HAIL (or Haile), James Edmonson, of Bedford Co VA and Lawrence Co TN

James Edmonson Hail was born in Bedford County, Virginia, in 1766, the son of Richard and Elizabeth (Edmonson) Hail, or Haile. He died in Lawrence Co TN 6 Oct 1826.[1]

            On 2 Oct 1786, he married Jane Craighead in Bedford Co VA.[2]

            Jane Craighead was born about 1764 in Virginia and died after 21 Aug 1849 in Lawrence Co TN.[3] She was the daughter of John and Jane (Maxey) Craighead.[4]

            The Hails were in Sumner Co TN by 1804. Several of their children were married there during the next few years, but by 1818, James and Jane had moved to Lawrence County.[5]

            The first and only census record extant for James E Hail was in 1820, Lawrence Co TN, p 10, James E Hail. 000010/00010. Simeon Edwards[6] and his family were on the same page, although not all members of the family were listed (210010/00100). Nancy and Shadrach Alvis were on page 13: 110010/31011. John A Hail was on page 2: 100110/10011.

            Jane (Craighead) Hail was in 1830, Lawrence Co TN, p 311, Jane Hale: 000/000000001. Her last census was 1840, Lawrence Co TN, p 34. Jane Hale: 00000001/0011000001; the others with her have not been identified.

            The surviving children of James and Jane (Craighead) Hail are:

1. Elizabeth HAIL was born ca 1788. Elizabeth died before Aug 1849, possibly as early as 1820 in Lawrence Co TN. On 6 Mar 1808, she married Simeon EDWARDS in Sumner Co TN. They had the following children:

                        i.            Henry C

                        ii.            James E

                        iii.            John A

                        iv.            Jane

                        v.            Joseph G

                        vi.            Elizabeth

                        vii.            William B


2. John A HAILwas born ca 1790 in VA. John A died in Lawrence Co TN, on 28 Nov 1852. On 13 Dec 1810 when John A was 20, he first married Tabitha BADGETT in Sumner Co TN. They had the following children:

                        i.            Aaron P (ca1812-)

                        ii.            Laura Angeline (1817-)

                        iii.            Evaline (ca1818-)

                        iv.            Jane (ca1822-)

                        v.            John W (ca1824-)

                        vi.            William F (ca1826-)

                        vii.            Sarah Elizabeth (ca1830-)

                        viii.            Robert A (1835-)


On 22 Mar 1838 when John A was 48, he second married Martha SULLIVANT in Lawrence Co TN. She was born ca 1813 in TN. They had the following children:

                        i.            Telitha Lucinda (ca1839-)

                        ii.            Albina B (1842-)

                        iii.            Martha Georgetta C (1844-)

                        iv.            Araminta Tennie (1847-)

                        v.            Nancy (ca1852-)


3. Nancy HAIL was born in 1792 in VA.[7] Nancy died probably in Jefferson Co IL, after 1850. On 21 Oct 1804, she married Shadrach ALVIS, son of Ashley ALVIS & Elizabeth KNOLLING, in Sumner Co, TN. Born ca 1788 probably in Goochland Co VA, Shadrach died probably in Jefferson Co IL, after 1860. They had the following children:

                        i.            Jenny Jane (1805-)

                        ii.            James Woodson (1808-1844)

                        iii.            Matilda (1812-ca1844)

                        iv.            John Spencer (1814-1867)

                        v.            Harriet Katherine (1816-1843)

                        vi.            Sarah (1817-)

                        vii.            Tabitha (1818-)

                        viii.            Nancy Caroline (1825-)

                        ix.            Rachael D (1830-)

                        x.            Joshua B (1832-1903)

                        xi.            Mary (1834-)


4. Sarah J HAIL was born ca 1795 in Kentucky and died in Tennessee before 1820. On 12 May 1810, she married Stephan BUSBY in Sumner Co TN. They had the following children:

                        i.            Stephanus

                        ii.            Jane (1812-1858)


5? Possibly James and Jane were also the parents of a son, Archer Hail, who was in Lawrence Co TN in 1820, 100100/00100. If he was their son, he had no living heirs in 1849. This was the only Hail/Haile/Hale family in Lawrence Co TN at that date, and no Archer Hail is found in later records.


© Kathy Alvis Patterson, 2008


[1] Settlement with the Executors of JAMES E. HAIL dec’d. Recorded 10th July 1829

State of Tennessee Lawrence. We certify that the above is a true statement of a settlement with John A. Hail & James P. Crawfod executors to the estate of James E. Hail. Given under our hands and seals this 6th July 1829. Returned to July term 1829. B.H. Halford Seal N. McLendon Seal

State of Tennessee I John Stephenson Ranger for said county do certify that the following property\ Lawrence County is all that has falling due for the last three months Towit:\ 1835, Feb 23 one sheep 1.00/.50 James Hail

[2] Marriage bond: Franklin Co VA, Oct 2 1786.

[3] The Cra(i)ghead Family; Va.-Mo., 1953, by Mrs W B Craghead and Mrs F A Craighead, pp. 14-19.

[4] The only apparent reason for calling the mother “Jane Leodicia” Maxey may have been that the marriage bond for one of their daughters, Dicey Craighead, which says the mother, Dicey Craighead, gave permission. This seems likely a clerk or copyist’s error.

[5] State of Tennessee, James E. Hail assigned of D.H. Stockton who is assignee of E.W. Tipton by virture of Certificate warrant assigned by the Rights of West Tennessee and dated Nashville 29th July 1818 by No. 3038 for 383 acres. Enters 10 acres of land part thereof in Lawrence County Shoal Creek in the 4th Range & 3rd Section begining 54 poles West of the North East corner of and Entry in the name of John Nelson thence North 40 poles thence East for corner compliment. Located 11th June 1821. D.H. Stockton, Loc Lawrence County, Tennessee

[6] His wife was Elizabeth, a daughter of James E Hail and his wife, Jane Craighead.

[7] This age is based on her 1850 census. Based on her undoubted date of marrieg, she was probably some years older.

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