Fifth and Sixth Generations, with names of the Seventh Generation

16 William Henry Harrison ALVIS. Born on 11 Jan 1832 in Missouri. Married 14 Dec 1856, Madison Co IL. Died 17 Apr 1874 at Brighton, Macoupin Co IL. Listed in census as a teamster, died of cerebrospinal meningitis.

17 Frances BROOKS. Born on 17 Jan 1837 in Fosterburg, Madison Co IL. Married #2 Martin Harkey (ca 1803-1893), 5 Jul 1883, Nokomis Twp, Montgomery Co IL. Died 13 Jan 1917, Irving, Montgomery Co IL. Frances and William’s third child—after earlier twin daughters—and first son was Edward Amandus Alvis, who lived in Dickinson Co KS, Custer Co OK, and Howell Co MO.

18 George EYSTER. Born on 18 Apr 1815 in Adams Co  PA. Married 22 Nov 1855, Carlisle, Cumberland Co PA. Died 10 Apr 1893, Abilene, Dickinson Co KS. Elder in the Brethren in Christ Church.

19 Margaret RAMP. Born on 24 Feb 1834 in Cumberland Co  PA. Died 26 May 1904, Thomas, Custer Co OK. She became ill on a train trip to California; the train stopped in a town where several of her children lived so she could get off to be with them, and she died there. She was buried beside her husband in Abilene, Dickinson Co KS. Margaret’s second child and second daughter was Anna Margaret Eyster, who moved with her family to Custer Co OK at the same time her brothers and others of the community did.

20 Berry Rowlett PEDIGO. Born on 12 Mar 1842 in Hart Co KY. Married 27 Jul 1866, Hart Co KY. Died 5 Apr 1923, Bridgeport,Caddo Co OK. Son of Elijah Pedigo and first wife, Frances HARPER. He was hit by an unscheduled train. Minister, farmer, flour miller, hotel keeper. Pastor of Missionary Baptist Church of Hinton OK. Civil War 21st KY Cavalry, GAR 1861-1866.

21 Martha Jane GOSSETT. Born on 4 Jan 1846 in Barren Co KY. Died 29 Aug 1837, Bridgeport, Caddo Co OK. She was her husband’s first cousin once removed. Martha’s seventh child of 13 and fourth son was Joshua Abraham Lincoln Pedigo, who followed his parents to Oklahoma about 12 years later. Two of the children older than Lincoln died early as did three who followed him, so growing up he had one older sister, three older brothers, one younger brother and two younger sisters. All of Berry and Martha’s surviving children were in Oklahoma at least for a time.

22 William Rush ATWELL. Born on 15 Apr 1854 in Metcalfe Co KY. Married Susan M “Sudie” Nunn, 15 Dec 1876, Metcalfe Co KY. Married #2 Jane Cynthia “Jinny” Huff, 24 Dec 1882, Metcalfe Co KY. He was a bee keeper. Censuses always listed him as a farmer and manual farm laborer.

23 Jane Cynthia HUFF. Born in 1866 in Hart Co KY, called Jinney. Died between 1891 and 1893 in Horse Cave, Hart Co KY. When she married Rush Atwell, she became stepmother to a two-year-old and to a two-month old, both boys. She gave birth to four children, two boys and two girls, Lucy being her third child and second girl. Lucy was very close to her sister Mary for her entire life, perhaps because they lost their mother at such a young age.

24 John ARMSTRONG Jr. Born on 31 Dec 1819 in Livingston Co NY. He married Susannah Moran, in 1842 in Illinois. He married #2 Nancy Ann Morris, 15 Dec 1852, in Mason Co IL. He was a farmer and a Republican. He died 22 Jan 1890, Bethany, Harrison Co MO.

25 Nancy Ann MORRIS. Born on 21 Sep 1829 in Adams Co OH. She died 27 Aug 1891 in Bethany, Harrison Co MO. Nancy’s third child and second son (her husband’s sixth child) was John Franklin Armstrong, who moved to the frontier in Oklahoma and lived in Foss, Washita Co; he died at the age of 85. Other than their daughter Jennie, who died at age 22, all of Nancy’s twelve children lived long lives, from one who died at 65, then another at 68, several who lived into their 70s, more living into the 80s, and at least three into their 90s. The daughters of John’s first wife lived to be 54, 60, and 72.

26 Reuben Webster TURNER. Born on 1 Feb 1829 in Fayette Co IN. Married Margaret Ellen Parker, 20 Dec 1861, Vigo Co IN, and divorced 25 Oct 1883, Worth Co MO. He died 10 Nov 1905 or 1915 in Foss, Washita Co OK. He was an oculist and a merchant. He served in the Civil War in Capt. Wesley Sanders Company, Indiana Volunteers, Co G, 78th IN Infantry. After Margaret’s second divorce, they apparently shared a home, although no second marriage record has been found. One granddaughter wrote that they lived 7 miles or so apart.

27 Margaret Ellen PARKER. Born on 7 Nov 1843 in Vigo Co IN. She married #2 Stewart Benjamin McCord, 11 Mar 1893, Worth Co MO, and divorced 24 Seo 1901, Grant City MO. She died 27 Apr 1926, at Foss, Washita Co OK, just a month before she would have met her new great-granddaughter, Evelynne Maurine Armstrong. Margaret had eight children with her first husband and none with the second. The fourth child and third girl—the first boy died young—was Anna Samantha. There were four later children. In all, six of the children grew up and married. It has been stated that she must have loved flowers since her daughters were named Florence, Lillian, Samantha, Roza, and Violet. And Mable means “loveable.” Samantha may be related to the Hebrew name Samuel, but it more likely from the Greek word “antha,” meaning flower.

28 Oliver Perry LIGHT. Born on 7 Apr 1828 in Clermont Co OH. He married Nancy Jane Prather, 6 Sep 1853, Shelbyville, Shelby Co IL. Died 28 Mar 1904, Wymore, Gage Co NE. He was a Methodist minister and served as chaplain during the Civil War, in the 7th Minnesota Regiment from 1862 to 1864 and probably participated in the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. He preached the first sermon in El Reno, Canadian Co OK, after the town was settled.

29 Nancy Jane PRATHER. Born on 12 Sep 1833 in Clark Co IN. Died 4 Aug 1895, Wymore, Gage Co NE. Before her marriage, she was a schoolteacher. As a minister’s wife, she was active in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Her fourth child, the second to survive infancy, was her first boy, William Russell Light. Her children were educated by her at home, and William attended Northwestern University, receiving both a BA and later an MA degree.

30 Augustus DORSEY. Born on 30 Dec 1841 in Somerset Co PA. Died 2 Jul 1924, Conway Springs, Sumner Co KS. He served in the Civil War, particpating in the Battle of Gettysburg on Co K 18th Regiment of the PA Cavalry. He was a prisoner at Andersonville. After the War, he moved west, marrying in Illinois, settling first in Nebraska, and then moving with his second wife and family to Kansas. He married first, Frances Minerva Shultz, on 22 Oct 1868, Dixon, Lee Co IL, and second, Ersula Frye, 3 Aug 1879 in Lincoln, Lancester Co Co NE.

31 Frances Minerva SHULTZ. Born on 1 Apr 1849 in Somerset Co PA. Died 8 Jun 1878 in Lincoln, Lancester Co NE. Her third child and second daughter was Mary Ellen, called Dolly. She died a few days after the birth and death of her fourth child. Died 8 Jun 1878 in Lincoln, Lancester Co NE.

32 James Woodson (or Woodford) ALVIS was born in 1808 in TN. He died, probably in Missouri between 1844 and 1850. Son of Shadrach and Nancy (Hail) Alvis.

33 Leatha/Luvina Merrick PULLIAM. Born in 1808 in TN. Died ater 1880. Daughter of Alsey and Frances (McClendon) Pulliam. In Illinois she later married Martin Dial, Edward King and Charles Cavender. All marriage records have been located.

34 Asa BROOKS. Born in 1792 in Buffalo, area outside Ft Niagara, NY. Died 6 Feb 1849 in Fosterburg, Madison Co IL. Almost certainly son of Michael and Elizabeth (Boughton) Brooks.

35 Anna JOY. Born in 1795 in Putney, Windham Co VT. Died between 1845 and 1848 in Fosterburg, Madison Co IL. Daughter of David and Mary (Dickinson) Joy.

36 Jacob EYSTER. Born on 28 Nov 1789 in Hanover, York Co PA. Died 22 Oct 1839, Bendersville, Adams Co PA. Son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Reiff) Eyster.

37 Catherine WENTZ. Born on 9 Feb 1794 in PA. Died on 4 Jan 1855, Bendersville, Adams Co PA. Probably daughter of John Philip and Maria Magdalena (Bilger) Wentz.

38 Samuel RAMP. Born on 20 Sep 1793 in Berks Co PA. Died on 20 Apr 1868, Mifflin Township, Cumberland Co PA. Son of Philip and Elizabeth (Albrecht) Ramp.

39 Elizabeth WORST. Born on 3 Dec 1794 in Cumberland Co PA. Died on 23 Mar 1868, Mifflin Township, Cumberland Co PA. Daughter of Jacob and Catharine (Wax) Worst.

40 Elijah PEDIGO. Born on 3 May 1809 in Patrick Co VA. Died possibly 1906, Polk Co MO. Son of Levi and Mary Blakey (Edens) Pedigo.

41 Frances HARPER. Born before 1810 in Hart Co KY. Died between 1848 and 1850 in Hart Co KY. Daughter of James and Mary (Woosley) Harper. William Meredith, son of her first marriage, wrote a letter from California gold fields to his uncle, Willis Harper, thus giving us the names of her parents.

42 Henry GOSSETT. Born on 4 Dec 1818 in Martinsville, Henry Co VA. Died 2 Jun 1912, Hart Co KY. Son of Cavin and Mary (Phifer) Gossett.

43 Elizabeth PEDIGO. Born on 23 Nov 1824 in Barren Co KY. Died 2 Mar 1861, Hart Co KY. Daughter of William and Elizabeth (Cliff) Pedigo.

44 Benjamin ATWELL. Born on 24 Nov 1807 in NC. Died 3 Feb 1895, Horse Cave, Hart Co KY. Son of John Atwell Jr and his first wife, who was probably Anne Lewis.

45 Susan ERWIN. Born on 24 Jan 1815 in Green Co KY. Died 4 Aug 1893, Horse Cave, Hart Co KY. Daughter of William (Jr) and Sarah (Forbis) Erwin.

46 Lorenzo Dow HUFF. Born on 12 Oct 1839 in Wayne Co KY. Died 17 Dec 1912, Crail Hope, Hart Co KY. Son of George Washington and Malinda (Denton) Huff.

47 Laura Frances GENTRY. Born on 25 May 1844 in Hart Co KY. Died 13 Feb 1911, Green Co KY. Daughter of Benjamin and Emily (Martin) Gentry.

48 John ARMSTRONG Sr. Born after Feb 1787 [prob ca 1789] in NJ. Died 1852, Grand River, Ontario. Son of John Armstrong and Bathsheba (Coleman) Moore.

49 Mary BARRON. Born in 1801 in NY. Died 1879, Clayton Co IA. Daughter of William and Margery (Wilkinson) Barron; they were the latest of my ancestral lines to come to America, ca 1800.

50 George MORRIS. Born in 1790 in Lexington, Fayette Co KY. Died 1 Jun 1861, Mason Co IL. Son of Jesse Morris and wife, Elizabeth Jones, or less likely, Jesse’s brother, Thomas Morris and his wife, Susannah Appleton.

51 Elizabeth HURD. Born in 1807 in Adams Co OH. Died ca 1859, Mason Co IL.  Daughter of Caleb and Martha (Oursler) Hurd.

52 Greenville Person TURNER. Born on 15 May 1797 in Franklin Co VA. Died 8 Oct 1877, Putnam Co IN. Son of Wilson and Elizabeth (Doss) Turner.

53 Deborah WEBSTER. Born on 11 Jun 1796 in Franklin Co VA. Died 22 Nov 1836, Putnam Co IN. Daughter of Samuel and Susannah (Bagby) Webster.

54 Greenberry PARKER. Born in 1810/1815 in SC. Died between 1844 and 1850, Vigo Co IN. Son of William and Candace (Austin) Parker of Wilkes Co NC and Morgan, later Putnam Co IN.

55 Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY. Born in 1813 in TN, prob Greene Co TN. Died 1900, Worth Co MO. Daughter of Elijah and Susannah (Leachman) Willoughby.

56 David LIGHT. Born on 5 Sep 1800 in Clermont Co OH. Died 16 Sep 1888, Edgar Co IL. Son of Jacob and Catherine (Harmon) Light.

57 Harriet DICKINSON. Born on 20 Nov 1802 in Wyoming, Ontario Co NY. Died 26 Jan 1873, Edgar Co IL. Daughter of David and Anna (Gilbert) Dickinson.

58 James Russell PRATHER. Born on 17 Nov 1807 in Clark Co IN. Died 25 Jan 1850, Jefferson Co IA. Son of Lloyd Benton and Nancy (Redman) Prather.

59 Louvica Caroline VEACH. Born in 1806/1810 in KY. Died 15 Jul 1841, Harrison Co IN. Daughter of Jacob and Mary (Hilton) Veach.

60 Lloyd DORSEY. Born on 12 Mar 1813 in Somerset Co PA. Died 3 Jun 1873, Somerset Co PA. Son of William Cumming and Mary (Black) Dorsey.

61 Sarah Ann MOSER. Born on 27 Mar 1813 in Berks Co PA. Died 8 Dec 1870, Somerset Co PA. Daughter of Michael (Jr) and Maria Magdalena (Frey) Moser.

62 Joseph SHULTZ. Born on 30 May 1819 in Somerset Co PA. Died 22 Aug 1902, Dixon Lee Co IL. Son of Conrad and Catherine (Kooser) Shultz.

63 Catherine HANNA. Born on 10 Nov 1819 or 13 Apr 1820 in Somerset Co PA. Died 24 Jun 1862, Somerset Co PA. Daughter of Alexander and Julianna (Berkey) Hanna.

64 Shadrach Alvis. Born ca 1788 in Goochland Co VA. He died after 1860 in Jefferson Co IL. Son of Ashley and Elizabeth (Knollings/Nowlin) Alvis.

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