PEDIGO, Levi, of Henry Co KY and Barren Co KY

Levi Pedigo was born in Halifax County, Virginia, about 1763,[1] and died in Barren Co KY, 21 Aug 1816.[2]

Levi was married in Virginia, probably Halifax Co, first, to Mary Newland (or Nowlin) in the 1780s. Mary was born ca 1767 and died in Henry Co VA ca 1796 or 1797.[3]

Levi married, second, Patrick Co VA, 14 Dec 1797, Mary Blakey Edens. Mary was born 24 Dec 1776, daughter of Rev. John Edens and his wife Nancy.[4] Mary died Barren Co KY, 1 May 1830.

He was on the 1787 tax list, Henry Co VA as Levy Peregoy. He was on additional Patrick Co VA tax lists in 1791, 1792, 1793, 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801.

Levi’s father, Edward Pedigo, and older brother Joseph were the first in the family to move to Barren Co KY. Levi followed sometime after 1801. He purchased a handsaw for $2.50 from the estate of his brother Henry, Nov 1810 in Barren Co KY.[5]

In 1810 he and his family were in Barren Co KY: 21001/40010. His widow Mary was in the 1820 census: Barren Co KY, p 23, Mary Pedigo: 200100/02110.

Levi and Mary (Newland) Pedigo had the following children:

  1. Sallie PEDIGO was born about 1787 in Halifax Co VA. Sallie died in Barren Co KY. Sallie married Robert Earl JOHNS in Barren Co KY ca 1807. They had the following children:
  • Jane (ca 1807-)
  • Elizabeth (ca 1808-)
  • Martha (ca 1809-)
  • Anderson (1810-)
  • Elijah Edward (ca 1815-)
  • Robert Elisha (ca 1818-)
  • Mahala Jane (1821-)
  • Cynthia Ann (ca 1826-)

2. William PEDIGO was born before 1791 in VA. William died in Barren Co KY, aft 16 Jan 1845. About 1810 William married Elizabeth CLIFF probably in KY. Born in the 1790s in VA, Elizabeth died in Barren Co KY, in 1840-45. It was suggested by John Paul Grady that William had a second wife, the mother of his last child. William Pedigo had the following children:

  • John (1810-1866)
  • William (1814-1862)
  • Sarah (1817-)
  • Jesse (1818-)
  • Elizabeth (1824-1861)
  • Martha Jane (ca1825-)
  • George W (1826-1900)
  • Louisa Jane (1832-1918)
  • Elzy D (1833-1910)
  • James (-<1845)
  • Joseph (-<1845)
  1. Henry PEDIGO. Born in 1791 in Patrick Co VA, Henry died in War of 1812, although the record has not been found.


  1. James PEDIGO. Born ca 1793, James died in War of 1812, although the record has not been found.


  1. Joshua W PEDIGO was born in 1793 in Patrick Co VA. Joshua W died possibly in Hardin Co KY, aft 1853. He was an itinerant preacher. On 28 Dec 1818, he first married Nancy MICHIE (or Micher) in Wilson Co TN. She was born in 1795. They had the following children:
    • Thomas Jefferson (ca1819-)
    • Elizabeth (ca1820-)

On 28 Dec 1822 Joshua W second married Nancy ROBINSON in Williamson Co TN. They had one child:

  • Minerva Nancy (ca 1842-)


On 7 Aug 1845, Joshua third married Sarah A HINDMAN in Lauderdale Co AL. They had the following children:

  • Unity Elizabeth (1846-)
  • Jonathan J H (1848-)
  • George Washington C (Twin) (1849-)
  • William L (Twin) (1849-)
  • Sarilda J (1851-)
  • Joseph N (ca1853-)
  • Drucilla (1854-)


  1. Joseph PEDIGO was born and died in 1794.


  1. Elizabeth PEDIGO was born in 1795 in Patrick Co VA. Elizabeth died in Barren Co KY after the 1850 census 1850. On 21 Dec 1812 when Elizabeth was 17, she first married Benjamin or Joseph UNDERWOOD in Barren Co KY. On 16 Apr 1816 when Elizabeth, she second married Frederick TANNER, son of Jacob TANNER & Dorothy ZIMMERMAN, in Barren Co KY. Born ca 1770 in Culpeper Co VA, Frederick died in Barren Co KY, in 1845. Sometime after 1850, Elizabeth married — Edwards. Elizabeth and Frederick Tanner had the following children:
  • Sarah Ann (1817-)
  • Martha Ann (1819-)
  • Rosannah (1820-)
  • William Pedigo (1823-)
  • Dorothy (1824-)
  • John Stimnin (1826-)
  • Elizabeth Jane (1829-)
  • Kitty Bird (1832-)
  • Mahala Ann (ca1837-)
  • Joseph H (ca1839-)


Levi and Mary Blakey (Edens) Pedigo[6] had the following children:

8. John Patterson PEDIGO was born on 18 Jul 1800 in Patrick Co VA. Based on John Patterson’s name, it has been conjectured that the wife of John Edens, this man’s grandfather, may have been Nancy, a daughter of John Patterson. He died in Slick Rock, Barren Co KY, on 5 Mar 1873. On 14 Feb 1828, he first married Eliza HESTER in Barren Co KY. Born in 1800 in Barren Co KY, Eliza died in Barren Co KY, aft 16 Jul 1829. They had the following children:

  • Mark (1828-)
  • Wales (1829-)


On 17 Mar 1830 John Patterson Pedigo second married Ruth DURHAM in Barren Co KY. Born on 6 Mar 1811 in NC, Ruth died in Barren Co KY, on 28 Apr 1887. They had the following children:

  • Mary Blakey (1831-)
  • Leonard Patterson (1833-)
  • Lucy Frances (1834-)
  • John Patterson (1835-1890)
  • Van Buren (1838-)
  • Permelia Susan (1840-)
  • Eliza Frances (1842-)
  • Ruth Catherine (1844-)
  • Bushrod L (1846-)


9. Mary Blakey PEDIGO. Born on 13 Aug 1801 in Patrick Co VA. Mary died in Barren Co KY, on 1 Sep 1822. On 17 Nov 1818, she married John NICHOLS in Green Co KY. Born on 12 Feb 1800 in Henry Co VA, John died in Glasgow, Barren Co KY, on 19 Jun 1893. They had the following children:

  • Mary (1821-)
  • James (1822-)

10. Levi E PEDIGO. Born on 20 Dec 1802 in Patrick Co VA, Levi E died in Hancock Co KY, on 14 Apr [aft 1850]. In the 1830 census, Barren Co KY, p 169. Levi Pedigo: 10012/11001, two of his brothers were in his household. On 14 Apr 1825 when Levi E was 22, he married Elizabeth THOMAS in Barren Co KY. She was born in 1804 in Barren Co KY. They had the following children:

  • America Francis (1827-)
  • Mary Jane (1829-)
  • Jesse L (1830-)
  • Levi E (1832-)
  • John T (1834-)
  • James T (1838-)
  • Westley P (1843-)
  • Marilda (1844-)
  • Clara Polk (1845-)


11. Agnes PEDIGO. Born on 5 Jul 1804 in Patrick Co VA, Agnes died in Scotland Co MO, on 1 Jan 1873. On 21 Mar 1821 Agnes married James GARRISON in Barren Co KY. Born on 29 Nov 1796 in SC, James died in Scotland Co MO, on 3 May 1870; he was 73. They had the following children:

  • Mary Morane (1822-)
  • Marinda (ca1824-)
  • John R (ca1825-)
  • James Green (ca1827-)
  • William (ca1830-)
  • Charles B (ca1832-)
  • Sarah Frances (ca1835-)
  • Martha Jane (1837-)
  • Joseph O (ca1843-)
  • Lewis F (ca1846-)
  • Willis W (ca1849-)


12. Nancy F PEDIGO was born on 29 Mar 1805 in Patrick Co VA. On 25 Nov 1828, she married Samuel BARRETT in Barren Co KY. Born ca 1805 in VA, Samuel died in Barren Co KY after 1850. They had the following children:

  • Savannah (ca1840-)
  • Martha E (ca1844-)
  • George (ca1850-)


13. Lucy PEDIGO was born on 25 Feb 1807 in Patrick Co VA. Lucy died in Barren Co KY, ca 1860. On 6 Feb 1832 when Lucy was 24, she married Dudley RICHARDSON, son of David RICHARDSON & Mary KINDRED, in Barren Co KY. Born on 16 Oct 1809 in Barren Co KY, Dudley died in Upshur Co TX, aft 1870. They had the following children:

  • Mary J (ca1833-)
  • Sarah E (ca1835-)
  • Lucy Emily (ca1837-)
  • Malinda S (ca1839-)
  • Miranda F (ca1841-)
  • Othello D (1844-)
  • Georgeann (1846-)
  • John Boone (1852-)


14. Elijah PEDIGO was born on 3 May 1809 in Patrick Co VA. Elijah died in Polk Co MO, in 1906. He was a member of the Green River United Baptist Church, Hart Co KY and had a freighting business. On 8 Aug 1835 when Elijah was 26, he first married Frances (HARPER) MEREDITH in Barren Co KY. Born before 1810 in Hart Co KY Frances was a daughter of James and Mary (–?–) Harper.[7] She was married first to — Meredith and had a son William Meredith at the time of her marriage. She died in Hart Co KY, between 1848 and 1850.[8] Elijah and Frances had the following children:

  • Mary M (1836-)
  • Jesse L (1839-)
  • Martha Hester (1841-1919)
  • Berry Rowlett (1842-1923)
  • Lucy Agnes (1844-1880)
  • Amanda Frances (1846-1929)
  • Eliza J (ca1847-1923)[9]


Elijah second married Ellen –?–. Born on 11 Nov 1811, Ellen died in Canmer, Hart Co, KY, on 5 Oct 1882. She was with Elijah in all censuses 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, and was almost certainly not the same as his first wife Frances (Harper) (Meredith) Pedigo.

On 28 Dec 1882, he third married Rebecca CULVER in Glasgow Barren Co KY. Born in poss 1838 in TN. They were divorced in 1890 in Glasgow, Barren Co, KY.

Elijah fourth married Louise HELDERMON.


15. Jesse Sharp PEDIGO was born on 11 May 1812 in Barren Co KY. Jesse Sharp died in Lake Mills, Spencer Co IN, on 6 Jul 1888. On 15 Jan 1837 when Jesse Sharp was 24, he married Jane RICHARDSON, daughter of David RICHARDSON & Mary KINDRED, in Barren Co KY. Born on 15 Jan 1815 in Barren Co KY, Jane died in Spencer Co IN, in 1879. They had the following children:

  • Mary Elizabeth (ca1839-)
  • Mildred F (ca1840-)
  • Whitfield M (ca1842-)
  • Jesse G (ca1844-)
  • Dudley L (1848-)
  • James W (1850-)
  • Jane T (ca1852-)
  • Ann M (ca1854-)
  • Matilda (ca1857-)


© 2008, 2015 Kathy Alvis Patterson


[1] John Paul Grady (1805 Western Drive, Midland TX) to Kathy Alvis, 11 Jan 1967.

[2] Levi Pedigo will, Barren County KY Will Book 1, Order Book 4.

[3] I have never seen the evidence for Levi’s first marriage (ca 1789 to Mary Newland) or the children of that marriage. There was a James Newland in Henry Co VA, whose apparent family is mentioned in Mom and Dad’s Henry Co VA book. Three brothers supposedly immigrated to America early in the 1700s. Connection to the Nowlin family of Goochalnd Co and Pittslvania Co VA is unclear.

Ezekiel Newland was 9 houses away from Levi Pedigo in 1810 in Barren Co KY. There were several young men in the household: I don’t know how many sons Ezekiel had.

[4] 1787 tax List, Henry Co VA: John Eedens. Signed consent for his daughter’s 1797 wedding. Dec 1803 Will dated 21 Sept 1803 returned to the court. He named his children: Andre, Nancy, John b ca1770, David b ca1775, Mary Blakely b Dec24 1776, Sarah “Sary” Eden b ca1785, Agness b bef 1803, Alexander b bef 1803, Elizabeth “Ledy” b bef 1803, Frances b bef 1803, Tabytha b bef 1803.

[5] Henry Pedigo inventory (November 1810), Barren Co Will Book I:150, 151, 152, Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office, Glasgow KY. Mentioned are widow Leah, and Levi, Jesse, Israel, and Elkin Pedigo.

[6] Bible Records, Volume 1, Compiled and Published by Ancestral Trails Historical Society, 1977, pp. 125-126: Bible in possession of Mrs. Lena Biggs, 329 Mohawk, Louisville, Ky. Submitted by Mrs. Iris Peers, 5507 Watterson Trail, Fern Creek, Ky. 40291. “I think I copied all that was in the Bible and here it is: On the flyleaf: printed by Executors of David Hay, assignee of the late Boulter Grierson Printer of the King’s most excellent Majesty MDCCLXXV. Bible record of Levi Pedigo, son of Levi who died 1813.

John P. Pedigo was born July 18, 1800

Mary Blakey Pedigo was born August 13, 1801 (Married a Nichols but not in the Bible)

Levi Pedigo was born December 20, 1802

Agness Pedigo was born July 5, 1804

Nancy Pedigo was born March 29, 1805

Lucy Pedigo was born Feb. 25, 1807

Elijah Pedigo was born May 3, 1809

Jesse S. Pedigo was born May 11, 1812

(This is the end of the register)

Children of John Patterson Pedigo

…Levi’s second wife, Mary Pedigo was born December 24, 1776.”

[7] Letter from William [middle initial illegible] Meredith to Uncle Willis Burten Harler, 1856. <>

[8] 1916 affidavit by Amanda F (Pedigo) Bishop attached to widow’s pension names her parents, brothers and sisters. She states none of the children lived at home after their mother’s death.

[9] She was called Louisa in some family records, but Eliza J (Pedigo) Smith in Amanda (Pedigo) Bishop’s 1916 affadavit. Resided Bridgeport OK in 1916.]

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