PEDIGO, Edward, of Baltimore MD, Henry Co VA and Barren Co KY

Edward Pedigo was born 24 Dec 1732 in Baltimore, Maryland.[1] He died in Barren Co KY, 26 Apr 1834, and was buried in Pleasant Hill cemetery, now Metcalfe Co KY. A gravestone was erected by the WPA at Old Mulkey Cemetery, Monroe Co KY.[2]

About 1760 in Halifax Co VA [now Henry County], Edward married Hannah Elkins. Edward’s brother Robert married her sister Mary Elkins.[3]

Strong circumstantial evidence (their birthdates and places, the names they gave their children— Henry, Amy, Joseph, and even the fact of having a stepmother) indicates that brothers Edward and Robert Pedigo were the sons of Henry and Amy (Green) Peregoy.[4] The two marriage records of Henry Peregoy are extant and available online at Shorewoodplace.[5] Henry married Amy Green, 16 Feb 1716.[6] And he married Providence Corbin, Jan 1745.[7] A family tradition states that Robert and Edward, the youngest sons of their father’s first marriage, ran away from a cruel stepmother, moving from Baltimore to southwestern Virginia.[8]

Before Edward and Robert left Maryland for Virginia, they belonged to a family, which had been in Baltimore since 1695. The founder of this family in America was “Joseph Peregois, a Frenchman being of full age, bound to Robert Burman for 5 years in MD, 21 Jul 1685.”[9] He was in Baltimore County by 1692 as a taxable in the household of Edward Mumford, on the north side of Patapsco Hundred, and owned 100 acres of Burman’s Forest. He died on August 9, 1720 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co MD.

A Chancery Court Record Liber PL, folio 103 gives a deposition of Joseph Peregoy 4 Dec 1714 states he was aged 49 years, that his father-in-law 22 years ago allegedly said that if [a survey of] Upper Spring Neck was run out [in a line], it would take in William Williams’s orchard and kitchen, and that his father-in-law had been one to carry the chain when the surveying was done. Joseph Peregois, the immigrant, was married to Sarah Mumford, daughter of Edward Mumford, about 1691/92 in Baltimore Co MD.  It appears that Joseph and Sarah were married by 1692 when his father-in-law told Joseph the boundaries of Upper Spring Neck. Sarah Mumford was born in 1672 in Baltimore, Maryland. A Chancery Court Record Liber P.L. Folio 104 gives the deposition of Sarah Peregoy, age 42 years, who stated that her father Edward Mumford told her 30 years ago about the boundaries of a piece of land ‘Spring Neck’ he had taken up at the first boundary of William Pearle’s land, 50 acres. This deposition is dated 3 Jan, 1714, thus dating Sarah Mumford’s birth year as 1672. She died in Baltimore, Baltimore Co MD.

Four children have been identified as the offspring of Joseph and Sarah: Edward, Joseph, Henry, and a daughter named Frances. Henry was born ca 1695 in Baltimore.[10] He married, as stated above, first Amy Green, 16 Feb 1716, and second, Providence Corbin, on 24 Nov 1745. The big issue in Pedigo genealogy is the need for proof of the relationship between Henry Peregoy and the brothers Edward and Robert Pedigo. The clearest evidence is that both brothers named children Amy, Henry and Joseph. The stepmother stories may be based on fact, but date from many years later and first appear in written form in the 1924 letter cited here. Records exist for both of Henry’s marriages. His will (dated 11 Feb 1765) lists only the daughter (Mary Tracy) of his second marriage.[11] A Pedigo pedigree (1903) based on Bible of John Pedigo (1796-1869) attributes five sons to Henry, including Edward and Robert; the Bible has disappeared.[12]

The earliest evidence of Edward and his brother Robert in Virginia is found in the facts of their marriages and oldest children. I do not have any direct evidence of the brothers’ birth dates, although they must have been born before their father’s second marriage. Both Edward and Robert had children born in the early 1760s and grandchildren by the 1790s.

Under the spelling Edward “Pediford,” Edward served in the American Revolutionary War, as a private in Capt. Charles Fleming’s Co, 7th Virginia Regiment of Foot, commanded by Alexander McClenacham, 1 Dec 1777 to 1 May 1778; he was at Valley Forge.[13] He enlisted 13 Feb 1777 for one year. Then he re-enlisted in Capt. Henry Young’s Company of the 3d and 7th Virginia Regiment of Foot; a company muster roll was dated White Plains NY, 4 Aug 1778. One 9 Jan 1779, Edward re-enlisted for the duration of the war. The last extant muster roll was dated 9 Dec 1779, near Morristown NJ.[14]

Land Office Military Warrant No. 2233, was received for Edward Pediford (Pedigo) on 12 Jan 1784 from Commonwealth of Virginia, 100 acres for his three years’ Revolutionary War service as soldier (private) in the Virginia Continental Line.

In a 1787 tax list for Henry Co VA, the names Edward Peregoy, Robert Peregau and Joseph Peregoy occur. Both Edward and Robert had eldest sons named Joseph, probably for their grandfather, Joseph Peregoy, and it is not known which Joseph was intended.[15]

Edward’s wife Hannah is identified by name, but as Hannah Pedigo, not by maiden name, in a Patrick Co VA Deed Book, pp. 282-283, 14 Sep 1809.

Edward signed his name on the consent for his daughter Bathsheba’s marriage to Nathaniel Cockran (called Nathan Cockrum) in 1798.

Every researcher I have seen, including the DAR, has the same list of his children. I do not know where it originated, possibly John Pedigo’s Bible. Edward and Hannah’s grandson Edward, a son of Joseph and Dolly Edwards, wrote a “Pioneer Story,” 1894, telling of his family’s move to KY, 1805.[16] Several early Pedigo documents have both useful information and serious error. The DAR accepted, for example, an incorrect claim that Edward was born in France.[17]

The children of Edward and Hannah were:

1. Joseph PEDIGO. Born on 3 May 1761 in Halifax Co VA. Joseph died in Barren Co KY, on 14 May 1833. In 1782 when Joseph was 20, he married Dorothy EDWARDS in Halifax Co VA. She was born in Oct 1765 in Halifax Co VA and was not apparently related to Keziah’s husband, James Edwards or to Elizabeth’s husband, William Edwards. Dorothy died in Barren Co KY, in 1831. They had the following children:

i.            Mary Ann (ca1785-)

ii.            Elizabeth (1787-)

iii.            James Albert (1789-)

iv.            William Civil Billy (1791-)

v.            Joseph (ca1794-)

vi.            Col. John P (1796-1869)

vii.            Henry Clay (1798-)

viii.            Nancy (1803-)

ix.            Edward (1805-1894)


2. Levi PEDIGO. Born in 1763 in Halifax Co VA. Levi died in Barren Co KY, on 21 Aug 1816; he was 53. In 1780s when Levi was 17, he first married Mary NEWLAND (or Nowlin) in VA. Born ca 1767, Mary died in Henry Co VA, ca 1796/97; she was 29.

They had the following children:

i.            Sallie (ca1787-)

ii.            William (<1791->1845)

iii.            Henry (1791-ca1812)

iv.            James (ca1793-ca1813)

v.            Joshua W (1793->1853)

vi.            Joseph (Died as Infant) (1794-ca1794)

vii.            Elizabeth (1795-1850)


On 14 Dec 1797 when Levi was 34, he second married Mary Blakey EDENS, daughter of John EDENS & Nancy (PATTERSON? BLAKEY?), in Patrick Co VA. Born on 24 Dec 1776 in VA, Mary Blakey died in Barren Co KY, on 1 May 1830; she was 53. They had the following children:

i.            John Patterson (1800-1873)

ii.            Mary Blakey (1801-1822)

iii.            Levi E (1802-1850)

iv.            Agnes (1804-1873)

v.            Nancy F (1805-)

vi.            Lucy (1807-ca1860)

vii.            Elijah (1809-1906)

viii.            Jesse Sharp (1812-1888)


3. Henry PEDIGO was born in 1765 in Halifax Co VA. Henry died in Barren Co KY, on 20 Oct 1810. On 23 Oct 1790 when Henry was 25, he married Leah COCHRAN in Franklin Co VA. Born on 23 Nov 1770 in Franklin Co VA. They had the following children:

i.            Thomas Jefferson (1796-)

ii.            Jesse B (1794-1863)


4. Abel PEDIGO. Born in 1770 in Pittsylvania Co VA, Abel died in Patrick Co VA, before Dec 1847. On 17 Sep 1792 when Abel was 22, he married Susannah ROSS in Patrick Co VA. They had the following children:

i.            Lewis R (1794-)

ii.            Daniel Robert (1798-)

iii.            Elijah Bluford (1800-)

iv.            Churchill R (ca1802-)

v.            Mary R (1806-)

vi.            Elizabeth (ca1808-)

vii.            Docia R (ca1811-)


5. Elizabeth PEDIGO was born in 1773 in Pittsylvania Co VA. On 18 Mar 1793 when Elizabeth was 20, she married William EDWARDS in Franklin Co VA. He was born ca 1757 and not apparently related to Joseph’s wife, Dolly Edwards or to Keziah’s husband, James Edwards.


6. Bathsheba PEDIGO was born in 1778 in Henry Co VA. On 12 Jan 1798, she married Nathaniel COCHRAN in Patrick Co VA. Born ca 1765 in Henry Co VA. Nathaniel died in Patrick Co KY, on 19 May 1860; he was 95. They had the following children:

i.            Spencer (ca1799-)

ii.            Mary (ca1805-)

iii.            Lucinda (ca1805-)

iv.            Olivia (ca1809-)

v.            Oney (ca1810-)

vi.            Hannah (ca1811-1868)


7. Elijah PEDIGO. Born in 1780 in Henry Co VA. On 3 Jan 1805 when Elijah was 25, he married Sally HALL. Elijah and Sally, with their only child, drowned while crossing the Smith River.


8. Lucy PEDIGO. Born in 1783 in Henry Co VA. Lucy died in Floyd Co VA, ca 1850. On 25 Mar 1801 when Lucy was 18, she married Jesse CLARK in Patrick Co VA. Born in 1783 in Henry Co VA. Jesse died in Patrick Co VA, in Sep 1829.


9. Elkin PEDIGO. Born in 1784 in Henry Co VA, Elkin died in Wayne Co MO, after 1840. On 20 Sep 1805 when Elkin was 21, he first married Martha HARRIS in Patrick Co VA. Born ca 1789 in VA. Martha died in Wayne Co KY, after 1850. They were divorced in 1828 in KY. Elkin second married Jane WILSON.


10. Hannah PEDIGO. Born in 1785 in Henry Co VA. On 27 Oct 1807 when Hannah was 22, she married John REEVES in Patrick Co VA.


11. John PEDIGO. Born on 14 Oct 1788 in Henry Co VA. John died in Green Co IN, in 1867.  On 29 Dec 1810 when John was 22, he married Frances HILL in Barren Co KY. Born on 23 Feb 1787 in Maryland, Frances died in Worthington, Green Co IN, ca 1857.


12. Nancy E PEDIGO. Born in 1789 in Henry Co VA. In Sep 1807, she married John SNEED in Patrick Co VA. Born on 20 Feb 1781. John died in Patrick Co VA, on 21 Dec 1855; he was 74. Confusing claims have been made that she also married a John Tuggle, but this appears doubtful.


13. Amy PEDIGO. Born in 1790 in Patrick Co VA. On 20 Jan 1819, she married Benjamin HARDY in Barren Co KY.


14. Keziah PEDIGO. Born in 1792 in Patrick Co VA. Keziah died before 1835. On 16 Feb 1809 Keziah first married James EDWARDS in Patrick Co VA. He was born ca 1790 in NC and was not apparently related to Joseph’s wife, Dolly Edwards or to Elizabeth’s husband, William Edwards. They had one child known by me:

i.            Elizabeth Lorane (ca1792-)


On 25 Feb 1815 when Keziah was 23, she second married William BELLAIR (or Bell) in Barren Co KY.


© 2008, Kathy Alvis Patterson

[1] Letter from John Paul Grady (1805 Western Drive, Midland TX) to Kathy Alvis, 11 Jan 1967.

[2] “Memorial Stone at Old Mulkey Cemetery, Monroe Co KY and Old Mulkey Meeting House ~ It is believed this memorial stone was erected as part of a W.P.A. project that commemorated Revolutionary War soldiers of the area. The actual grave of Revolutionary War Ancestor, Edward Pediford (“Grandsire Ned” Pedigo), is believed to be near Randolph, Metcalfe Co KY, in a small family cemetery, under a tree with his grave marked only by a river stone.” The Pedigo family cemetery is believed to be the actual cemetery where Edward Peregoy/Pediford/Pedigo is buried, along with many of his descendants.  From known information and that passed down, this cemetery could have had as many as 50 burials. After falling out of Pedigo ownership, this cemetery was leveled with a bulldozer and the stones plowed into a ravine in the pasture.

[3] John Paul Grady, “Edward Pedigo-Hannah Elkin family group sheet,” supplied 11 Jan 1967 by Grady (1805 Western Drive, Midland TX). This FGS lists only “Family Bible, census, various sources” as references. See for more information.

[4] But Amy Green was not a descendant of the Colonial Governor of Maryland.

[6] St Paul’s Parish Register, p. 147, Baltimore MD. The birth record of their daughter Mary, same source, 16 Aug 1736, gives parents as Henry Perrigo and Amey his wife. Also, Maryland Marriages 1634-1777, comp. Robert Barnes (Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Pub Co, 1976), 3BA, p 147.

[7] St Paul’s Parish Register, p. 240, Baltimore MD. Also, “Born, Oct 31 1746, Mary, dt of Henry & Providence. St Paul’s Church, Baltimore.” Also, Barnes, op cit, 2BA, pp 193, 240.

[8] Excerpts from a letter by Lewis Gravely Pedigo, 17 Jan 1924. Many researchers have transcripts of this letter; I received mine from Beverly Bean (667 LeBaron Av, Pontiac MI 48058), 1 Feb 1987 to Kathy Patterson, with computer printout of records. It is also available online at  “The Story of the 
Two Pedigo Brothers Robert ‘Robin’ and Edward ‘Ned’ (Peregoy)
as written by Lewis Gravely Pedigo (1858-1938)

Roanoke, Virginia 
January 17, 1924

Mrs. G. E. Miley 
2705 Griffin Avenue 
Richmond, Virginia

Dear Mrs. Miley:

Some time ago I promised to write you some account of my family name, and to explain to you the connection between it and your maiden name, Peregoy. In my own immediate family there is a well-defined tradition that two young sons of Henry Peregoy, near Annapolis MD, ran away from their home and never returned. These two boys were named Robert, or Robin, and Edward, or Edwin, and were respectively twelve and eight years of age. They explained to their immediate descendants that they fled from the oppressions of a tyrannical stepmother. I can give you only one side of the question, as I have never had the advantage of hearing the stepmother’s version of the affair. The story goes that this stepmother was a devotee of fashion and of the gaieties of society and that she pressed the two stepsons into all sorts of menial service and did not give them any opportunity of education. Under the stress of this situation the older boy, Robert, being sent to drive in a herd of milk cows one afternoon, failed to return. Later, he began worrying about the younger brother, whom he had left under the tender mercies of the dreaded stepmother. He went back and succeeded in getting a clandestine interview with the younger brother, then only eight years of age, and persuaded him to go with him.

An interesting item in the story is that the stepmother was especially proud of her fair and beautiful complexion and, among other cosmetic precautions, she usually set aside a jug of milk with which to wash her face the next morning. The two boys, before their final departure, gathered up a lot of green walnuts, squeezed the juice from them and poured it in the jug of milk, and shook it up. I have always regretted that they did not have the nerve to hang around and observe the effect of that mixture on the complexion of the lady and report it to their posterity.

The two brothers wandered as far as the York River Valley in Virginia, remaining there until they were grown men. Then they worked their way through the wilderness to the South Piedmont Region of Virginia to the locality now covered by Henry and Patrick Counties. They were among the pioneers in that region and took up large areas of land under royal grants. Robert settled on the North side and Edward on the South side of Smith’s River. Any well-informed surveyor in Henry County to this day can point out a very ancient tree known as Pedigo’s Corner. This Colonial landmark is on Mulberry Creek near the town of Martinsville, Virginia. Robert Peregoy, or Pedigo, as the name came to be spelled in that generation, made his home on the watershed of the Leatherwood Creeks. He lived in this locality through the period of the Revolution. He did not fight in the Revolution, would not fight, and if he had fought he would have fought on the English side. In fact he was so strong a Tory in his convictions that he would not even allow his horse or gun to be used in the Revolutionary cause.

The evolution of the name Pedigo received a new impetus at this time. In investigating some old records in Henry County, I find one deed to my great-grandfather Robert in which the family name is spelled five different ways, for example, Peregoy, Peregory, Pedigoy, Pedigoe, and Pedigo. His eldest son was Henry, his son John F., and I, Lewis G. Pedigo, am the son of John F.

All the Pedigos in the South are descended from these two runaway children…

At some time in the near future I may write you a brief supplement to this imperfect sketch and in any case I shall take pleasure in sending you an exact copy of the Perigord coat-of-arms. Sincerely your cousin, LGP

[9] List of Emigrants from England to America, 1682-1692, Michael Ghirelli, p. 64.

[10] “Lewis Gravely Pedigo,” History of Virginia, 519-520, also 587.

[11] He signed a will on 11 Feb 1765 in Frederick Co MD. He died between that date and June 4, 1765, probably also in Winchester, Frederick Co VA, when his estate was probated.

[12] The source of these statements is unclear, but the pedigree is probably that given here.

[13] His descendants are eligible for membership in the Society of Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge; see the society’s website at

[14] Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army during the Revolu-tionary War. National Archives Microfilm, Record Group 93, M881, Roll 995, VA 5th & 11th Regiment. See also Edward Pedigo, NSDAR Lineage Book 4:252. NSDAR #159045. NSDAR #578804, and lineage application of Katherine Alvis Patterson, national no. 554801, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, supplemental (Edward Pedigo/Pediford), “Add” volume 822, approved 2000. Also, L.G. Tyler, Men of Mark in Virginia, 4:326, and Jillson, Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, page 354.

[17] See There is a lot of what I am tempted to call foolishness in this letter, but maybe in another century people will call my studies the same thing.

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  1. Just thought I’d drop a note to thank you for your excellent coverage of Edward Pedigo and the generations that followerd. My great grandmother on my mothers side was Mattie E Pedigo (daughter of William “Civil Billy” Pedigo)she married John F Renick and the family moved to North Dakota where my school teacher grandmother (Kathleen Marie) was charmed away by my Irish Canadian grandfather, George McCann – they moved to northern Saskatchewan and raised 5 children – 4 boys and one daughter (my mother Kathleen Martha was the only girl) I was the second of 4 children – my brother Jerry and twins John and Mary Kay –
    I myself also have 4 children as well as 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren – so as you can see – life continues and the Pedigo blood continues to carry on a proud heritage here in Vancouver British Columbia.

    • Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Thank you for your comprehensive review of Edward Pedigo’s ancestry. I live in Kentucky and descend from two of Edward & Hannah’s sons, Joseph and Henry Pedigo. By virtue of Edward Pedigo’s military service, I was able to join Sons of the American Revolution and Society of Colonial Wars. I do have one question about the children of Edward and Hannah. Most sources list 14 children with Keziah Pedigo (b.1792) as the youngest. If true, that would make Hannah 60 years old when Keziah was born which seems unlikely. Can you direct me to someone who might shed some light on this problem. Thank you.

    • Cousin Jon,
      I think the issue is really Hannah’s age. No document I know of has any clue to her age. Her first child was born in 1761 and her last in 1792. If she was 16 in 1761, she would have been 47 in 1792. That’s reasonable. I have another ancestor whose children were born between 1817 and 1846, which is almost as long. My own great-grandmother had children from 1904 to 1932.
      Another good question is this: how did Edward and Hannah manage to have children non-stop during the war years? Actually the only birth during the Revolutionary War was Bathsheba in 1778. There must have been a furlough sometime between his enlistment in February 1777 and the beginning of his muster rolls at Valley Forge, since he was clearly on duty most of 1778. Of course, Bathsheba’s birthdate may be off by a year or two. None of the dates in this era of Pedigo family history are very precise.
      I have joined the Society of the Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge, based on Edward Pedigo’s service during the horrible winter of 1777-78. It is a national tragedy that our school children are no longer studying Valley Forge. Memberships for myself and a great-nephew were my way of remembering this fine ancestor of ours.

  3. What a great compilation! Lovely format and summarizes about everything I was finding on multiple sites.

    I am still puzzled by Elkin Pedigo, and wonder what in the world happened to him, and where his records can be found. I need his information to complete a DAR application and at this point i’m just downright CURIOUS about my mysterious family member.

  4. You have a great site.I’m related to the Elkins in some way. James Mears married a Nancy Elkins
    Gabriel Elkins was in Buncombe Co, NC in 1800. They were gone in the 1810 census. However my GGGG Grandfather Joel Mears was in Buncombe Co, NC in the 1810 census. He departed soon after for Warren/Cannon Co, Tn. Don’t know Joel’s first wife. His second was Margaret Estes according to his Rev War records.

    Can you send me an E-mail advising me how to get back to the start of your site.

    George A Mears

  5. As I am just starting my quest to find my family history, I am so excited to read your information! I am the the great granddaughter of Jessie Thomas Nance, son of Joseph Nance, born in Adair Co., KY and Mary E. Pedigo, born in Barren Co., KY. I am most certainly in the learning stage of genealogy and would gladly pay you for your time and information regarding my family should you be so kind. My brother is a history “nut” and it would be so wonderful for all of us, but especially for him to find out this information. Thank you so much!!!!

  6. Hi cousin!
    My family is descended from Edward’s and Robert’s older brother Joseph. I love the story about the evil step mother – now Henry’s will, leaving everything to Mary and Archibald Tresey, makes sense. Our line pretty much stayed in the Baltimore area, with a few exceptions. I guess Edward and Robert got the adventure genes!
    Thanks for the information

  7. enjoyed these stories and remarks so much. i am researching my husbands family who originate from edward pedigo 1732-1834.

  8. Thank you so much for all your information regarding the Pedigo family. My great grandfather was Jesse Nance and his mother was a Pedigo. I hope to visit the areas in Kentucky where the Pedigo family lived. Thanks again!

  9. hello, my name is troy. i am a true desendent from metcalfe co./ summershade, ky. my grandfather was fred samuel pedigo. was married to maud jennings. was his second marriage, first wife died giving birth. had a told of 13 children. my father has past away in 2007, ernest elmore pedigo. is buried in monroe co.

  10. Thanks for writing about your Pedigo family. Do you still live in Kentucky? Although I was raised in Kentucky I have not met any of my Pedigo family.

  11. My great-grandparents and their family, including my grandmother, moved to Oklahoma in 1916. My great-great-grandparents had moved to Oklahoma by 1904.
    Although I have traveled through Kentucky, I have never visited the part of Kentucky where the Pedigos, Atwells, Harpers, Gossetts, Huffs, Dentons and so on lived. Over 70 of my direct-line ancestors lived in Kentucky from the earliest settlements through 1943.

  12. I am so happy to find your blog! I am a descendant of one Samuel Pedigo. He was born in 1835 and in 1861 he was living in Monroe County, KY with his wife, Martha Brown. He died of measles in the Civil War in 1862. He is my brick wall – I cannot find anything about his parentage. I found your blog and your Pedigos were in the same vicinity so I’m hoping we might connect my Samuel to your line somewhere. We are probably “shirt-tail cousins” somewhere along the way! I have a blog where I have a bit of Pedigo information. I look forward to hearing from you!

  13. Thank you for the detailed history of Edward Peregoy/Pedigo. His is my 6th great uncle through his wife Hannah Elkins. I have been cleaning up and documenting the James Elkins – Catherine Caty line and stumbled upon a reference Your material goes a long way in filling in the blanks in the tree.

    I also noticed in the right-hand sidebar, several pieces about the Lights of Clermont County. I was born in Clermont County and have a second cousin who was born a Light. I look forward to reading those articles and sharing them with my cousin.


  14. Greetings, Maria! I’m very curious about Hannah Elkins who married Grandsire Ned Pedigo. Since you have material on the Elkins, can you tell me if Hannah was Jewish, the daughter of a Rabbi? This bit in of info has been proved and disproved over the decades. Thank you for any insight you can shed. Your ‘shirtail’ cuz,
    Sherelyn Pedigo

    • This is a statement that has been claimed over and over, but never any evidence or proof at all. There was an English family named Elkins in the area, and Hannah along with her sister Mary (no middle names) are probably from that family.

      • Thank you for your rapid reply, although I feel disappointed there is no hard evidence for the Jewish lineage…yet! I lost all my Pedigo family papers when my house burned down in 2008. Also, my Pedigo mother died that year. It is my desire to become a member of the DAR. I wasn’t aware of the other organizations you mentioned; the Society of the Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge. Will you help me with the paperwork necessary to join these 2 valuable tributes to our Pedigo heritage? Please advise me how to begin this quest–how do I send you my information without publishing it here?
        Sherelyn Whittum Pedigo

      • Yes, of course I’ll help you. I am a Volunteer Genealogist for DAR. I’ll email you with details. Kathy

  15. I am tracing the family of John Reeves (my 4th great-grandfather), who was married to Hannah Pedigo. I was please to learn of her heritage but wonder if anyone has found a record for John’s father. Any help is appreciated.

  16. I am also a descendant of Edward’s. My grandfather was Clarence Sallie Pedigo. Thank you so much for writing this!

    • Clarence Sallie Pedigo is my Great Grandfather,his daughter Lena Pearl is my Grand Mother, I would really like to know more about him. I have a couple of pics , Thank you e-mail

      • Please let me know where and when Clarence was born or died, or at least when Lena was born. Kathy

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