WILKINSON, William, of Simonburn, Nothumberland

1. William Wilkinson was probably the baby boy christened at Simonburn, Northumberland, 13 Apr 1726, son of Matthew and Margery (Thirlway) Wilkinson.[1] William was buried at Sadbury Hill, Northumberland, on 29 May 1789.[2]

William Wilkinson married Rebekah Charlton, Simonburn, Northumberland, 11 May 1760.[3] Rebekah was probably the baby girl christened 8 Feb 1740 in Bywell Saint Peter, Northumberland, daughter of Thomas and Catherine Charlton.[4] The IGI also gives the marriage location as Stannington, Northumberland, and both William’s and Rebekah’s birthplaces as Mortley, Northumberland.[5]

Other researchers say William’s wife was Ann Laidler, who was baptized 18 Jan 1728, Simonburn, daughter of William and Mary Laidler. If she was the mother of William’s children, then all the parents’ names were used for the couple’s children.

As more and more records become available on the Internet, it is to be hoped that more of William Wilkinson’s life in eighteenth-century northern England will be revealed to his descendants. One of the famous people of Northumberland listed at Wikipedia is Jonny Wilkinson, an English rugby player, [who] currently lives in rural Northumberland.

The following children of William Wilkinson, probably with a wife named Rebekah (Charlton) Wilkinson, were christened in Simonburn, Northumberland:

2. Dorothy WILKINSON. Christened on 23 Mar 1760 in Simonburn, Northumberland.


3. Margery WILKINSON. Christened on 3 Dec 1761 in Simonburn Northumberland. Margery died in NY, probably in Seneca Township, Ontario County, that is, the town of Geneva, on 6 Jun 1855. On 2 Jun 1785 when Margery was 23, she married William BARRON, son of David BARRON & Mary –?–, in Simonburn Northumberland. Born on 25 Mar 1756 in Stamfordham, Northumberland. William died in Seneca Twp, Geneva, Ontario Co NY, on 14 Jul 1833. 1800 census: Ontario Co NY, p 379. William Barrow, 21010/00100. 1810 census: Ontario Co NY, p 231. William Barren, 11101/01001. 1820 census: Seneca Twp, Ontario Co NY, p 271. William Barnes [sic], 001201/00001. 1830 census: Ontario Co NY, Seneca Twp, p 51. William Barron, 2000100001/0000100001. 1840 census: Ontario Co NY, Seneca Twp, Thomas Barron: 102011/000100100001. 1850 census: Ontario Co NY, Seneca Twp, Marjory Barron, 88 f Eng, with Thomas Barron.  They had the following children:

                        i.            William (1787-<1860)

                        ii.            David (1800-1895)

                        iii.            Mary (1801-1879)

                        iv.            Thomas (ca1802-1892)


4. Margaret WILKINSON. Christened on 23 May 1765 in Simonburn, Northumberland. On 22 Aug 1790 Margaret[6] married Matthew MOORE in Simonburn.


5. Matthew WILKINSON. Christened on 20 Oct 1768 in Simonburn Northumberland.


6. William WILKINSON. Christened on 1 Apr 1770 in Simonburn, Northumberland.


7. Ralph WILKINSON. Christened on 8 Dec 1771 in Simonburn, Northumberland. On 21 May 1795 when Ralph was 23, he married Mary PATTERSON in Simonburn.


8. George WILKINSON. Christened on 21 Nov 1773 in Simonburn, Northumberland.


9. John WILKINSON. Christened on 28 Jan 1776 in Simonburn, Northumberland.


10. Mary WILKINSON. Christened on 30 Nov 1777 in Simonburn, Northumberland.

On 15 May 1796, she married Robert NIXON in Simonburn.


11. Joseph WILKINSON. Christened on 9 May 1779 in Simonburn, Northumberland. On 2 Oct 1802 when Joseph was 23, he married Margaret STORY in Simonburn.


© 2009, Kathy Alvis Patterson

[1] Simonburn Parish Records of Northumberland Co (films #252551, 252552, 252572, 252553), located by Ramona Duff, Oct 1988, at SLC. Ramona wrote, “There was a christening for a William Wilkinson on 13 Apr 1726, son of Matthew Wilkinson and Margery Thirlway, but there were three William Wilkinsons born about the same time, so I don’t know if this one was ours.”

[2] Probably in Simonburn Parish Records.

[3] Simonburn Parish Records.

[4] International Genealogical Index.

[5] This information submitted to the IGI by Elden and Ireta Robinson Shurtz, 2225 West 7000 North Delta Utah 84624.

[6] This and other marriages are assumed to be the same as the children christened at the dates given.

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