RAMP, Samuel, of Cumberland Co PA

Samuel Ramp was born 20 Sep 1793, in Berks Co PA, a son of Philip and Elisabetha (Albrecht) Ramp. He died in 20 Apr 1868 in Cumberland Co PA and buried in the Zeiglar’s Churchyard, Cumberland Co PA.[1]

            On 3 Oct 1816, in Cumberland Co PA, [2]he was married to Elizabeth Worst, a daughter of the late Jacob Worst.[3] Elizabeth Worst was born 3 Dec 1794 in Cumberland Co PA, and died in the same county, 23 Mar 1868.

            Samuel and his family were members of the German Reformed Church (now the United Church of Christ). He was a farmer all his life. His census record follows:

1800 Berks Co PA, Cumru Twp, p 586, Philip Remp: 21010/21110.

1810 Cumberland Co PA, Frankford Twp, p 43, Philip Ramp: 21101/11101

1820 Cumberland Co PA, p 61. Samuel Ramp, 100010/10100

1830 Cumberland Co PA, Mifflin Twp, p 163. Samuel Ramp, 001001…/11201…

1840 Cumberland Co PA, p 92: Sam’l Ramp, 0001001…/0221001…

1850 Cumberland Co PA, Mifflin Twp, p 316B, 108-113, Samuel Ramp 66 farmer $1,000 [poss] PA, with wife, four children.

1860 Cumberland Co PA, Mifflin Twp, p 344, 1007-1037, Saml Ramp, 66 m farmer $1500, $450 PA, with wife.

          The children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Worst) Ramp were:

1. Jacob RAMP. Born on 16 Nov 1815 and christened on 31 Jan 1819 in PA. Jacob probably died before the 1850 census and possibly before 1830.


2. Marey Anna RAMP. Born on 29 Apr 1817 in Cumberland Co PA. She died in Wyandot Co OH, on 2 Feb 1890. On 1 Mar 1838, she married Jacob BAKER in Cumberland Co PA. They had the following children:

                        i.            Maria (1838-)

                        ii.            William (1840-)

                        iii.            David (1842-)


3. Samuel RAMP. Born on 4 Aug 1820 in Cumberland Co PA. Samuel died in Lacon, Marshall Co IL, on 1 Sep 1898. On 28 May 1844 when Samuel was 23, he married Mary RAILING in Cumberland Co PA. Born on 25 Jan 1825 in PA, Mary died on 22 Aug 1907. They had the following children:

                        i.            Amanda (1845-)

                        ii.            Minerva (ca1847-)

                        iii.            James (ca1851-)

                        iv.            Charles (ca1855-)

                        v.            Horace (ca1857-)

                        vi.            Francis Peoria Frank (1859-)

                        vii.            Edward J (ca1869-)


4. Amanda RAMP. Born, say, 1822 in Cumberland Co PA. She died before 1 Apr 1869.


5. Elizabeth RAMP. Born on 26 Mar 1823 in Cumberland Co PA. Some time after 1 Apr 1869 when Elizabeth was 46, she married Jake FINKEY; they have not been located.


6. Catherine RAMP. Born on 5 Jun 1826 in Cumberland Co PA. Catherine died in Ottosen, Humbolt Co IA, on 22 Apr 1898. On 9 Aug 1853 when Catherine was 27, she married as his second wife Benjamin Curtis GOODYEAR in Cumberland Co PA. Born on 31 Mar 1821 in Cumberland Co PA. Benjamin Curtis died in Ottosen, Humbolt Co IA, on 20 Feb 1901. They had the following children:

                        i.            Anna (1855-)

                        ii.            Viola (1856-)

                        iii.            Emma (1857-)

                        iv.            Martin (1858-)

                        v.            Clara Catherine (1860-)

                        vi.            Ida (1862-)

                        vii.            Emerson (1863-)

                        viii.            Curtis (1865-)

                        ix.            Frances (1866-)

                        x.            Alverda (1867-)

                        xi.            Cora Agnes (1868-)


7. Susan RAMP. Born on 16 Mar 1829 in Cumberland Co PA. Susan died in Ft Scott, Bourbon Co KS, on 3 Sep 1898, and was buried in Paola, Miami Co KS. On 12 Mar 1861 when Susan was 31, she married as his second wife John Alexander CHAMBERS in Cumberland Co PA. His first wife was her aunt, Catherine Worst, and they reportedly met at her funeral. Born on 6 Mar 1812 in PA, John died in Paola, Miami Co KS, on 26 Jul 1876. John and Susan had the following children:

                        i.            Katherine M (1861-)

                        ii.            Margaret A (1863-)

                        iii.            Alverda F (1864-)

                        iv.            Jesse G (1867-)


8. Nancy RAMP. Born in 1831 in Cumberland Co PA. In 1859 Nancy married Joseph WHISTLER in Cumberland Co PA. They had the following children:

                        i.            Amanda, who never married

                        ii.            Saloma


9. Margaret RAMP. Born on 24 Feb 1834 in Cumberland Co PA. Margaret died in Thomas, Custer Co OK, on 26 May 1904, and was buried on 29 May 1904 in Abilene, Dickinson Co KS. On 22 Nov 1855 when Margaret was 21, she married George EYSTER, son of Jacob EYSTER & Catherine [WENTZ], in Carlisle, Cumberland Co PA. Born on 18 Apr 1815 in Adams Co PA, he was 19 years older than his wife. George died in Abilene, Dickinson Co KS, on 10 Apr 1893. They had the following children:

                        i.            Lavinia (1859-1925)

                        ii.            Anna Margaret (1860-1920)

                        iii.            Emma Elizabeth (1864-1945)

                        iv.            David Ramp (1866-1955)

                        v.            Levi (Died as Infant) (1868-1868)

                        vi.            James Ramp (1870-1949)

                        vii.            Jesse Ramp (Twin) (1874-1958)

                        viii.            Silas (Died as Infant) (1874-1874)

                        ix.            Mary (1876-1946)

                        x.            John A (1879-1930)


10. Henry Benjamin RAMP. Born in 1840 in Cumberland Co PA. Henry possibly died in Cumberland Co PA, where he was living in an institution in 1900. He had brain fever and never married. In 1966, an Eyster cousin was living who still remembered him.

© 2009, Kathy Alvis Patterson

[1] Birth and death dates are from grave stones. Zeigler’s Church, Mifflin Twp, Cumberland Co PA, Tombstone Inscriptions, downloaded from America Online, 23 Feb 1995. Samuel’s parents are buried there as well.

[2] Marriage records of Rev. Helfenstein, 3 Oct 1816. Cited by Ramp researchers. Cumberland County Historical Society Librarian wrote, 2/22/05: “Helfenstein was the minister of the German Reformed Church (now the United Church of Christ) in Carlisle during the early 19th century. According to the history of the church one of the things he is known for is not keeping records. What is the name of your ancestor? I will check our index to see if we have a record of this marriage.” David Smith, Librarian

2/23/05: “I found no listing in either the Church and Cemetery Records Index nor in the Newspaper Index for this marriage. The only marriage for a Samuel Ramp is to Mary Railing, May 28, 1844.” David Smith [The couple to whom Smith refers is the son of the couple I am seeking.]

[3] Daughter Elizabeth is mentioned in his 1810 will.

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