The Atwell Family in early North Carolina Censuses

Most of what I know about John Atwell of Green Co KY comes from his census record. His son, my ancestor, Benjamin Atwell, consistently gave his birth as 1807 in NC.

Census History of John ATWELL Jr:

  •      1810 Caswell Co NC, page 461: 31010/20010
  •      1820 Green Co KY, page 061: 320101/10210
  •      1830 Green Co KY, page 047: 01111001/0001001  [son Thomas Atwell was in Hart Co]
  •      1840 his widow Sally, Green Co KY, p 169: 00011/0001001 [same page as a young Richard Atwell]

Compare the census history of John’s brother Richard Atwell:

  •      1810 [not found]
  •      1820 Hart Co KY, p 152: 421111/21011
  •      1830 Barren Co KY: 0111001/0001001;  same page as William Atwell
  •      1840 Barren Co KY, Richard Atwell Sr: 00010001/01000001 [also in the area, Benjamin, Ignatius, John T, Richard H, William; at least one of these is John’s son, not Richard’s]
  •      1850 Barren Co, p 440, Richard and wife Sarah, both 67, with others

These are other Atwells  in NC:

  • 1790 Sampson Co NC, Fayette Dist, p 51. John Atwell, 1/2/1/0/1
  •      also Sampson Co NC, Benjamin Atwell: 2/2/1/1 slave
  • 1800 Person Co NC, p 210, John Atwell: 10010/10200
  •      Eliphalet Atwell (00100/00100) in Bladen Co
  •      Benjamin Atwell (2001/4001) in Pendleton Dist SC [6 children under 10!]
  • 1810 Bladen Co NC, Eliphalet: 10100/51100
  •      Person Co NC, p 419, John Atwell: 11010/01010
  •      Guilford Co NC, p 969: J Atwell, 10010/11010
  • Caswell Co NC, all p 463:
  •      John Atwell Sr: 00001/00110
  •      John Atwell Jr: 31010/20010
  •      Lock Atwell: 20110/00100
  • 1820 Sampson Co NC, p 282 Benjamin Atwell: 011001/00010
  •      Sampson Co NC, p 312, James Atwell: 000100/10100
  •      Iredell Co NC, p 247, John Atwell: 200010/20010
  •      Rowan Co NC, p 264: Lock Atwell: 320011/10020
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  1. Hello,
    I wanted to write and say thank you for information you have provided on the Atwell family. My grandmother (which was one of the most wonderful people) was Eva Alice Atwell daughter of Alfred Pinkerton Atwell and Flossie Bell Warren. I recently got some pictures of some Atwells which was nice. Apparently Alfred was the shy quite type and didn’t visit much. My grandmother told me when she was still alive that they came to KY from IL by covered wagon but I am unsure when they migrated to IL or back to KY. I think she was a little girl cause she was only 15 or 16 when she married my grandfather who was Acie Leonard Brewer. I have found that most people from around there are related in many different ways. Again thank you for the information you provide via internet, it is so helpful.

    Beverly Tastula

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