Hurd, Joseph, of Onondaga Co NY

Joseph HURD, was born __ May 1650 in Trumball, Connecticut, son of Samuel and Tamar (Leavenworth) Hurd.[1] It has been assumed he is the man who died 17 Jan 1810, in Onondaga Co NY.[2]

Joseph married say 1785 Deliverance –.[3] Her death is given at as 5 Jul 1816 in New Stratford, Huntington Co CT[4]. She was the head of household in the 1810 census: three males 16-25, one female under 10, two 10-15 and one over 45.

Joseph was in 1790 census, probably in New York State: four people in household.[5] In 1800 he was in Onondaga Co NY: Males under 10: 2, 10-15: one, 26-44:1, females under 10: 1, 10-15: 2, 26-44: 1.[6]

The only son of Joseph’s to be identified to date is Samuel Hurd. John Hurd of Onondaga Co NY was administrator of his estate in 1810; is this a son or a brother? No John Hurd in 1820 census seems to fit.

These two references to Joseph are found in Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Vol. 7, p 25:

  • John Hurd of Onondaga, Onondaga Co NY was granted administration of the estate of Joseph Hurd 7 Jan 1810. (OnonCW LA 2: 66).[7]
  • Joseph Hurd and wife Deliverance of Onondaga Co NY were probable parents of Samuel Hurd, born 1791 in Oneida Co NY, who married in Camillus, Onondaga Co NY in 1812 (query posted 3/14/99 Washington Co NY Genforum).[8]

Reasons Joseph Hurd might be father/uncle of Caleb Hurd:

  1. DNA match.
  2. Most of Joseph’s children have not been identified. Two sons born before 1790.
  3. Joseph died in 1810 and his wife Deliverance reportedly in 1816, so surviving children might have split up.
  4. The known son Samuel moved to Potter Co PA, where the source of the Allegheny River is found. That would be an easy way for Caleb to have found his way to Adams Co OH.
  5. Joseph’s young daughters have not been identified. That could account for Mintey, who married in 1817 in Adams County. Maybe she came to live with married brother there.[9]
  6. It has been stated that Samuel Hurd Jr visited Caleb Hurd of Kentucky, a younger man who may have been a son of our Caleb. I have been unable to locate the source of this statement. The key point now is that a connection has been stated between Caleb and a Samuel Hurd.
  7. It has always been uncertain if the Caleb Hurd of Kentucky (b 1809) was a son of our Caleb. It may be one of the other unidentified sons of Joseph lived across the river from our Caleb and named a son for him.
  8. I have searched Hurd records for years and now expect to find Caleb in an undocumented family, as Joseph’s appears to be.

The only negative I see is that three young men under 25 were in the Deliverance Hurd household in 1810, and Caleb was already in Ohio.

Comments from KAP:

Joseph is a shadowy figure, not even known to be the same man who was born in 1750 in Trumball CT. The only reference I find to a wife named Deliverance is the 1810 census.

  1. Who was in Oneida Co 1791 who might be Samuel’s father?
  2. Who else was in Onondaga Co NY ca 1812?
    1. Judson b 1775-94, could s/o Curtis, Abigail, d 1862 CT; prob f/o Cyrus in 1830 census; young to be Samuel’s father
    2. Jonathan looks like b 1759, s/o Abraham and Ruth Mallory, m Phebe Foote, also 1810, 1820, 1820, Onon Co NY, prob Newton, Fairfield CT 1790, also 1840, bur Greenwich, Huron Co OH 1840
    3. Thaddeus b 1775 Roxbury CT, s/o Thaddeus, Eliz Walkely, 1810 Onon Co NY, d 1846 Erie Co NY
    4. Reuben
    5. Walliston, Joseph’s brother, if identification of Joseph as son of Samuel is correct. The presence of this man is a point in favor of Joseph being the 1750 baptism.
  1. Where did death dates for Joseph and Deliverance come from?

[1] Connecticut, Church Record Abstracts, 1630-1920 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: 2013. Vol. 115 (Trumball), page 85.

[2] [Source lacking]

[3] 1810 census is possibly the only clue to her name.

[4] I cannot locate this place. It was more likely Huntington, Fairfield Co CT. Why did she do back to Connecticut? She probably died in Onondaga Co NY.

[5] 1790; Census Place: Mamakating, Ulster, New York; Series: M637; Roll: 6; Page: 173; Image: 459; Family History Library Film: 0568146. Total given only, no ages or genders.

[6] 1800 Federal Census of New York, Microfilm Series M32; Publisher: National Archives, Washington, DC.; Page Number: 153.

[7] Beekman Patent, The Settlers of, [Dutchess Co., NY] (Online database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2016), (Orig. Pub. Frank J. Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York: An Historical and Genealogical Study of All the 18th Century Settlers in the Patent, ten volumes. 1990–2003). Also New York: Abstracts of Wills, Admins. and Guardianships, 1787-1835. (Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2006.) Original manuscript in: Eardeley Genealogy Collection: New York State Abstracts of Wills, Brooklyn Historical Society.

[8] Op cit. However, the original source of this citation is not found at Genforum, posted on 3/14/99, or any date near that. Unfortunately, Genforum is no longer an active site and searches are difficult if not impossible.

[9] Another daughter might be Charlotte Hurd, who married Cyprian Hibbard ca 1811 in Onondaga Co.

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