Col. Abraham Penn’s Muster Roll, Henry Co VA, March 1781


© Kathy Alvis Patterson  2008

The purpose of this list is to illustrate how many of the men from the Guilford Courthouse Militia were still in Henry Co VA six years later, and also how often Col. Penn’s list does not show the same spelling as the tax list. At times, the man’s name may not appear on the tax list, but his family may have still been in the county.

Col. Penn’s list/ those names also found in 1787 spelling in tax list, if different

Abraham Penn

George Waller

David Lanier

Jonathan Hamby /Jonathan Hanby

George Hairston

Edward Tatum

Josiah Shaw

Jesse Corn

Hamon Critz/ Haman Critz

Charles Dotson/ Charles Dodson

William Dotson/ William Dodson

Deverix Gilliam

William Going/ Wm. Gowing

William Smith

Thomas Hollinsworth/ Thomas Hollandworth

Samuel Packwood

Daniel Smith

William Cox

John Davis

Thomas Edwards

Richard Gilley

Archie Murphy/ Archebald Murphy

William Moore

John Pharis/ [xxx] Farriss

John Rea

Brice Martin

John Burchell/ [xxx] Burchel

John Cox

Thomas Jones

John Pyrtle

Joseph Piper/ Joseph Phifer

John Pursell/ John Parsley

Michael Rowland

John Kelly

William Bohanon

John Brammer

John Stanley/ John Standley

John Alexander

Joseph Anglin/ [xxx] Anglen

John Bowling

John East

William Hays

_____ Joyce/ Alexander Joyce

David Mays

John Richardson

Lewis Bradberry/ Lewis Bradbury

Aristophus Baughn/ [xxx] Vaughn

John Crouch

Jesse Elkins

John Jones

John Jamerson

John Kitchen

Richard Parsley

Thomas Hambleton

Morris Humphreys/ Morriss Humphris

James Roberts

Bartlett Reynolds

John Taylor

Samuel Luttrell/ [xxx] Littrul

John Fontaine/ John Fountaine

William Graves

Stephen King

Thomas Leak

George Pool/ George Poor

James Rea

Joseph Rice

Thomas Smith

George Bowles/ [xxx] Bowls

William Bowling

Nathan Jones

John Nance

Joseph Peregoy/ Joseph Pedegau 

Joseph Pearson/ [xxx] Pierson

John Burch/ John Burchfield

Charles Dickerson

John Doyal/ [xxx] Doyall

William Elkins

Joseph Gravely

Edward Smith

Michael Barker

John Branham

William Branham

James Crawley/ James Croley

John Edwards

George Folly/ [xxx] Foley

John Gibson/ [xxx] Gipson

Joseph Hurt

Joel Harbour

Elephas Shelton/ Eliphaz Shelton

Jacob Adams

John Barrat/ John Barrott

Francis Barrat/ Francis Barrott

Shadrack Barrat/ Shadrack Barrott

Thomas Hudson

Joanthan Hanby

Nelson Donothan/ Nelson Donathan

Dudley Stephens/ Dudley Stevens

Joshua Stephens/ Joshua Stevens

James Poteet/ James Poteete

Peter Bays

Aquilla Black/ Aquila Blackley

Ben Hubbard/ Benjamin Hubbard

Charles Hibbert/ Charles Hibbitt

Ambrose Mullins

George Nevil/ [xxx] Nevill

Richard Potson/ Richard Pilson

Ninon Prater/ Ning Prater

Thomas Tinson/ Thomas Tenison

Peter Tittle

John Ratford/ John Radford

Joseph Walden/ Joseph Waldon

William Dellingham/ [xxx] Dillingham

William Bartee

                    Additional last names from Col. Penn’s list still represented in Henry Co in 1787: Cloud, Watson, Belcher, Lockhart, Cunningham, Turner, Webster, Hall, Hurd/Hurt/Heard, Robertson, Gray, Wilson, Barker, Mitchell, Rogers, Dunn, Harris, Massey, Mullins, Allen, Evey/Ivie, Johnson, Dillard, DePriest, Fee, Sims, Witt, Bennett, Haile/Hale, Anderson, Cook, Payne, Burnett, Pratt, Stewart, Brown, Bryant, Small, Harris, Bowman, Chandler, Hensley, Howell, Street, Hill, McGuire, Woods, Thompson, Graves. Although many spelling differences are seen to be minor, there are times the initial letter is changed from F to PH, or PH is changed to P, three times a syllable is dropped, and several times consonants or vowels are changed. 

Conclusion: Col. Penn was not accurate in the spelling of the names of men in his militia.

Analysis and compilation by Kathy Alvis Patterson, using a Col. Penn’s autograph muster list, the transcribed list in Pedigo, History of Patirck and Henry Cos VA,  and Schreiner-Yantis, Personal Property Tax Lists for 1787, Henry Co VA (1987)  @2008

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