REDMAN, Benjamin of Montgomery Co MD and Clark Co IN

Benjamin Redman was born St Mary’s County, Maryland, 3 Aug 1750,[1] the son of John and Sarah (possibly King) Redman. He died Bartholomew Co IN 4 Nov 1836.

            In 1773 in Maryland, he married Anne Wynne.[2] She was born in Piscataway, Prince George’s Co MD, 30 Apr 1755, the daughter of Josiah and Ann (Dunning) Wynne. She died in Clark Co IN 3 Sep 1820.

            Benjamin Redman is found in many records. In 1783, his property assessment for Montgomery Co MD was 3 horses, 6 head of cattle, value £19, value of other property £14, total £33, number of white inhabitants: 6; he was also on tax lists from 1793 to 1797. He lived about ten miles west of Rockville. According to the Maryland Historical Society, Roll of Honor, he was a private in the Montgomery Co Militia, Middle Battalion, Col. Archibald Orme, Co. #4, Capt. Wm Moore, 1780; and in the 27th Battalion, Col. John Murdock, 1781.[3] In 13 Mar 1792, Benjamin signed a manumission document for a slave named David, who was to be free in 1808.[4] I have the statement that he moved to Jefferson Co KY in 1797, and from thence to Clark Co IN.

            His censuses are as follows:

·      1790, Montgomery Co MD, p 89, Benjamin Redman: 1-3-6-1

·      1800 and 1810, probably Kentucky and Indiana[5]

·      1820, Clark Co IN, not with either of his sons, possibly with one of the married daughters.


            The children of Benjamin and Anne (Winn) Redman were:

1. Amelia Elizabeth REDMAN was born on 4 Aug 1774 in Frederick Co MD and died ca 1860.


2. Mary Ellenor REDMAN was born on 10 Oct 1776 in Montgomery Co MD and died on 22 Mar 1837. Mary Ellenor married Ephraim ARNOLD.


3. Rezin REDMAN was born on 16 Dec 1778 in Montgomery Co MD and died in Clark Co IN, on 16 Jun 1837. On 19 Dec 1811 when Rezin was 33, he married Elizabeth DOWNS.


4. Sarah Ann REDMAN was born on 10 Mar 1781 and died on 26 Dec 1878.


5. Nancy REDMAN was born on 16 Mar 1782 in Montgomery Co MD. Nancy died in Douglas Co KS, on 11 Aug 1871 and was buried in that county. On 21 Jun 1804 in Jefferson Co KY, Nancy married Lloyd Benton PRATHER, son of Basil PRATHER & Chlorinda ROBERTSON, in Jefferson Co KY. Born on 25 Nov 1782 in Rowan Co NC, Lloyd Benton died in Douglas Co KS, on 25 Apr 1867. They had the following children:

                        i.            Thomas Helms (1805-1888)

                        ii.            James Russell (1807-1850)

                        iii.            Elizabeth Ann (1810-1892)

                        iv.            Reason Benjamin (1812-1870)

                        v.            Cena Lillis (1814-1820)

                        vi.            Mary Ellen (1817-1899)

                        vii.            William W Redman (1820-1880)

                        viii.            Jonathan Cass (1823-1852)


6. William W. REDMAN was born on 28 Dec 1785 and died before 1799, when a younger brother was given the same name.


7. Chloe REDMAN was born on 22 Jun 1788 in Montgomery Co MD and died ca 1870.


8. Joshua W REDMAN was born on 2 Sep 1790 in Montgomery Co MD and died in Clark Co IN, ca 1870.


9. Ann Caroline REDMAN was born on 22 Dec 1792 in Montgomery Co MD and died in Clark Co IN, on 15 Jan 1825.


10. Susan Chewsbury Winn REDMAN was born on 8 Mar 1795 in Montgomery Co MD. Susan Chewsbury Winn died in Greenville, Floyd Co IN, on 4 Oct 1832. On 22 Dec 1813 when Susan Chewsbury Winn was 18, she married Isaac STEWART in Clark Co IN; he was born on 3 Apr 1792 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY.


11. Sarah REDMAN was born on 16 Mar 1797 in Montgomery Co MD. Sarah died on 26 Dec 1879. On 21 Aug 1813 when Sarah was 16, she married Alexander D NEELY.


13. William Winn REDMAN was born on 14 Dec 1799 in Knox, Northwest Territory and died in Danville, Montgomery Co MO, on 31 Oct 1849. His niece’s obituary includes: “She was a niece of Rev. William Redman, a pioneer Methodist preacher, and her brother, Rev. Thomas H. Prather, was an able and devote missionary to the Indians prior to the admission of Kansas into the Union.” On 9 Oct 1823 when William Winn was 23, he married Mary Ann Matilda BURCKHARTT in Howard Co MO. Born on 19 Dec 1809 in Frederick Co MD, Mary Ann Matilda died in St Louis MO, on 17 Jan 1846.



© 2008, Kathy Alvis Patterson


[1] All dates are from Beverly Watts, Redmans in America, 1974, p 5.

[2] Her name is found spelled Winn, Wynn and Wynne. I have used Winn here since that is the spelling used by two of Anne (Winn) Redman’s children.

[3] Unpublished Revolutionary Records of Maryland, Hodges, Vol. V, pp 9, 39.

[4] Maryland General Bulletin, Vol. 4, p. 29.

[5] According to the Territorial Papers of Indiana, as early as 1809, he signed various petitions dated 1809-1816, from University of South Dakota Library, copied 1967. Clark Co IN petition, dated 12 Dec 1809, included: truman hilton, James Hilton, Joshua W redman, Lloyd Prather, Benjamin Redman, Basil R Prather, Aaron Prather, Roger Redman, Jacob Veatch, Wm Prather. Another peition from 1809 included:  Wm Prather, Truman Hilton, James Hilton, John Prather, Basil R Prather, Aaron Prather, Lloyd Prather. A territorial memorial signed 31 Dec 1810 included Aaron Prather and Jacob Veatch. A territorial petition, 11 Dec 1811, had: Aaron Prather, James Hilton, Basil Prather, Wm Prather, Basil R Prather. Clark Co IN petition, dated 16 Dec 1813, included: Aaron Prather, Samuel Prather, Basil Prather, Loyd Prather. Clark Co IN Memorial, 15 Oct 1812: Rezin Redman, Commandant of a Detachment from Clark.  

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  1. I am trying to prove a DAR lineage application and the information you have listed is what I need, but I need a source document to prove the children of Benjamin and Ann. I am trying to use a line throught Sarah Ann Redman. There are four lines proven, they are Rezin, Ann Caroline, William Winn and Nancy. If I can prove the children ou have listed then I can use their numbers with my papers. Can you help me.

    • Jan, Did you ever get the proof for your Sarah Ann Redman? I am the descendant that has the Isaac and Susan Chewksbury Winn Redman Stewart family Bible. (that is how she spelled her name in her Bible) In it she lists the birth dates of her siblings. If I can be of help, please email me at
      Laura J. Stewart

  2. I may be casting my web a little wide here, but must ask if you think it is possible Benjamin was in Washington Co., NC/TN until about 1800? The Benjamin I am looking for is said to have left for KY. If they are the same, this would be that Benj. was married prior to Ann Wynne, and had daughter Millie REDMAN b: abt 1769 who married John Parker MOORE abt 1792 in Washington Co./Carter Co., NC/TN.

    My “notes” to follow:

    1792/08/06 A Stephen REDMAN=REDMON(D) witnessed the sale of 2 tracts of land on the north side of the Watauga-River from Samuel GARLAND to William & Benjamin REDMAN=REDMON(D) [TN,Washington-Co Deeds].

    1799/12/05 Deed from John CASEBOLT to Nancy ROBERTSON for $40,
    25 acres on the north side of the Watauga-River adjoining Benjamin & William REDMON,
    George EMERT, Joshua HAUGHTON, Jr.,Thomas MAXWELL …
    half of the spring Nancy ROBERTSON uses.
    In presence of Stephen & Benjamin REDMON …
    1803/05=proved [TN,Carter-Co Deeds].

    Any thoughts you might have on this would be appreciated.

    Gerre Byrd

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