Wid. A Wilson, 55.

Daniel Dickinson, 36 NH, with Mrs D, 36 VT, Daniel, 10 NH, Ellen, 4 NH, Joseph, 28.

William Dickinson, 33 NH, Mrs W, 30, George, 3.

Susan Dickinson, 31 NH, Corinna, 24, in household of Josiah T Hayden.

Delilah H Dickinson, 26 NH, in household of Stephen Chase.

Emery Dickinson, 38 NH and Mrs E, 24.

Dexter Dickinson, 26 NH. [Grandson of Silas Dickinson, son of David Dickinson Sr,]

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