Huff, Hannah Spencer, of Wayne Co KY

Hannah Spencer is identified on her youngest daughter, Minerva’s death certificate. The surname is spelled Spenser there, but no early Spencer families in Kentucky are known to have used that spelling. A few years ago, I tried analyzing all the Spencer families in the State where Hannah lived when she married Philip Huff. You can see all my results at  I found 276 people, counting ancestors where known.

My speculation is that John Spencer of Wayne Co KY was her father or brother, but I have nothing on him except the censuses.

The Kentucky family into which Hannah’s grandson married lived in Green, Barren, Hart, Metcalfe Counties, with the Huffs also in Wayne, Adair, and Casey Counties. Samuel Huff of Barren County connects with the Huff family in a couple of places, as you can see in the Rootsweb gedcom. It is possible our Huffs came from Harlan Co KY. Beware of trees that connect Philip to his parents as most have been proven not accurate.

Although I have DNA matches to several of Samuel’s descendants, I am also a cousin of Susan Bagby, his wife, so that’s shaky.

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